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Chapter 18:Happiness from the Remaining Time (2)

“I don’t have any intention like that. I just want to know the cause of your magic depletion and the reason for it being attributeless.

Attributeless is simply a collective term for magic that cannot be originally classified into attributes.”

“Huh? Is it such a vague thing?”

It felt fluffy, with no concrete image. Fiene felt a little disappointed.

“Oh, if the current magic measuring device is improved, we should be able to find a bit more of the rare attributeless magic,” Noah said, showing keen interest in attributeless magic.

“I see! So that means Noah-sama’s experimental subjects will increase.”

Through his research, Fiene hoped that children born into magic-holding noble families, like herself, who were looked down upon for having no magic, would decrease.

“But it’s strange, isn’t it? Don’t people usually want to live as long as possible?” Noah said it curiously.

“I’ve come to accept living through the miserable journey of the past month to get here. And every day spent as your experimental subject makes me very happy. So, I want to die beautifully like this. Look, isn’t that forest beyond the lake wonderful?”

When Fiene said this, Noah sighed.

“Didn’t you say that once you realized your time was up, you’d disappear like a cat?”

“Yes, this place is incredibly luxurious and beautiful for dying.”

Fiene clasped her hands in front of her chest.

“I’m not happy at all. Come up with some other compliments for this territory,” Noah grumbled.

“I’m sorry.”

“Do you have anything you want to do before you die?”


Surprised by the unexpected question, Fiene widened her eyes.

“If it’s something small, I might consider granting your selfish request.”

He sounded authoritative, but Fiene could tell he was making a kind offer. She opened her eyes wide in surprise.

“Noah-sama, you really are very kind.”

“No, that’s not it. I just think you’re a pitiful person about to die soon.”

In response to Noah’s rude words, Fiene laughed out loud.

Noah disliked being called kind.

He was the complete opposite of his family back home.

It wasn’t that he hid thorns behind kind words or harbored coldness behind his icy words; rather, kindness and warmth lurked beneath his cold words, and he demonstrated it through his actions.

She was surprised when she saw Noah reading a thick magic book in the library while rolling a bottle of ice cream.

According to his explanation, using magical cold air, he could quickly make delicious ice cream. Thanks to that, he could have ice cream whenever he wanted.

Placing ice cream on top of a freshly baked apple pie made by the Stein family’s cook, it would seep in with a sizzle.

As a result, she could enjoy the crispy pie crust and the softened, sweetened dough of the ice cream separately. The compatibility of the perfectly cooked apples and ice cream was outstanding, and Fiene was looking forward to it.

It wasn’t that he had a special liking for ice cream. Usually, he just watched Fiene eat with narrowed eyes.

Perhaps Noah had some reason of his own, and he might think that he shouldn’t be liked by others, Fiene suddenly thought.

Fiene had noticed.

The effectiveness of the potions he made had improved significantly. Surely, Noah was adjusting them to fit Fiene’s constitution and symptoms. Recently, she no longer found herself out of breath after climbing a few stairs.

There was even an illusion that she could live for a long time like this. However, it was just symptomatic treatment, and her lifespan was undoubtedly approaching.

However, spending the final moments not confined to a bed but being able to walk, read, and freely enjoy life was precious. It was irreplaceable for Fiene.


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