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Chapter 32: Sister, I Only Like You

Pei Ziqing was furious, throwing a punch towards the person in front of him.

Yun Wu didn’t dodge, taking the punch head-on.

Typically, getting hit in the face like this would result in an immediate swelling resembling a pig’s head, but the person in front of Pei Ziqing still maintained that charming and smiling appearance without a hint of distortion on his face.

“You’re a martial artist?” Pei Ziqing frowned.

Yun Wu opened his eyes and lied, “Not a martial artist, just tougher than the average person.”

Pei Ziqing:…

“Yun Wu, don’t use your dirty thoughts to judge the relationship between me and Sister! I consider my sister an elder and a close relative. I’m willing to do anything for her, even if it costs me my life!”

Yun Wu smirked. “Is that so?”

“Of course!” Pei Ziqing coldly stared at him, questioning, “What is your purpose in hiding your cultivation and infiltrating the lord’s mansion?”

Yun Wu messed up the chessboard on the table, picking up the black pieces and putting them back in the chess box one by one, casually saying, “What do you think my purpose could be?”

“No matter what your purpose is, stay away from my sister! If I catch you plotting something, I’ll stop you even if it costs me my life!”

“Are you willing to die?” Yun Wu asked with a smile.

Pei Ziqing was suddenly stunned.

“Are you still willing to die now?”

“If you die, you’ll lose everything. You won’t be able to act cute with your sister anymore, and you won’t see her again. Perhaps she’ll quickly adopt another child, raising them just like she raised you.”

“Sister won’t!” Pei Ziqing urgently interrupted him, emotions surging in his eyes.

Sister wouldn’t do such a thing!

“Just a child, how long do you think she’ll remember you? A lifetime? Don’t indulge in such daydreams,” Yun Wu remarked with a smile.

“Shut up! Don’t try to divert the focus!”

Yun Wu innocently raised his hands and asked, “If I had any ulterior motives, would I wait this long? Three years ago, how I stayed behind was well known to everyone in the mansion.”

“…It’s better be that way!”

“Young Master Pei, why don’t you think about yourself? Are you really content with being your sister’s little brother? She treats you like a son; originally, calling her’mother’ would be the most appropriate, hehehe…”

At the mention of this title, Pei Ziqing’s heart tightened, and he found it hard to breathe.

Although he considered his sister a close relative, why couldn’t he bear another title?

He didn’t want his sister to be that kind of elder; he….he…

He didn’t even know what kind of elder he wanted his sister to be.

Yun Wu had a sly smile on his lips and continued, “Think carefully, young man. What exactly is your relationship with your sister? Do you want to possess her, and in what capacity do you want to possess her? Adopted son? Younger brother?”

“Shut up!”

Pei Ziqing gave him a cold look, turned around, and walked away, but his steps seemed a bit chaotic.

Yun Wu chuckled softly, toying with a chess piece in his hand.

People from the Demon Realm were adept at manipulating hearts.

As this young man’s obsession with that woman deepened, and only when completely possessing her could alleviate his obsession, the time would come.


Yun Wu lifted the tea cup beside him and took a sip with a slight chill in his eyes.

It seemed that there was a formidable expert hidden in this mansion.

For the past three years, he has often sensed a trace of spiritual awareness prying into his surroundings.

When did Snow City acquire such a formidable expert?

If even he couldn’t identify this person, then that individual… is truly frightening.

Fortunately, the person’s goal is only to ensure that he doesn’t leave the mansion without monitoring his every move. Otherwise, what he has instilled in Pei Ziqing over the years cannot be hidden.

·Pei Ziqing walked with a lost and soulless expression.

His abnormality was so apparent that Nan Yuan couldn’t help but wonder if she had gone too far.

“I haven’t been angry for a long time; why do you still make such expressions?”

Pei Ziqing skillfully picked up the spirit beast in the woman’s arms.

Xiaotang glared at him, dissatisfied, but soon was made comfortable by him, changing to another embrace to continue dozing off with half-closed eyes.

Pei Ziqing, holding Xiaotang, knelt beside the woman, resting his head gently in her arms, and whispered, “Sister, what am I to you?”

Nan Yuan, long accustomed to the clinginess of the little guy, especially with Pei Ziqing still maintaining a childish appearance, not only indulged in his closeness but also rubbed his head. “I consider Ah Qing to be my own child.”

Actually, considering their ages, she could be Ah Qing’s great-great-grandmother.

However, it’s challenging to get close when the generational gap is too wide.

Being a mother and son, or a brother and sister, works better.

But upon hearing these words, Pei Ziqing’s heart suddenly became constricted.

…It felt uncomfortable.

“Sister, when I grow up, will I still be Sister’s Ah Qing?” He asked, his voice becoming somewhat hoarse.

“Of course. As long as you live, you’ll be my Ah Qing for as long as you want.” Nan Yuan spoke on this matter, surprisingly expressing a trace of melancholy.

When she accumulates enough merit and the power of faith, she will leave this world.

Ah Qing is a big, living person; she can’t take him with her.

Even if she could, she wouldn’t take him.

So she has two plans now: either help Ah Qing reach the pinnacle of life, reaching a level not inferior to the Child of Destiny, so that no one dares to bully him.

Or, protect him until he peacefully passes away.

Though this world is considered an advanced one, it is relatively lower among the advanced worlds. Even if humans cultivate to the level of the Spirit Emperor, they can only live for about a thousand years.

It’s less than a thousand years; she can afford it.

However, Nan Yuan leaned more towards the first option.

With numerous treasures in her hands and Ah Qing being ambitious, she didn’t believe she couldn’t raise a powerhouse comparable to the Child of Destiny.

However, Pei Ziqing in Nan Yuan’s arms heard another meaning from her words.

He could be Sister’s Ah Qing as long as he was alive, but what about after he died?

Would Sister have to adopt another child?

That child might also be named Ah Qing, maybe eat and live with Sister just like him, or even be spoiled in Sister’s arms like he was…

Thinking about someone replacing him in the future, Pei Ziqing couldn’t control the darkness and aggression in his heart.


Sister is his alone!

Sister can’t treat someone else like this again!

“Sister, I only like you. Can you like only me too?” Pei Ziqing asked, his tone carrying a hint of caution.

Seeing the little guy looking so hesitant, Nan Yuan felt a bit puzzled. What happened to this cheerful little guy?

Unable to stand seeing the usually cheerful little guy suddenly become like this, she pinched his nape. “If you treat Sister well, Sister will naturally treat you well. Feelings are mutual.”

Hearing this, Pei Ziqing’s heart felt less painful, and a hint of a smile appeared in his eyes.

Sister indeed treated him very well.

“In the future, Sister is not allowed to adopt other children. Sister has me, and that’s enough,” the little guy said domineeringly.

Nan Yuan glanced at him and said, “Taking care of just one of you is already troublesome enough.”

Implicitly, it meant she wouldn’t adopt a second one.

Pei Ziqing immediately rubbed against her in her arms and smiled. “I knew it; Sister is the best!”



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