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Chapter 18:I can’t calm down.

On the other hand, Leefe, who had left the Kingdom of Distoria and arrived in the Shinwood Empire, could only feel overwhelmed by the excessive favor she received.

“Such a wonderful room… I can’t settle down. It’s inappropriate!”

“Miss, the view from this room is amazing. Moreover, it’s in a position that makes security easy; it’s undoubtedly the best room in the palace.”

“Wait, Rene. Show some manners!”

Leefe hurriedly stopped Rene, who was sitting on the windowsill with one leg up. There were maids in this room to take care of her surroundings. Even though they were spirits, such bad manners were too awkward.

By the way, Rene had just come out of what looked like a high-quality painting. There was a framed apple with bite marks rolling inside, indicating that he had eaten it. Leefe could only sigh at the contracted spirit who wasted high-level magic.

However, the well-educated maid showed no change in expression. She smiled elegantly and invited Leefe to have tea.

“Miss Leefe, tea is ready. There were many baked sweets, so I put them on the cart and brought them. Please choose whatever you like.”

“Thank you. Well then,”

Leefe was about to respond by asking Aria to choose first when she hesitated.

(That’s right. Aria is not here.)

She chuckled at herself for unconsciously prioritizing Aria out of habit.

Leefe was not mistreated at the Duke of Tarrant’s house. However, from the moment Aria was born, she became the center of the household.

Since Aria was the enchanting saint and her sister, Leefe had resigned herself to the fact that she didn’t need to assert herself much. She decided to choose pastries to change her focus.

“Well then, I’ll have Madeleine and chocolate cookies.”


Leefe smiled as she watched the sweets being served on her plate. That’s right. From now on, there was no need to worry about pleasing her parents, who only cared about Aria’s happiness, or discreetly confirming whether Aria wanted something when receiving gifts.

In addition, there was no need to worry about important magical potions disappearing from the room. Leefe was free.

“This feels somewhat refreshing…”

“I just want to say that the only person in the Duke Tarrant household who doesn’t think she’s been treated badly is the young lady. It’s just that from an outsider’s perspective, prioritizing Aria-chan in everything, and the fact that Miss is only trained, makes it seem quite harsh.”

“Ugh… Rene is really as usual!”

“But well, when it comes to the banquet, Miss, you did your best, didn’t you? I thought you might inadvertently sympathize with Aria-chan and Easton and miss the chance for revenge. I’m really glad that I called that person.”

Rene innocently chews on pastries. Leefe stares at him intently.

“Hey, Rene. How do you know Prince Oliver?”

“Oh, this scone is filled with a lot of blueberries. It’s delicious.”

“Come on, Rene!”

No matter how many times and in what way Leefe asks about Prince Oliver, it always ends up like this. It seems he really doesn’t want to talk about it, but why is that?

As Leefe puffs up her cheeks, the door is knocked, and a maid peeks in.

“Miss Leefe, there’s a guest.”

“For me?”

“Yes, it’s your fiancé, His Royal Highness Prince Oliver.”

Rene says with a sparkling smile, “If we talk about rumors, you see.”



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