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Chapter 19: Once Again, It’s a Marriage Proposal

When Oliver appeared in front of Leefe, he was served coffee instead of tea. When she saw the maid bring the coffee without saying anything, it must have been the usual thing.

Without adding sugar or milk, he brought the cup to his lips.

(I wonder if it’s not bitter…)

Oliver chuckled at Leefe, who couldn’t help but stare.

“…I never thought a day would come when I’d have tea with you like this.”

“Lord Oliver, I express my gratitude for allowing me to lead such a comfortable life.”


Oliver spoke with a heated tone. Leefe bowed and expressed sincere gratitude. However, for some reason, Oliver fell silent, seeming dissatisfied.

(Did I say something wrong…?)

In the previous life, she lived as a loner, and in this life, she lived in the shadow of Aria. Aware of her lack of interpersonal skills, she became anxious, wondering if she had upset Oliver.

However, his dissatisfaction seemed to be of a different nature.



“I want you to call me Oliver.”


Unexpectedly, words uncharacteristic of a young lady slipped out.

“Are you my fiancée? It’s strange to address me with such formality.”

“No, it’s not like that. It’s normal to address you as Lord Oliver.”

“Here, things are not normal.”


Once again, words uncharacteristic of a young lady slipped out. She thought she should stop after the second time, but Oliver remained unfazed, smiling confidently.

It was as if Oliver thought speaking like this was a matter of course, and Leefe blinked. In front of Leefe, who had her eyes fluttering, he continued unfazed.

“I won’t leave this place until you promise to call me Oliver.”


Is the crown prince of this country a child?

After a few seconds of being frozen by the contrast between the bitter coffee and the boyish behavior with a cool expression, Leefe finally managed to speak.

“Um… First of all, I am a temporary fiancée. I can’t behave like a real fiancée.”

“There seems to be a misunderstanding about that point. I am—”

Just as Oliver was about to explain further, the painting on the wall, from which Rene had emerged earlier, began to glow. Looking closely, a girl in her mid-teens burst out energetically from the painting. The apple crumbs that had rolled around inside the painting until a moment ago fell onto the room floor.

With round eyes that gathered emerald light, smooth and delicate white skin, and glossy pink hair bouncing on her shoulders with every movement, she had slender limbs like a boy.

Undoubtedly, she was a high-ranking spirit as beautiful as Rene.


The girl who emerged from the painting, noticing Leefe’s gaze fixated on her beauty, chuckled.

“…You have the same expression as when we first met.”


To Leefe, who tilted her head as if this wasn’t their first meeting, the beautiful spirit named Lala coolly stated, “I am Lala. Before you say anything, I’ll let you know I won’t become friends with you.” She then handed a letter to Oliver.

“Lord Oliver, an urgent letter has arrived, so I brought it to you.”

“I see.”

(Did she see through my desire to be friends…!?)

Although she was accustomed to rejection, being preempted was a first. While staring blankly at the two, Oliver, who had been reading the letter, furrowed his brows.

“…This is.”

“What happened?”

“Look. This is a letter from the Duke of Tarrant in the Distoria Kingdom.”

(Duke of Tarrant’s letter)

It seemed like her family had something to say. Despite feeling annoyed, curiosity got the better of her, and Leefe couldn’t help but peek into the letter, exclaiming involuntarily.

“An engagement?”

Written there was the unexpected story of an engagement. Leefe’s father, despite witnessing her being proposed to by the Crown Prince of Shinwood right in front of him, seemed unwilling to give up marrying her off within the country.

(Aria must have pleaded with them, for sure.)

Her parents were undoubtedly on Aria’s side, who had cried and pleaded not to be separated from her sister. Oliver casually picked up the letter.

“‘There’s no way my daughter would be attracted to someone like you.’ Quite the thing to say to my precious fiancée, isn’t it?”

“I don’t think he means any harm. He’s just blinded by how cute my sister is… Wait, did you say’my precious fiancée’!?”

What on earth was going on?

And at the Tarrant Duke’s house, Aria was at the top. Even if she were black, if Aria said she was white, it would be so, and even the valuable magical pharmacist Leefe would become worthless.

Having led a life accustomed to such situations, the displeased look on Oliver’s face seemed refreshing.

“What kind of person is the second son of the Marquis Larnay family mentioned in this letter?”

“Well… I’ve heard he’s someone who has never stepped out of his house.”

“Leefe seems to be well-informed about domestic affairs.”

“My father tends to choose only those well-known in society.”

Of course, not in the sense of prestigious families. It seemed like a kind of talent to choose only houses talked about amusingly in the social circle.

Having had a playboy with a hidden child, a caretaker, a person with a terrible personality, and a bully for sons-in-law, considering the previous cases, Oliver put down the coffee cup just as Leefe was beginning to think that this time might not be so bad after all.

“I’ve changed my mind. I thought we could slowly close the distance between us, but it seems that’s not possible.”

“Slowly close the distance?”

Not sure whom he was talking about, Leefe tilted her head, and Oliver smirked provocatively.

“Our relationship is temporary, right? Leefe. Can’t you play a role in protecting both your family and the Distoria royal family?”



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