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Chapter 11: I’ll have you tell the story yourself

(It’s different from the intended use, but there’s no helping it.)

With that, Easton moved forward.

“Let’s assume that the ‘poison’ over there is something I concocted. In that case, whose magical potion did you wake up with?”

“Of course, it would be Aria, right?”

Having heard Easton’s answer, Leefe changed her tone. This was to protect her own dignity. She couldn’t afford to be underestimated, even in the slightest.

“The potion you just took out now is one I concocted. If you have the palace magician investigate, they should recognize the same magical power as the tea leaves you, Lord Easton, possess.”

“I don’t understand. It’ll just increase the weight of your guilt, won’t it? The fact that Aria woke me up remains unchanged.”

(Well, if Aria truly has the power to be a magician, that is.)

Aria has never seen Leefe concocting magical potions.

Leefe turned to Aria and smiled.

“No. I’m going to change this now… Aria. [Words of truth] Will you tell me the truth now?”

She smiled as she cast the spell after a long time. Aria, who should have been frightened, blinked her innocent eyes and smiled brightly.

“Yes. Actually, I lied to my older sister. That day, it wasn’t a coincidence that I woke up early. I knew that the potion my sister makes is especially effective on the 10th day. So, I couldn’t wait for Lord Easton to wake up. I went alone with the potion to Lord Easton’s room at the palace.”

The buzzing venue fell silent. Easton, who had been accusing Leefe, also froze with a pale face.

“Aria, what have you…?”

“Hehe! I’m just telling my older sister the truth.”

The contrast between the joyful smile of Aria and the perplexed Easton was downright ludicrous.

(Actually, I didn’t want to use such a method.)

In the palm of Leefe’s hand was a potion that temporarily nullified the enchanting effect she had just revealed. The lid of the small bottle was open, and a faintly flowing black and glittering mist emanated from it.

(Unraveling enchantment is revealing the truth. By combining dark magic with the magical potion, it becomes a special magic that interferes with the mind. It’s only temporary, but it should dispel misunderstandings in this situation.)

This was the first time Leefe had used dark magic in this lifetime.

Having cast a dark spell that manipulated the heart to make the truth the only thing spoken, Leefe calmly questioned Aria.

“Aria, do you understand that it was because of the lies you told that I had to leave the Duke of Tarrant’s house?”

“I’m really sorry for that… but I truly fell in love with Lord Easton. One day, when my sister was absent, Lord Easton visited our home. From then on, we…”

(Oh no, not this…!?)

It was undoubtedly the unwanted story of how Aria and Easton got together. Please spare me.

“Aria, that’s enough. Do you mind skipping the details I don’t want to hear?”

“No, I’ll tell the whole story. After all, Sister Leefe is leaving the Duke of Tarrant’s house. Father is looking for a marriage proposal, but it might be difficult… Well, while we can still be together, I need to tell the truth…!”

“Well, it would have been enough if you had just told me that I concocted the potion on the 10th day.”

Leefe’s dark magic was as powerful as it had been in her previous life.

(In other words, what Aria said about ‘Sister Leefe being an obstacle that tears us apart’ wasn’t entirely a lie…)

Feeling as if she had experienced two rejections due to her own dark magic, she didn’t have any lingering feelings, but it seemed rather pathetic.

Meanwhile, Easton, who had lost his memory and was charmed, couldn’t grasp the situation and had a bewildered look.

“What did you do to Aria?”

“I simply had her tell the truth.”

(If you’ve never seen dark magic, you wouldn’t realize this. So, it just looks like Aria confessed to telling lies.)

It seemed that Easton had indeed learned the truth, as intended.

“Certainly, it seems that the potion that became the trigger for my awakening was made by you. I apologize for the misinterpretation. However, it doesn’t change the fact that Miss Leefe has been tearing us apart.”

“That’s true. I also just learned about it now and am very confused.”

“What’s that supposed to mean!? No, those aren’t words you would say!”

Unfortunately, it was the truth. Perhaps the one most grateful for losing his memory wasn’t Aria but the pre-amnesiac Easton.

In the somewhat comical atmosphere, Oliver, who seemed to be restraining his magic, whispered.

“Is it time for me to intervene?”

“Well, if you could wait a little longer,”

After this, Leefe planned to use a potion to cure amnesia. The surroundings were restless, but Aria’s charm was still effective, and as long as she was there, it wouldn’t be lifted.

However, she had been made a fool of to this extent. She wanted to restore her honor as much as possible at this point.

Taking out another potion, a potion effective on those with amnesia, she opened the lid of the small bottle and offered it to Easton.

“Lord Easton, this potion is effective for regaining memories. Please do have a drink.”


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