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Chapter 23: Engagement Party (1)

So, without further ado, the engagement party was promptly organized.

The invited guests seemed to be a mix of nobles with close ties to the royal family in the empire of Shinwood and friends of Oliver.

Despite being hosted by the royal family, the party was relatively small in scale, with the only guests invited from the Kingdom of Distoria being the Tarrant Ducal family, Leefe’s family.

In preparation for the party taking place later today, Leefe, holding the guest list, had a strained expression on her face.

“Is this just a party to restrain my father, who insists on bringing up strange marriage proposals!?”

“Yeah, it seems like it. With this, your father might tuck his tail and run, right? Well, there’s also the possibility that he’ll try even harder to bring up weird proposals to bring you back. What do you think?”

“Come on, seriously, could you stop that?”

While glaring at Rene, who was making inappropriate jokes with a smile, the door of the room was knocked.

“Miss Leefe. Lord Oliver has come to escort you.”


Naturally, Oliver was the escort for today. Wearing the pale green dress gifted by Oliver, Leefe felt somewhat uneasy.

(Although I’ve lived comfortably in the Tarrant Ducal family… still, it’s the first time someone else has chosen what I should wear!)

This dress, designed to showcase the arms and décolleté with short sleeves, has a beautiful gradient that deepens in color toward the hem.

At the waist, there is an ornament resembling a rose, adding an elegant yet lively touch.

Leefe’s former fiancé, Easton, was indifferent to such matters. Before the evening event, he sent someone from the dress workshop, but the choice was left to Leefe.

Leefe’s parents were entirely absorbed in dressing up Aria, who could wear anything. In general, since Leefe and Aria always tailored new dresses together, Aria was always the center of attention.

(Though I thought it was natural… even for a temporary fiancé, it’s a bit ticklish to receive this much attention.)

Given Leefe’s lonely and clumsy past life, her happiness bar was set low.

By the way, several magic potions are hidden in the neckline. A flat-capped vial contains a magic potion that changes the color of the dress. A pointed-capped vial holds a magic potion that makes one’s presence disappear. And a round-capped vial contains a love potion.

“Are you adding something again?”

“Lord Oliver.”

While checking her neckline, Oliver entered the room and caught her in the act.

It’s normal for Leefe to carry magic potions for emergencies during evening events, but it’s embarrassing to be caught blatantly doing so, especially in this location.

“Even at the previous banquet in Distoria, you had magic potions, didn’t you? What about today?”

“W-Well, it’s a secret.”

“I see.”

Having settled for that response, Oliver didn’t press any further. He just chuckled, looking quite amused.

(Aria, who could enchant everyone, isn’t here today. Maybe I can be of help and make some friends…!)

For that purpose, Leefe had magic potions to change the color of her dress, make her presence disappear when caught in a tight spot, and a love potion that intensifies romantic feelings when given to someone she wants to attract.

Leefe doesn’t use the love potion herself. She hands it over if a debutante, who might become her friend, seeks advice on love.

Rene, who witnessed Leefe making these magic potions, laughed with tears in his eyes, but it was a serious matter. She just wanted to be left alone.

“Well, it’s about time we head there. It seems Leefe’s father has arrived.”

“I’ll do my best to make him give up. Lord Oliver, please lend me your support.”

“I’m not so sure about that.”

“Huh? Uh, yes?”

“Shouldn’t you address me as ‘Oliver’?”


Was she hearing things right?

(Why would Oliver, who’s usually a gentleman, suddenly say something like this…!?)

Blushing, Leefe knew she couldn’t handle this situation without his help. In a foreign country and dealing with a father infatuated with Aria, who is oblivious and dull, it would be unbearable to keep facing these proposals regularly.

(Because I am Oliver’s fiancée. To play the part convincingly at the party, I need to put on a certain act…!)

Leefe reassured herself and, gripping Oliver’s arm, stood on her tiptoes, adding a bit of force. Then she leaned in closer to his ear and whispered.

“I’m counting on you today, Oliver.”


Oliver’s amethyst eyes widened, turning toward Leefe. His expression changed, tinged with a hint of red.

“Ah, of course.”

――Several hours later, Leefe was still unaware that she would deeply regret including a ‘love potion’ in today’s lineup of magic potions.



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