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Chapter 30: A series of rare guests

After exchanging greetings with Alex, Rosa spoke her mind.

In this world, there are things people won’t understand unless you say them.

“Your Highness, we’re delighted by your visit, but with the carriage there, other customers can’t enter or leave the store.”

Looking through the glass, Rosa saw curious onlookers gathering around the royal carriage.

Alex’s guards dispersed them.

Quite the interference with business.

However, Alex showed no remorse.

“Oh, I thought it might be good for the store’s publicity.”


(Placing a six-horse carriage in front of the store?)

“Yes, it gives the impression of being purveyors to the royal family, doesn’t it?”

Saying so, he flashed a handsome prince smile.

“Is that so?”

Rosa still wasn’t fully convinced.

“I thought of sending the most talked-about bath bombs in the capital to my mother today.”

Mother meant the queen. He might be pretending and buying them for Ellen.

Either way, it was a story unrelated to Rosa. A customer is a customer.

“Understood. In that case, Your Highness, we recommend this product.”

Without hesitation, Rosa sold him the most expensive bath bomb with gold leaf.

“Thank you, Rosa. My mother will surely be delighted with this.”

After that, Alex seemed to have more to say, but Rosa insisted on the carriage moving.

“We’re a bit off the main street here, so if a large carriage stops, it disrupts the flow.”

In other words, it would inconvenience other shops.

Even Alex, understanding that he couldn’t linger, left.

“Miss, are you okay?”

As Alex left, Helena and the shopkeeper appeared from the back of the store.

“Yes, he ordered something promptly.”

“As expected of the young lady.”

“Afterward, as usual, the customers returned. Indeed, even the residents around seemed surprised by the royal carriage.

Such stories were heard from the salesperson and Helena.

“Thanks to the royal carriage, did our reputation improve a bit?”

“It’s said that we’re an amazing store that handles bath bombs that even the royal family buys.”

Helena reported expressionlessly.

“So, what are they saying elsewhere?”

“They’re asking them not to come again because they disrupt the flow of the street.”

“Of course.”

Naturally, Rosa felt a bit annoyed.

A few days later, while Rosa was managing the accounts, the salesperson rushed into the backyard again.

“Miss, something’s happened!”

Today, she seemed a bit more excited, her eyes sparkling and her cheeks flushed.

“What? Another six-horse carriage?”

Rosa asked, puzzled.

“No, this time Duke Griffith himself has arrived.”

“So, is there a large carriage parked in front of the store?”

That was what concerned Rosa. Dealing with those with a sense of entitlement could be troublesome.

However, Rosa herself was like that not long ago.

“I don’t think so.”

The salesperson nodded excitedly several times.

Reluctantly, Rosa decided to step out of the store.

Indeed, there was no carriage parked in front of the store. Rosa felt relieved about that.

“Welcome. What brings you here today?”

“No, I didn’t come as a customer today. I have something I want to ask you.”

(I don’t really have anything to say, or rather, if he’s not a customer, I should ask him to leave.)

But since he had entered the store, Rosa reconsidered that it wouldn’t be appropriate to just send him away without a response.

“Oh my, since you’ve come all this way, please have a look around. We’ve just developed a product specifically for men.”

Rosa, with unstoppable enthusiasm, recommended the recently developed unscented bath bomb.

“I would be delighted if you, Your Grace, could purchase it and share your thoughts!”

“Alright. I’ll distribute it to those around me for promotion.”

Though he smiled wryly, he purchased a large quantity of bath bombs. Indeed, having the title of Duke, he was generous.

“Oh, and here’s one with a gold leaf. It would be well received as a gift for a lady.”

Rosa subtly recommended the most expensive item in the store.

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any such women in my life.”

It was disappointing not to sell the most expensive one with gold leaf, but since he bought a large quantity of the unscented product, Rosa considered it acceptable for this occasion.

“So, about the conversation?”

“If possible, in a more private setting.”

“Understood. In that case, please follow me to the backyard. I can’t offer much hospitality there.”

Reluctantly, Rosa led him to the backyard.



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