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Chapter 25:Scary! the Spirit Beast Speaks

Pei Ziqing laughed incessantly as he hugged the spirit beast that was chirping non-stop above his head. First, he stared into its big eyes for a while, then imitated the actions of a woman, gently grooming its fur, as if saying, “Well done.”

Xu Xiaotang chirped and comfortably squinted its eyes.

“Chirp?” The furry meatball in his arms suddenly looked towards the room, pointing its little paw inside with a nervous expression.

Pei Ziqing also became nervous and rushed into the room with the spirit beast in his arms.

Then, as soon as he entered, he froze in place.

A woman stood expressionless by the bedside, watching as the oil lamp on top ignited the canopy, the flames growing larger and quickly engulfing the entire bed.

Xu Xiaotang jumped from Pei Ziqing’s arms to Nan Yuan’s arms, rubbing against her with its fluffy body.

Nan Yuan stroked the fur in her arms, relieving some of the pent-up frustration. Her voice still sounded tense. “He almost swallowed him just now.”

How dare he seduce her with such a look! Not only did he use cheap incense, but he also dirtied her bed.

Xu Xiaotang hurriedly rubbed her hand with its fluffy body. “Yuan Yuan, don’t be angry. I avenged you just now; I made him run back naked all the way, hehe.”

Nan Yuan calmly said, “Even if I’m angry, I won’t kill him.”

Since she used the identity and resources of Pei Yueying, she would keep what Pei Yueying liked, no matter how much she disliked it.

There was no choice; it was because her principles were correct.

This was also the reason why Nan Yuan didn’t deal with those male favorites.

Not only did she not deal with those troublesome male favorites, but she also provided them with good food and drink and granted them beautiful maids.

With a sudden bang, a sudden noise disturbed Nan Yuan.

The woman and the beast finally remembered something and turned around to look.

In the midst of his panic, Pei Ziqing took a step back and accidentally bumped into the table behind him.

He looked at the spirit beast in the woman’s arms with a face full of shock, as if he had been greatly impacted.

This spirit beast could actually speak human language!

After the shock, there was a great sense of fear.

Since the woman and the spirit beast had been keeping it a secret from him, it meant that this was a secret that couldn’t be shared with outsiders.

Even if the woman treated him well, there were some secrets that couldn’t be shared with him, such as the one before him.

If it could be told, it would have been said long ago, so why keep it a secret all this time?

Would she kill him to keep him silent?

At this moment, Pei Ziqing was so nervous that he felt suffocated. Many images of himself and the woman flashed through his mind, and in the end, only a bitter smile remained.

To receive so much unprecedented warmth, even if he died at the hands of the woman, it seemed not so bad?

Xu Xiaotang innocently looked at Nan Yuan and said, “Yuan Yuan, what should we do? I was so worried about you just now that I forgot there was someone behind.”

Nan Yuan: …

She had also forgotten.

The little guy’s presence was too weak.

Nan Yuan walked towards the child.

Pei Ziqing was tense all over, subconsciously gripping the edge of the table behind him.

Was she going to kill him to silence him?

The woman raised her hand…

Pei Ziqing was scared and immediately tightly closed his eyes, his eyelashes trembling.

But the next moment, that hand landed on his head, patting it twice.

“Ah Qing, don’t be afraid. Xiaotang can only speak human language and doesn’t eat people.”

It’s me who eats people, hehe.

Pei Ziqing slowly opened his eyes, and his whole body suddenly relaxed.

If he understood correctly, the woman was worried that he was afraid of this spirit beast.

Not only did she have no intention of silencing him, but she was also comforting him.

For a moment, his once choked heart not only started beating again but also accelerated.

Why is this woman just so… so kind?




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