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Chapter 12: Concealing Aria’s Secret

“…I can’t drink something so terrifying. Besides, even the royal physicians and pharmacists couldn’t do anything. It’s unlikely to work.”

“But this is a magic potion created using magic.”

“No, I don’t want to. What’s in it…!?”

Easton, who had started to complain, quickly fell silent. When Leefe looked to see what had happened, he wore a look of astonishment, wide-eyed and struggling.

“W-What is this!? I can’t move my body!”

Oliver, who seemed to have done something to him, smugly announced, “How about that? made it easier for him to take the medicine. Now all that’s left is to shove the medicine into his mouth.”

“Th-Thank you.”

(There was no chanting…)

Despite expressing gratitude for Oliver’s help, Leefe was quite disturbed internally. Activating magic without chanting required advanced techniques, and it was impossible for anyone who wasn’t a considerably renowned mage.

By the way, Leefe had also used magic without chanting in her previous life. However, in this life, she deliberately chanted spells.

not to avoid getting involved in trouble, but out of fear of being labeled a notorious villainess. Truly, this time she wanted friends and a lover.

Aria, who had been watching the exchange, changed her expression.



Aria snatched the second magic potion from Leefe’s hand and promptly drank it.

With a clinking sound, the small bottle rolled onto the floor. Aria, who had emptied the magic potion inside, coughed.

“Aria!? What are you doing!? This is a potion that shouldn’t be drunk by unnecessary people.”

“…Cough, cough. But, you know, if it’s just spilled on the floor, someone might collect it and drink it.”

“Wait, seriously!?”

Aria, whose mind had been tampered with, was very honest.

“Do you not want Prince Easton to regain his memories so much!? After all, you two were in love before, right? Even if his memories return, it’s not like…”


Just as Leefe was about to finish her sentence, Aria turned pale. Her lips trembled, her eyes lost focus, and before Easton could support her, she collapsed to the floor.

“Aria!? Hey, are you okay!?”

“Ugh… sister, I feel… unwell…”

“Enough, stop forcing yourself to drink medicine!!”

[This is magical potion poisoning. Because someone who hasn’t lost their memory drank it, their body is now in a state of having taken in the poison. Moreover, the black magic used to create this potion works on memory. In the worst cases, it could cost a life]

“Someone, quickly call a doctor!”

Upon Easton’s cry, Leefe stated firmly, “It’s impossible. Magical potions are potent. Conventional treatments won’t work. We need to use magic.”

“Then call a magician!”

However, the answer that was returned from the aide was the worst for Easton.

“Today, there are no magician capable of detoxification. Using a magic potion from a magic pharmacist might be faster.”

“!? Magic pharmacist, you say?”

Easton, whose face contorted, Leefe felt a slight sense of guilt as she let her gaze wander. Because…

“Unfortunately, I’m the only one here…”

“That won’t do! Isn’t there any other way?”

Easton seemed on the verge of tears, but the one who wanted to cry was Leefe.

(Really…! Aria always ends up like this…!)

For Leefe, Aria was a demanding and troublesome younger sister. Well, due to the mental damage, she couldn’t think of herself as a sister right now, but at the very least, she didn’t want someone to lose their life because of the magic potion she made.

If Rene were watching this scene, he would probably sneer and say, “Truly a notorious villainess,” with a derisive laugh. However…

“You use the magic potion as a cover and detoxify with magic, right?”

Whispered by Oliver beside her, Leefe blinked.

(Why does he know this?)

Black magic included things that could dispel curses. In other words, to reliably cure Aria, using black magic was certain, but there probably wasn’t anyone in this world who could use it now. However, Oliver spoke as if Leefe could use it casually.

(Earlier, the magic I used to make Aria confess, normally one wouldn’t recognize it as black magic. So why…)

To avoid revealing her inner turmoil, Leefe deliberately nodded calmly.

“Yes. Making a magic potion takes time, so that’s the only option.”

“…You’re really the same as ever. Help someone who betrayed you.”


Repeatedly hearing ‘as ever’ since earlier, not understanding its meaning, Leefe asked again. Oliver looked down at Leefe and smiled kindly.

She had no immunity from friends or lovers. Unsuited for this situation, that dazzling smile caused Leefe to falter.

(But, I shouldn’t be disturbed by this now! However, if I use magic here to restore Aria, someone might notice my abilities. What should I do?)

In her past life, she had helped in a similar situation. However, the result was ten percent gratitude and ninety percent fear. Traumatizing.

Not wanting to be feared, she kept going round and round in her thoughts. Just then, above her head, Oliver’s stern voice echoed.

“――She, being a magical pharmacist, will administer the treatment. Prepare a separate room.”

His authority and the reactions from those around him were something that didn’t seem like that of a mere guest from a neighboring country.



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