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Chapter 29: Rumors, Three Years Later

Regarding the small movements of the little one in her arms, Nan Yuan noticed but didn’t mind.

However, like Xiaotang, he just liked being close.

Moreover, Nan Yuan’s attention quickly shifted elsewhere.

After Xue Songyun left, Pei Yueying’s favorite male companions were reduced to three.

“Lord, I do like you quite a bit, but I love freedom more. If fate allows, we’ll meet again.” The handsome man in a royal blue waist-bound robe expressed regret.

After saying that, he saluted Nan Yuan and walked away without looking back. He was very decisive.

Although Nan Yuan didn’t feel much, thinking about the scenes she saw when probing Pei Yueying’s soul, she felt that Pei Yueying was quite pitiful.

Lost in thought for a moment, the elegant and aloof young man in white took a step forward, not saying anything but looking at her with a complicated expression.

Nan Yuan, with an expressionless face, allowed him to scrutinize her casually. If he could figure out something about her, Nan Yuan would lose.

After all, not even her biological parents knew her thoughts.

Most people thought Nan Yuan was a cold and formidable bigshot, ruthless and not talkative, always ready for a fight.

But in reality, Nan Yuan initially just couldn’t be bothered to speak. Later, after realizing she had a naturally expressionless face, she spoke even less.

Staring at her for a while and being certain that the Lord of the City hadn’t given any information, he gave up on eye contact, straightforwardly asking, “Pei Yueying, I’ll only ask you one question. The things you said to me before, how much of it was true?”

Nan Yuan, playing the role of a heartless woman diligently, coldly replied, “When I liked you, everything I said was true, but people’s hearts change easily.”

“Heh, changeable hearts indeed.” Gu Lan Zhi sneered with a sarcastic smile and left with a resolute and indifferent back.

“Lord is truly heartless.” Yun Wu, the last one remaining, shook his head with a sigh.

Now that there was no one else around, Nan Yuan earnestly assessed this person.

Indistinguishable gender, exceptionally captivating?

It seemed like they fell short of that level by quite a bit.

Thinking that after human beings are demonized, their appearance will improve a lot and their temperament will also change. Nan Yuan felt that the person before her would become the great demon lord in five years, with improved looks and a changed temperament.

Yun Wu bowed to Nan Yuan and said, “Thank you, Lord, for your care over the past two years. Lord, we’ll meet again—”

Before he could finish, Nan Yuan interrupted him and said, “You stay.”

The expression of the female city lord was profound and unpredictable.

Yun Wu, on the other hand, looked puzzled.

Stunned for a moment, he grew suspicious.

He thought the strange feeling just now was a misconception, but apparently not.

Since the first time he arrived, this female city lord had cast a glance at him—a glance that was somewhat unusual.

And now, the person in front of him was staring straight at him, the naked appraisal in her eyes giving Yun Wu a strange feeling.

“Lord, why is this?” Yun Wu inquired.

How could Nan Yuan tell the truth? So she casually made up, “You are the most understanding; continue to be my male companion.”

Yun Wu:…

Yun Wu almost couldn’t maintain his composure.

Just the lord of a small snow city, and she dared to think of keeping him as a male companion? And a male companion who wouldn’t be just for show!

He had lingered here before, just coincidentally needing to use the identity of a male companion to cover up his whereabouts. Add to that, this woman happened to have some charm, so he played along for a while.

Now that he had found the person he was looking for, he had no interest in playing this pretend game.

Yun Wu’s gaze darkened slightly, and he planned to directly destroy the lord’s mansion and take away the little freak. However, in the blink of an eye, he accidentally locked eyes with a pair of sinister-looking eyes.

Pei Ziqing, pretending to be asleep in Nan Yuan’s arms.

Not knowing when he opened his eyes, he stared at the male companion whom the woman had personally entreated to stay with a chilling and eerie gaze.

Yun Wu suddenly burst into laughter.


Originally, he didn’t have very high expectations. After all, those he had found before, once thrown into the abyss of demons, never climbed back up.

But this one before him…

Maybe it could work.

“Since the Lord can’t bear to part with Yun Wu, then Yun Wu will stay to accompany the Lord.”

The handsome young man in the elegant green robe smiled exceptionally charmingly, without a trace of reluctance. The phrase “can’t bear to part” was pronounced by him in a lingering and ambiguous manner, as if it held hidden sentiments that couldn’t be revealed to outsiders.

Pei Ziqing, somewhat clingy, nestled into Nan Yuan’s arms, with movements as cute as Xiaotang’s but a smile on his lips devoid of warmth as he watched the man.

Yun Wu also smiled at him, with a smile containing a hint of provocation.

People are most afraid of not having desires.

With desire, many things become much easier.

“Have you heard? Our city lord has changed her preferences; overnight, she dismissed all her male companions!”

“Rumor has it that she practiced some evil arts, and since then, she can no longer indulge in the company of men. Tsk tsk, if it’s true, the city lord is really pitiful. After all, our city lord used to revel every night. At the peak, it was said she could control nine men in a single night!”

“Huh? Why did I hear that the city lord fell in love with one of her three hundred male companions, and she dismissed them all for him? And that handsome man is not the previously favored Xue son, but a young man surnamed Yun.”

“You’re all wrong! According to my information, it’s because the city lord adopted a child. The child didn’t like the city lord’s male companions, so she dismissed them all for him.”

“Hahaha, are you talking about the little freak the city lord brought into the mansion? How could it be because of him? You don’t even know how ugly that kid looks…”

There are various rumors circulating in the streets about the female city lord dismissing her three hundred handsome male companions.

But regardless of the rumors, everyone agrees that the female city lord adopting the little freak was just a momentary whim, and he would eventually fall out of favor.

However, two months passed, a year passed, three years passed…

The little freak not only stayed in the lord’s mansion but also became the right-hand man of the city lord.

The people of Snow City now, when they see this troublemaker, respectfully call him Young Master Pei.

Although Young Master Pei’s face is quite frightening, the people eagerly anticipate seeing his face more often because every year, Young Master Pei, in the name of the city lord, helps the poor in Snow City, distributing spirit beast meat or warm fur.

For such a benefactor, who dares to complain?

However, the people only know how much the city lord values Young Master Pei but are unaware of how favored Young Master Pei is within the mansion.

Only the close-serving senior maid, Dong Xue, witnessed everything.

Young Master Pei enjoys an unprecedented favor that none of the previous male companions ever experienced; the city lord’s affection for him has reached an extreme!

Dong Xue reasonably suspects that the city lord treats Young Master Pei as if he were her own son.

Due to physical reasons, female martial artists mostly find it difficult to conceive. Otherwise, given the city lord’s past involvement with men, she could have had a whole bunch of children by now.

Perhaps, having been injured in the fundamentals during closed-door cultivation, making her unable to indulge and conceive, the city lord’s personality became increasingly reclusive?

As for why she adopted an ugly child—

Most likely, she wanted to forcibly correct her old habit of indulging in beauty?

Dong Xue believed she had discovered some earth-shattering, life-threatening secret. Serving this pair, who seemed like a mother and son, over the past few years has been like walking on thin ice every day.

How truly miserable!



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