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Chapter 24: Indirect Kiss


Feng Xiao couldn’t help but smile, feeling very comfortable with her.

Su Hua walked beside him, holding onto him, and said, “What do you like to eat in the morning? How about we have some dumpling soup and pan-fried buns?”


Feng Xiao was somewhat helpless. When he asked her what she wanted to eat, she ended up suggesting what he liked. He really couldn’t figure her out.

The two of them leisurely walked along the road. Occasionally, they would run into Su Hua’s classmates, who would show surprise, but the girl paid no attention, chatting happily while holding his hand.

The fragrance of the girl reached Feng Xiao’s nose, and he felt happy in this moment.

“We’re here.” Su Hua stopped in front of a steamed bun shop and said to the owner, “Boss, give us four fried buns, dumpling soup, and two cups of soy milk; we’ll eat here.”


Su Hua casually sat at a small table near the door, supporting her chin with both hands, and asked, “Feng Xiao, I’ll eat one, and you can have three. Is that enough for you?”


Su Hua stared at him, unconsciously pouting, with a puzzled expression in her eyes.

Feeling uneasy under her gaze, Feng Xiao couldn’t help but ask, “Why are you staring at me?”

“I’m just wondering if you’re happy being with me,” she said.

Feng Xiao was taken aback, then nodded, “Happy.”

“That’s good. I noticed you speak with such enthusiasm; I was worried you might not be happy.”

“No, I’m just not very used to communicating,” Feng Xiao quickly added, fearing she might misunderstand.

He was born in an orphanage and is naturally introverted. If she found out about his background, would she reject him?

Feng Xiao wasn’t sure.

“The buns are here; please enjoy.”

The boss brought over the buns, interrupting their conversation.

Su Hua handed the plate to him with a smile, saying, “You go ahead and eat.”

“You go ahead.”

Feng Xiao looked at her with amusement, as she clearly wanted to eat but hesitated to let him eat first.

Su Hua immediately pulled the plate back, looking at him with shining eyes. “Shall I eat first, then?”


Feng Xiao nodded, a slight smile unconsciously appearing on his lips.

Su Hua no longer hesitated, holding a dumpling soup in one hand and the plate in the other to prevent the soup from splashing onto her legs.

After taking a bite, the taste of the soup immediately filled her mouth, rich in fragrance. Su Huan couldn’t help but squint. “This taste is amazing.”

Soon, Su Hua finished one.

“Feng Xiao, you eat.” Su Hua looked at the soup on the plate and asked, “Do you mind—”


Feng Xiao took the plate, not minding the soup that Su Hua had just messed up, and started eating.

Su Hua gazed at him intently.

Could this be considered an indirect kiss?

“Host, you’re overthinking. That soup won’t catch your saliva at all.”

Su Hua smiled in a standard way. “De’er, you’re truly looking good.”

Truly stupid.

“Hmm?” De’er was a bit confused. It had just argued with the host, and the host unexpectedly complimented its good looks?

Had the host let go of their prejudices and wanted to reconcile between them?

Didn’t expect the host to be so magnanimous.

De’er felt guilty for its petty thoughts.

“Host, Feng Xiao’s blackening value has reached 10. Keep up the good work~”

After finishing the dumpling soup, the two of them took a bus, only to encounter the male and female protagonists again.

Su Hua smiled, cursing the scriptwriter in her heart.

Damn, wanting to have a good date and running into the male and female leads—this cannon fodder luck is really something.

“Classmate Qin Hua, Classmate Feng Xiao,” Lu Lewei greeted Su Hua and Feng Xiao as she approached.

However, Su Hua caught a glimpse of the vigilance in her eyes.

What is she being cautious about?




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