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Chapter 28: Gathering underlings

So, after lingering for another half hour, almost driving Su Hua to the brink of handling it on the spot, Su Hua finally left.

As Su Hua’s figure disappeared down the stairs, Feng Xiao turned and walked back.

“Feng Xiao, I finally caught up with you.”

In the dark corner near the school gate, a few boys emerged. Recognizing them under the streetlight, Feng Xiao identified them as the four who had cornered him in the restroom last time. One of them he knew was a guy who lived near the orphanage.

The apparent leader strolled leisurely towards Feng Xiao. “Feng Xiao, you’re quite something, managing to scrape together tuition and even hooking up with a rich kid now. What makes you think you’re worthy? Someone like you should be trampled in the mud for a lifetime.”

“Gao Haodong, I don’t recall offending you. Why do you keep coming after me?”

Hearing Feng Xiao’s questioning, Gao Haodong chuckled, “Why? You still have the nerve to ask why? From childhood to now, you’ve always been the child from someone else’s family in my mom’s mouth. What are you? Just an unwanted orphan. My mom even thought about adopting you back then! Ridiculous.”

Feng Xiao pursed his lips. Wasn’t it ironic that he was blamed for not working hard enough when he excelled?

“I thought you couldn’t afford to go to high school, and we wouldn’t meet again. Unexpectedly, you managed to self-study your way into St.Sakura. Feng Xiao, if you insist on coming into my sight, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“Attack him!”

Back at home, as soon as Su Hua sat down, she heard De’er say, “Feng Xiao got cornered at the school gate.”

“Damn! How dare they bully someone I care about!”

Su Hua, full of anger, quickly headed to the school. Shu Lan’s anxious voice followed: “Hua hua, where are you going?”

“To buy something.”

Su Hua’s place wasn’t far from the school, just about a five-minute walk. She hurried over, arriving in three minutes. At a glance, she saw a few figures moving not far from the school gate, under the trees.


Su Hua ran over, took out her phone, and started recording them with a flurry of shots.

As the four were about to make Su Hua put down her phone, they caught a clear glimpse of Su Hua’s face. In an instant, the nightmare from that day replayed in their minds.

“Are you deliberately trying to pick a fight with me?” Su Hua, hitting them, said, “Didn’t your mother tell you that these are my people, huh?”

The four were beaten down, and Su Hua, stepping on Gao Haodong’s chest, ominously warned, “If you still want to stay at St.Sakura, behave yourselves and be decent human beings, got it?”

“Got it,” the four responded quietly.

“I don’t hear it.” Su Hua pretended to clean her ears.

“Got it,” the four painfully responded again.

Upon hearing this, Su Hua squatted down, patting Gao Haodong’s face. “From now on, the four of you are under Feng Xiao. Got it? When you see him, call him big brother.”


Gao Haodong remained silent. It was impossible for him to become Feng Xiao’s underling; he would rather die than submit.

“If you become his underlings, I’ll pay each of you a monthly salary of one hundred thousand. There will be various benefits if you do well. Otherwise, get out of St.Sakura,” Su Hua said.

Gao Haodong immediately stood up, bent over in front of Feng Xiao, respectfully saying, “Big brother, whatever you command, from today on, I am your underling.”

The other three also realized this and, like Gao Haodong, respectfully bowed to Feng Xiao.

Feng Xiao:…

He always felt like he was being wrapped up in something.

Feng Xiao pulled Su Hua aside and whispered, “Hua Hua, you don’t need to spend this money; it’s not worth it.”

“Why isn’t it worth it to spend money on you?”

Feng Xiao didn’t know much about Su Hua’s family, but from the school rumors, he knew that Su Hua only had a mother. He advised, “Auntie works hard alone, and you—”

“Feng Xiao, this money is earned by me.” Su Hua tilted her head.

“My mom is just an accountant with a monthly salary of six thousand.”


“Don’t worry, my ability to earn money is stronger than my ability to spend recklessly.”

Feng Xiao didn’t know how to advise her. This money was earned by Su Hua herself, and she could spend it as she pleased.

“I feel like you’ve wrapped me up.” Although he wasn’t unhappy, he felt unusually happy.

Su Hua held his hand. “I earn money just to spend on you. If I don’t spend it, I’ll be very sad.”


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