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Chapter 26:Tower of Magic – Jurgen Noam

Jurgen Noam was born as the third son of the Viscount’s family. A clever boy from his early years, he entered the Royal Academy of Magical Arts Elementary School at the age of eight, ranking first in his class.

Despite his exceptional abilities, his father intended to pass on the family legacy to his eldest son, who was mediocre both in appearance and capability, and Jurgen’s second brother supported this decision. Jurgen could not accept his elder brother inheriting the family headship and believed that he, with his extraordinary talent, should be the rightful heir.

When he advanced to middle school, Jurgen went directly to his father to negotiate. He requested that if he continued to excel, graduating from middle school and then high school as the top student, he should be allowed to succeed the family leadership instead of his elder brother.

However, his father adamantly refused. After two years of persuasion, his father finally yielded.

As a result, Jurgen’s relationship with his other siblings soured. Somehow, the family sided with the mediocre and untalented eldest son. Even his younger sister and brother did so. Jurgen thought it would only last until he graduated as the top student from the Magical Arts Academy.

However, at the age of 17, when he entered high school, his plans were spectacularly shattered.

This was because the second prince of the country and the brilliant heir of the Duke’s family, renowned for their magical prowess, enrolled in the academy.

High-ranking nobles typically studied with private tutors in elementary and middle school and entered the academy at the high school level. It was a common practice. However, with the arrival of these two individuals, Jurgen never again secured the top position.

Not only that, but other outstanding students emerged, making it difficult for him to even rank within the top five. At times, he struggled to stay in double digits.

Jurgen was gradually overtaken by those who joined later.

As a result, inheriting the family leadership became hopeless. No matter how outstanding his academic performance, his father would not heed Jurgen’s plea.

Noah, the perennial top student, always hid his face with an ugly hood, obscuring it from view.

Those who accidentally saw his true face reportedly described it as terrifying.

Noah was gloomy, taciturn, and an eerie student with an interest only in magic.

In contrast, Jurgen always held the top position from elementary to middle school, was good-looking, and was popular.

However, as soon as he entered high school, his positions were usurped by high-ranking nobles who joined midway.

These nobles had all received excellent private tutoring and exceptional education from a young age. It was beyond the reach of lower-ranking nobility.

While it was understandable that the second prince of the country garnered popularity, for some reason, followers also gathered around the ugly and gloomy Noah.

Furthermore, despite his ugliness, Noah strangely attracted female students. It was rumored that the Duke’s family was incredibly wealthy. Jurgen learned that even if one is ugly and gloomy, having wealth and status makes one desirable.

Moreover, the second prince and Noah had been friends since childhood and were often seen together. No matter how Jurgen tried to approach the second prince, as the not-so-wealthy third son of a viscount, he couldn’t even become part of the royal entourage.

Gradually, in Jurgen’s mind, Noah became a symbol of the unfairness of the world.

Later on, Jurgen aspired to enter the Tower of Magic, the pinnacle of magic on the continent. However, it was a strict requirement to graduate within the top five to gain entry. This posed a tough condition for Jurgen.

Nevertheless, Jurgen leveraged his connections from elementary school, persuaded professors, and somehow managed to infiltrate the Tower of Magic.

With this, Jurgen had, for the time being, joined the ranks of the elite. Immediately, he began to look down on his family.

However, even after entering the Tower of Magic, the hierarchy from the academy continued unchanged. As a result, Jurgen, in an attempt to rival Noah, started forming factions. During social gatherings and tea parties, he began spreading strange rumors about Noah. The rumors quickly spread.

Nevertheless, despite gaining significant fame, marriage proposals kept pouring in for him. This was in stark contrast to Jurgen, the third son of a noble family, who received no worthwhile proposals.

Though he had hoped to marry into a high-ranking noble family, such proposals never came his way.

Despite his aspirations to achieve recognition and the title of Magic Earl through his achievements in the Tower of Magic, his accomplishments were overshadowed by Noah.

Eventually, Noah created a groundbreaking magical device, enriched the country, and was commended with awards and monetary rewards. At this point, Jurgen’s jealousy reached its peak.

One day, rumors spread through high society that Noah was leaving the Tower of Magic. While the truth was that he had simply relocated his research base from the Tower to his own territory, this was advantageous for Jurgen.

During Noah’s absence from the capital, Jurgen thought that if he could achieve success, he would garner attention.

Fortunately, the Stein Duke’s territory was on the outskirts, taking about a month one way. During this time, Jurgen planned to seek collaborators from among Noah’s faction members.

Although Noah pretended to be aloof, his faction existed in the Tower of Magic. If there was a faction, there would surely be those willing to betray or switch sides.

Noah’s absence presented Jurgen with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to elevate his name. He was determined to bring Noah down and make a name for himself.

Jurgen envisioned a brilliant future for himself.


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