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Chapter 26: Scared to Tears? You go console him.

“Xiaotang, it seems like Ah Qing was scared to tears by you.” Nan Yuan stared at the child with rosy eyes and said,.

Xu Xiaotang’s tender voice carried a hint of confusion: “Yuan Yuan, am I really that scary?”

Nan Yuan replied, “He’s just an ordinary person.”

Ordinary people had only encountered low-level spirit beasts. In their eyes, low-level spirit beasts were food. Now, they discovered that the food could speak, which was naturally a horrifying thing for them.

“Go, console him.” Nan Yuan patted Xu Xiaotang’s chubby buttocks and tossed the little one out.

Xu Xiaotang landed on Pei Ziqing’s shoulder, patting the lump of flesh on his face with little claws. Its expression was cute, and its voice was gentle: “Hey, little guy, you look so strange, but I’m not afraid of you. Can you not be afraid of me, okay?”

Pei Ziqing forced back the bitterness in his eyes, embraced Xu Xiaotang, and stroked its fur.

Xu Xiaotang immediately exclaimed happily, “Yuan Yuan, he’s not afraid of me anymore!”

Nan Yuan nodded.

Pei Ziqing stole a glance at the woman, feeling puzzled.

He remembered the woman’s name was Pei Yueying, but why did the spirit beast call her Yuan Yuan?

Well, Yuan Yuan was a nice name; he also wanted to call her that.

After the bed that had been laid on by outsiders turned into ashes, Nan Yuan called someone to replace it with a new one.

The lord of the city sat on a soft chair, expressionless, watching the maids, old women, and young servants kneeling on the ground. Although his posture seemed relaxed, the intangible pressure emanating from him made people tremble with fear.

Entering her room was like entering an uninhabited place. Were these people all dead?

“I remember saying that he’s not allowed to set foot in this place in the future,” Nan Yuan said coldly.

The servants knelt tremblingly, too scared to speak.

They certainly knew, but they didn’t take it seriously; they thought it was just the lord and Young Master Xue throwing a tantrum.

They were still hoping for generous rewards after the lord’s matter was settled, but unexpectedly, the lord directly threw the person out!

Clearly, she used to pamper Young Master Xue every day just to get him into bed… If not for that, even if they were given a hundred times the courage, they wouldn’t dare let anyone in.

“Each person, take them down and give them eighty lashes,” Nan Yuan ordered.

This punishment was not excessive; Nan Yuan felt that she had become much more merciful after years of self-cultivation.

The servants working in the lord’s mansion were not ordinary people. For example, the first-class housekeepers and first-class maids were either spiritual cultivators or martial cultivators.

Of course, their cultivation levels were not high, not comparable to the guards in the lord’s mansion.

Among them, the highest cultivation level in the lord’s mansion belonged to Old Steward Wu.

The levels of spiritual cultivation ranged from spiritual apprentice, spiritual master, spiritual commander, spiritual king, and spiritual emperor, with distinctions between low, middle, and high levels within each stage.

Old Steward Wu was not only a spiritual cultivator but also an intermediate-level spiritual commander.

Reaching the level of spiritual master was a significant milestone, and those with cultivation above the level of spiritual master were already considered rare experts.

Just as Nan Yuan thought about this old steward, he appeared.

Since the last time he was embarrassed, this old steward hadn’t come to her for several days.

“I heard that the Lord is throwing a tantrum again.” Old Steward Wu asked with a face full of affection.

Nan Yuan casually asked, “Uncle Wu, do you think disobedient servants should not be punished?”

The old steward sighed. “It’s because you used to be so unruly, making them misunderstand.”

Even though the old steward put on a kindly elder’s face, Pei Ziqing could see the cunning in this person.

If he intervened to save these servants at this moment, they would undoubtedly be grateful to him. Later on, everyone might think that the lord’s authority was not even comparable to that of a steward.

He hoped the woman wouldn’t agree.

However, just as Pei Ziqing finished analyzing the pros and cons, he heard the woman sigh and say, “Let it be.”

Pei Ziqing was anxious; why was the woman so foolish?

This old guy was obviously not a good person!

Before he came, was she often bullied?

The little freak felt extremely distressed.

His desire to become stronger intensified.

He wanted to protect the woman; no one should bully her in the future!



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