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Chapter 24: Seducing and Courting Death

However, Nan Yuan’s good mood was quickly ruined by someone.

Because the little ones were diligent in their studies, Xu Xiaotang also liked to use its claws to scribble on paper. Nan Yuan was willing to indulge the two little ones, staying with them until bedtime and even having meals in the study.

After finishing homework with the little ones that day, Nan Yuan held Xiaotang in one hand and led Ah Qing with the other. Just as they reached the doorway, she sensed something unusual.

Earlier in the study, she knew someone had entered the room. She thought it was a maid or servant coming to tidy up, as she liked cleanliness, and the maids cleaned at least twice a day, which she approved of.

But now, it was obviously different.

The chief maid, Dong Xue, who followed behind them, also sensed something and furrowed her brows.

These servants were really out of line, as if the current lord was the same as the previous one!

Seeing Nan Yuan pause at the door, the little ones beside her looked at her with confusion. They kindly helped her open the door.

Cracking it open slightly.

A faint scent of fragrance instantly wafted out from inside.

Nan Yuan, upon smelling this, immediately released her spiritual consciousness. After seeing what was hidden inside, the coldness in her eyes turned icy.

“The scenes inside the room are not suitable for children. Wait outside for us.”

Nan Yuan let go, patted the head of the first little one, and placed the second little one on top of the first one’s head.

Xu Xiaotang obediently squatted on Pei Ziqing’s head, and the two looked at her with round eyes.

Of course, Pei Ziqing only had one round eye; the other eye was being pressed by a tumor; no matter how wide he opened it, it was just a slit.

“Master—” Dong Xue had just called out, and the lord walked in, slamming the door shut with a bang.

Dong Xue frowned, pondered for a moment, then turned around and left.

Tonight, this matter probably won’t end well. She had to find Steward Wu!

After entering the room, Nan Yuan walked straight towards the bed inside.

A lamp on the table emitted a warm yellow glow, casting a layer of ambiguous yellow on the dropped canopy.

The seductive silhouette of a male body projected onto it…

Nan Yuan’s voice was extremely cold as she slowly uttered two words: “courting death.”

Pei Ziqing, waiting at the door, became restless.

The strange fragrance just now gave him a clue.

And the woman had already been inside for a while.

While he was hesitating whether to go in and take a look, the door in front of him suddenly burst open with a bang, and a living person was thrown out, landing heavily on the ground.

This person was wrapped in a quilt, with a pair of fair arms exposed and bare feet and shins showing. He was clearly a man, yet he appeared exceptionally alluring.

Anyone could guess the scene—the person inside the quilt was completely naked.

The man who fell to the ground raised his head, looking utterly humiliated.

This person is none other than the much-loved Young Master Xue Songyun.

Pei Ziqing’s eyes darkened as he stared at the other person, his hanging hand clenched into a fist.

Such shameless scum dared to…

Apart from this face, what else did this despicable man have?

How dare he!

Pei Ziqing walked up to Xue Songyin, looking down at him with a sinister expression.

If he had the ability, he would definitely smash this face and see what he had left to seduce people!

“Pei Yueying, you will regret this!” Xue Songyin, too ashamed to look at Pei Ziqing, shouted angrily towards the room before running away, clutching the quilt.

Xu Xiaotang used its claws to tap on Pei Ziqing’s head, signaling him to enjoy the show.

The fluffy white spirit beast turned into a lingering shadow, darting from behind Xue Songyin in the blink of an eye, and then returned to Pei Ziqing’s head.

Then, it casually raised its paw, gesturing with one, two, and three.

Suddenly, the quilt wrapped around Xue Songyin split in half from behind, revealing everything from the back.

Xue Songyin screamed, protecting his sensitive areas, and ran wildly.

Xu Xiaotang pointed a claw at the fleeing man, another claw covering its stomach, laughing so hard that its butt trembled.


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