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Chapter 20: I Believe in You

Su Hua paid no attention to his little display of arrogance. She was lying on the table, ready to sleep, when she heard a familiar voice from ahead.

“Yan-ge, shall we have lunch together at noon?”

Ling Yan frowned. He really couldn’t stand this distant relative.

Subconsciously, he glanced at Lu Lewei, who seemed completely indifferent, making him even more annoyed.

“Go if you want to.”

Liang Jiaqi was unwilling to let go. For her, Ling Yan was the legendary handsome and wealthy guy. As long as she tied him down, she would have a worry-free life in the future. Moreover, she felt a bit infatuated with Ling Yan.

“Yan-ge, Aunt asked you to take care of me, and you’re not even willing to have a meal with me…” Liang Jiaqi felt very wronged.

Ling Yan looked at Lu Lewei again, who remained unfazed. Feeling irritated, he blurted out, “Fine.”

Liang Jiaqi immediately became smug and gave Lu Lewei a sarcastic look.

Having received an answer, Liang Jiaqi was about to leave the classroom when she saw Su Hua looking at her. Liang Jiaqi walked over and asked gently, “Huahua, why didn’t you come to school yesterday? Are you okay?”

“None of your business.”

Liang Jiaqi’s smile stiffened, but she pretended to be understanding. “Huahua, I really didn’t say anything about aunt’s corruption or your being kept by others. Trust me.”

“If you say one more word, do you want me to kick you out of St. Sakura?” Su Hua retorted coldly.

Liang Jiaqi was stunned. The person in front of her looked at her with a faint smile, displaying wisdom and fearlessness in her eyes. It was as if her methods were just child’s play and couldn’t affect her at all.

She didn’t dare to gamble. She couldn’t see through the current Su Hua. Regardless of where Su Hua’s money came from, there must be some backing behind her; otherwise, she wouldn’t be so arrogant.

Liang Jiaqi opened her mouth to say something to maintain her image, but considering Su Hua’s words, she chose not to say much and left dejectedly.

“I believe in you,” came a serious voice from beside her.

“What?” Su Hua turned her head to look at him, then suddenly understood. She stared at him with bright eyes and smiled. “Feng Xiao, why do you believe in me?”

Feng Xiao’s handsome face felt a bit hot under her gaze. He wanted to lower his head but found it inappropriate, so he continued to meet her eyes and said, “You’re not that kind of person.”

Besides, the person who supported him would have so much money, and she would give millions a month in rewards to anchors she had never met. Don’t hesitate to give away 100,000 yuan of ice cream, and give tens of millions of shares to others?

Compared to these rich second generations or even the first generation, this person who supports him lives much more freely.

Su Hua didn’t press further, afraid of scaring Feng Xiao away. After all, he was quite sensitive, and just one day without contact might strain their still-forming relationship. Pressuring him too much wouldn’t be wise.

The magnetic field of cannon fodder characters might naturally clash with the main characters.

Sure enough, during a meal, Su Hua encountered Ling Yan and Liang Jiaqi, along with Lu Lewei and Gan Zeyu.

As Su Hua looked at the adjacent tables occupied by the male and female leads, she could hardly resist the gossip in her eyes. Both the male and female leads, as well as the supporting characters, were present; it was like assembling tiles for a mahjong game.

Seeing Su Hua’s intense curiosity, Feng Xiao couldn’t help but remind her, “The food is here; you can start eating.”

“Mm-hmm.” Su Hua quickly refocused her attention. As interesting as the gossip about the main characters might be, the person in front of her was more important.

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