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Chapter 26

Wang Jiao is dead, and the news of Xu Jiahui’s disfigurement has reached the Qi family. Qi Xing, upon hearing this, immediately crushed the teacup in his hand, his face turning ashen, and uttered a few words: “A wrong step, and every step is wrong.”

The opponent’s growth rate far exceeded his imagination.

In just a few days, the opponent could effortlessly dominate combinations of level five and level four! In a few more days, would they come to the Qi family and settle the score directly?

Missing the best opportunity to capture the opponent, the Qi family found themselves at a disadvantage, and the situation became increasingly troublesome.

Not long ago, news came from various branches that a new pharmacy had opened, and people were sent to create trouble at the branches.

The routine was the same each time – publicly claiming that the hemostatic powder was ineffective and demanding a refund, then comparing it with the new store’s ointment and hemostatic powder. Naturally, they would lose miserably in the comparison.

Customers in the store witnessed the results of the comparison and ran out, inquiring everywhere about the new pharmacy.

What was most hateful was that the opponent was meticulous in their actions.

Thinking of this, Qi Xing couldn’t help but furrow his brow.

The Qi family had a total of nine stores, and the opponent had actually sent nine people to cause trouble simultaneously in different stores!

Since the past, there have been people frequently causing trouble at Qi family pharmacies. It was nothing more than an attempt to suppress the Qi family and enhance their own store’s reputation.

Qi Xing always dismissed such matters.

He specifically instructed his subordinates that when encountering such people, they should directly make a public comparison. Let everyone see who is truly stronger.

Every time, the winner was always the hemostatic powder, without exception.

So, in the eyes of the Qi family, anyone causing trouble was equivalent to promoting the hemostatic powder.

As a result, today, when someone came to the door, the managers of various branches not only didn’t stop them but also actively had the staff try the medicine.

The result was a public slap in the face.

Qi Xing secretly regretted it. If the stores that were duped had informed him promptly with a time gap, he could have warned people at other stores to be cautious.

If someone came to cause trouble and paid directly without a public comparison, at least it could reduce the opponent’s publicity.

Now, it was too late to say anything.

The grand opening of the new store caused a sensation. As long as the shop owner wasn’t foolish, they would undoubtedly seize this opportunity and rise with the momentum.

Although Qi Xing didn’t know who opened the new store, he had already guessed that it was related to the unnamed pharmacist. Otherwise, how could it be so coincidental that another ointment stronger than the one from the Qi family appeared on the market?

He never expected that the unnamed pharmacist, instead of accidentally avoiding pursuit by the Qi family, would dare to take the initiative and confront them directly!

If it weren’t for his foolish son interfering, the unnamed pharmacist would have been captured long ago. How did things escalate to this point?!

Thinking of this, Qi Xing couldn’t help but feel furious, wishing he could go to his son and give him a good beating.

Then he realized his emotions were getting out of control. Closing his eyes, taking a deep breath, and opening them again, he regained his composure.

“No matter how grand the momentum is, it’s just a new store. Only if it can survive smoothly can it be a rival to the Qi family,” Qi Xing muttered to himself, a cold glint flashing in his eyes. “I’d like to see who dares to openly oppose the Qi family behind this pharmacy.”

At this moment, Zhao Min was standing at the entrance of the new store, personally attracting customers. Watching the crowded shop and the long line at the payment counter, he couldn’t suppress the upward curve of his mouth.

Even though he had already shouted the same words more than twenty times, he didn’t feel the slightest bit of annoyance.

Although his mouth was dry, he didn’t even have time to drink tea. With flushed cheeks and an excited expression, he couldn’t stop himself and continued to shout at the top of his lungs.

“Our new store is open, with a big promotion on pharmaceuticals! Hemostatic ointment costs 180 credits per box; each person can purchase up to three boxes per day. Detox medicine for 120 credits per box; each person can buy up to two boxes per day.”

“Special promotion for the grand opening! Sky-high discounts! Friends passing by, come and take a look!”

“For only 180 credits, you can bring home this incredibly effective hemostatic ointment! Don’t miss the chance for a lucky start to the new store! 1, 8, 0, it’s a deal! Opportunities like this are rare; don’t miss out!”

Suddenly, a person squeezed through the crowd, finally reaching Zhao Min with an expression on the verge of tears. “Boss, does everyone really have to be limited to three boxes of hemostatic ointment? Can’t there be an exception? Several powerful warriors asked me this question when paying, and every time I answer ‘limited purchase,’ their expressions are as if they want to devour me!”

The person was almost in tears. He was just a Level 3 small fry! Anyone who came by was at least Level 4, 5, or even Level 6! The mere aura was overwhelming.

His legs had been shaking all along, and he could collapse at any moment. Without sitting on a chair, he couldn’t endure it at all.

“Limit of three boxes, no change, and we don’t sell more,” Zhao Min replied decisively.

Although the Huangsha Star might not be prominent in interstellar space and is economically backward, there were quite a few wealthy individuals among the elite class. If a few rich people bought all the medicine, how could he take advantage of the situation to expand the store’s influence and undermine the Qi family?

He had already hired some help, produced medicine for ten consecutive days, calculated the quantity, and thought it should be enough.

Unexpectedly, these people were truly ruthless, rushing in to buy as if the ointment were being given away for free.

He had said it was limited to three boxes, but how many people actually listened?

He had seen several people buying three boxes and shamelessly coming back for more. First, they pretended to leave the store, then, after some time, sneakily returned as if they were new customers. Their faces looked righteous, taking three more boxes and pretending not to know anything.

Zhao Min was too busy to bother exposing them.

The person sighed upon hearing this. He had just asked with hope and tried to take a break. He felt disheartened. Just collecting money was unexpectedly more tiring than fighting all day.

After all, even if he actively sought fights, Level 5 or 6 individuals would not pay him any attention, let alone lower their faces and give him the cold shoulder!

Zhao Min shouted a few more times, turned around, and saw the person still there. He kicked him, saying, “Hurry back to collect money; we’re short-staffed as it is.”

The person knew he couldn’t escape and showed a tragic expression, rolling up his sleeves and squeezing back in. The expression of bravely facing death was just for show.

Zhao Min wiped his sweat, looked at the shop, and felt anxious. Should he stop shouting and deal with the people in the store first?

He knew the hemostatic ointment would be popular, so he deliberately brought in a few extra hands from home ahead of time to help in the store. However, he didn’t expect it to become this popular, and the prepared manpower was still insufficient.

He had already contacted home to bring in more people, but until the new arrivals made it, they had to hold on.

Thinking about this, Zhao Min’s heart trembled.

He worried about things going awry in the midst of his busyness, so he had specifically called in a Level 5 warrior he was acquainted with from home to oversee things. But now…

Zhao Min didn’t dare to turn around and look at the person’s expression.

You see, encountering warriors of Level 5 or higher was a rare occurrence.

But today? In the store, one moment, a Level 5 would come in, and the next moment, a Level 6 would enter.

The person Zhao Min was acquainted with initially didn’t understand the situation. He thought it was just an ordinary pharmacy and confidently vouched for its safety, assuring that nothing would go wrong with him around.

Now, perhaps regretting his overly confident words, he might be feeling a bit green in the gills. Zhao Min couldn’t help but wonder if the person harbored resentment, blaming him for not explaining the situation clearly.

Rubbing his temples, Zhao Min didn’t want to offend a Level 5 warrior, especially someone with whom he had finally established a connection.

Maybe, after the busy period, he could offer him some extra medicine as a gesture of gratitude. Zhao Min silently contemplated.

As Zhao Min was still considering whether to stop shouting, he noticed a group of people rushing towards him.

In hindsight, he recalled that he had sent someone to cause trouble at the Qi family’s branch store. Judging by the timing, it seemed about right.

There were quite a few people…

Even Zhao Min, accustomed to handling situations, couldn’t help but change his expression. It was no longer a question of whether to consider stopping the shouting; it was now about whether to close the shop and thank the customers, preventing them from entering.

Although the store was spacious, there were too many people, and it was getting crowded!

Should he set up a stall outside the shop?

The thought crossed his mind, but Zhao Min dismissed it. If he set up a stall outside, would he be able to close it today?

“Boss, boss, something’s not right.” Another person managed to squeeze next to Zhao Min, panting.

Already feeling annoyed, Zhao Min frowned. “What’s the matter? The business in the store is doing well; what could be wrong?”

The person had a mournful expression, as if delivering bad news: “One-third of the hemostatic ointment inventory has already been sold.”

After hearing this, Zhao Min’s face turned green.

Since confirming the collaboration with the divine healer, he spent ten days consulting pharmacists and stockpiling the prepared ointment. The purpose was to create a lively atmosphere in the first three days of the store opening, attracting attention.

Generally, the store opening is the busiest time, gradually returning to normal afterward. As long as, in the first three days, he had someone boost the hype and lay a solid foundation, the store would not lack business in the future.

For this reason, he deliberately hoarded three thousand boxes of ointment before opening the store.

Zhao Min’s calculations seemed right, but the current situation suggests that on the first day of opening, the ointment might be flying off the shelves!

A quick calculation made Zhao Min’s scalp tingle. Selling one-third meant a shortage of one thousand boxes. Considering the customers still waiting in line, how many more boxes would be sold on this day!

Marketing? Zhao Min had completely lost interest in it. He would be content if he could manage the people who actively came to him.

Thinking about pharmacists, production capacity, and other issues, Zhao Min couldn’t help but develop a headache.

Hemostatic ointment was a fantastic product. However, because it was too good, he dared not give the formula to just anyone. He had approached many pharmacists, but only six were willing to sign a binding agreement with him. Currently, these six individuals have restricted movement and can’t easily leave their designated residences.

If it weren’t for the strong curiosity of these six pharmacists, eager to know the formula of the hemostatic ointment, they wouldn’t have paid him any attention.

With gains come losses. Doing an excellent job of keeping the formula secret meant he couldn’t easily increase the number of pharmacists and expand production.

He had gone through great efforts to negotiate with these six pharmacists, but it was far from enough.

Currently, the pharmacy could steadily produce over three hundred boxes of ointment every day.

However, the customers in the store were like a pack of wolves! Easily snatching over a thousand boxes, what good would three hundred boxes do?

Zhao Min felt both proud and frustrated.

Originally, this was his plan: start by announcing the grand opening, promoting the hemostatic ointment at a discounted price of 180 credits per box. After three days, when the hype had been generated, he would change his stance, claiming that due to overwhelming enthusiasm, he decided to continue the promotion without raising the price.

With a lower price and better efficacy than the Qi family, why worry about not snatching customers from them?

However, judging by the current situation, if he were to proceed this way, he might be the first to suffer, not the Qi family.

With so many people wanting to buy and the store’s production unable to keep up, would customers accept it?

But if he casually hired pharmacists, there might be trouble if someone leaked the formula to the Qi family.

Zhao Min found himself in a dilemma.

However, at present, one thing is more urgent.

“Close the doors!” Zhao Min made a decisive decision and shouted at the employees, “Lock all the doors, leaving only the back door open. Customers in the store must leave through the back door. Once they leave, they are not allowed back in. We are not taking any more customers today. Also, get someone to hang a sign on the main door clearly stating that the hemostatic ointment is sold out for the first day, and if needed, come early tomorrow.”

As for the ointment, he could only have his pharmacists work overnight to produce more.

A few employees were delighted and immediately followed the boss’s orders to lock the doors. Just dealing with the customers inside had left them mentally exhausted.

After closing the doors, Zhao Min casually glanced outside and noticed another wave of people surging towards the store. He couldn’t help but secretly rejoice at his decisive action.

“What’s the meaning of this? Closing for a robbery?” A customer in line, seeing the tightly locked doors, joked.

He knew Zhao Min was the young master of the Zhao family and not short on money. Moreover, even if he were short of money before, with the hemostatic ointment selling like crazy, he wouldn’t be short of it after today.

Zhao Min lifted a teacup and emptied it in one gulp, sitting down on the sofa and wiping the sweat from his forehead. “Everyone is too enthusiastic, and I can’t keep up. There’s not so much hemostatic ointment available.”

Initially, he was quite concerned that only selling hemostatic ointment and detox medicine in the pharmacy would affect business. But now, he wishes he could take detox medicine off the shelves and have the pharmacists focus solely on the hemostatic ointment.

When someone heard that the stock was insufficient, they proactively approached Zhao Min and suggested, “Boss Zhao, since the product is so good, why sell it so cheap at 180 credits? Increase the price, make more money, and you can keep some people outside without working so hard. Isn’t that better?”

As soon as these words were spoken, someone in the room immediately glared at the person. Do the poor not have any rights?

Even more impatiently, someone immediately spoke up to refute him: “Boss Zhao, don’t listen to his nonsense. The reputation of the store opening is crucial. If you casually raise prices, how will others perceive you? 180 credits per box is a bit less profit, but the market is vast! Thin profit and high sales, you know.”

Zhao Min sank into the sofa, lazily glancing at the few people. Did he not understand these people’s intentions?

The rich hoped for fewer competitors, while those with less money hoped for a chance to afford the ointment themselves. Their self-interest dictated their words and positions, pretending to offer advice.

Zhao Min waved his hand dismissively and said, “I have my own plan.”

He needed to find a way to keep the Qi family on their toes without exhausting himself. Zhao Min fell into contemplation.

As no new customers were entering, gradually, the number of customers in the store dwindled.

The helpers he called in were slow, but eventually arrived. Zhao Min immediately had them take over, replacing the previous workers.

The replaced workers finally got a break, either slumping in chairs or sitting exhausted on the floor, too tired to speak.

Zhao Min threw himself onto the sofa, unwilling to move, just waiting for the customers to leave so he could close the store for the day.






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