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Chapter 11: Was Indeed an Eccentric Person (1)

Upon awakening, she found herself lying on a soft bed. The bed had a canopy, and beautiful fabrics hung in layers.

As she looked around, Fiene was in a surprisingly luxurious room. Chests and writing desks were made of high-quality walnut, and there was a comfortable-looking sofa.

Her memories were confused in this unfamiliar room, and she wondered where she was. Then, her usual damp cough started, and soon she coughed up blood. The long journey had taken a toll on her body.

“Well, Miss, are you okay?”

The voice belonged to a woman in her mid-twenties, presumably a maid, dressed in a uniform.

“I am Martha, the maid of this house.”

She introduced herself and gently wiped Fiene’s mouth, then poured water into a glass.

“Can you drink?”

Placing a cushion on her back to make it easier for Fiene to sit up, Martha showed concern for her. Fiene was surprised by Martha’s kindness, which was much greater than that of the maids in the Hausen household.

“Thank you.”

After taking a sip, the coughing subsided.

“Do you have any illness? We’ve brought your luggage here, but do you have any medicine?”

“Yes, there’s a potion in my bag. It’s not a contagious illness, so don’t worry.”

Martha smiled awkwardly at Fiene’s words.

“Excuse me then.”

Martha opened the bag and brought out the potion.

“Thank you.”

Fiene took a sip, but the fatigue didn’t seem to go away.

“Miss, I will call the master now.”


Fiene was confused. Sensing this, Martha quickly added,

“This is a guest room on the second floor of the Stein territory’s lord mansion. You collapsed at the entrance yesterday.”

Right, Fiene thought. She had fainted at the sight of his face and, rudely enough, had collapsed. Moreover, it seemed she had slept for a whole day.

“I apologize for causing you trouble.”

Contrary to rumors, Duke Stein seemed kind. Despite preparing for a miserable death, he had allowed her into the castle.

Though rumored to be eccentric, at least the maid, Martha, seemed quite sensible.

Soon after, Duke Stein, whom she had met at the entrance yesterday, arrived. He was still exposing his true face, but Fiene, half expecting it, didn’t faint.

“Are you a sickly person?”

The duke asked in a disapproving tone.

“I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for letting me stay.”

“When you feel better, pack your things and leave.”

He said it coldly. It seemed that only the maid was kind. Perhaps she had taken care of Fiene at the entrance to avoid a bad morning due to finding a dead person there.”

“I’m not needed at my parents’ house, so I have nowhere to return. Just for that half-year, would it be possible for me to stay here? Of course, I won’t be a bother, and I’m fine with sleeping anywhere, even in the storage room.”

It was a shameless request, but Fiene thought that it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Though she was soon to die, finding shelter from the rain and dew seemed desirable. Politely bowing her head, she made the request, and the magician sighed.

“I see, the Hausen family sent something unwanted.”

“Did you understand the situation? It’s really an impolite household.”

Fiene strongly agreed with the magician’s words.

“So, even if you see my face now, you won’t spit blood and faint?”

“Yesterday was rude. I was just a little surprised. Um, is it not painful at all?”

He had a severe burn on his right side, and the skin was tight, but the left side had a beautiful, almost handsome appearance. Untreated, messy black hair frames blue eyes.

“It hurts a bit on rainy days.”

After a brief silence, he answered in a brusque tone.

“So, I don’t mind seeing His Excellency’s face, so you’re leaving me here, right? That’s what you said yesterday, right?”

Fiene said it insistently, and the magician made a bewildered expression.

“You… However, it’s not for free.”


She became suddenly nervous, wondering what conditions would be imposed on her.

“You will be my experimental subject.”


The rumors about conducting human experiments were indeed true. Fiene’s face turned pale; this might be scarier than death.

“It’s not particularly painful, and there’s no danger to your life, so rest assured.”

His expressionless delivery fueled Fiene’s fear. Though she didn’t care about the danger to her life since she was going to die anyway, she disliked pain. However, if she wanted to stay here, she had no choice.

“…Understood. Also, the cabin near the drawbridge isn’t currently in use, right?”

“Ah, you noticed that. It used to be used by servants, but it’s not in use now. It’s just me, so I don’t need many servants. Everyone lives in the main mansion, this castle.”

The magician had a suspicious expression, wondering why she asked such a thing.

“In that case, please let me live in that cabin for about half a year.”

“I don’t understand. It doesn’t seem like this guest room is uncomfortable. Also, as I mentioned earlier, why half a year?”

Judging by his tone, it seemed like he would let her stay in this luxurious room. It was too good of an environment for an experimental subject.

Pushing aside such thoughts, Fiene decided to answer his question.

“My life expectancy is half a year. But don’t worry. It seems I might not last as long as half a year, so I might die relatively quickly. Of course, I won’t dirty the mansion. Once I realize my impending death, I’ll disappear like a cat.

Fortunately, there seems to be a deep forest behind the mansion, so I would like to rest in eternal sleep there. I heard it’s a borderland, but this place is beautiful and picturesque. It’s perfect for dying.”

Fiene spoke dreamily while gazing at the lake and forest beyond the window.


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