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Chapter 29: This Money Can’t Be Given for Nothing

Su Hua and Feng Xiao were talking to each other, and the four of them, Gao Haodong on one side: “…”
were force-fed a handful of dog food.

In Gao Haodong’s heart, he secretly thought that in the past, they used to compare other people’s children, but now it seemed like there was an additional girlfriend.

Feng Xiao was escorted back to the dormitory by Gao Haodong and the other three.

Although he was very unwilling to stay with these four people, when he thought of the money Su Hua had spent, he endured it.

This money can’t be given for nothing.

The next day.

Su Hua still didn’t go to the amusement park.

Su Hua looked at Lu Lewei sitting opposite her and said unhappily, “What’s the matter?”

“Classmate Qin Hua, do you have anything to say about the rumors about the school?”

“You also said it’s just a rumor. Don’t you know rumors are not reliable?” Su Hua retorted. This female lead is simply crazy.

Not investigating clearly on her own, she came here acting like a righteous avenger and questioned her.

Who gave her the courage, Liang Jiaqi?

Lu Lewei was somewhat angry, and she didn’t know why. She had a strong suspicion of Qin Hua and particularly hoped that her money was obtained through corruption.

“Qin Hua, I didn’t mean that. I just want to know the truth about the matter. With corruption so severe in the school, as a student, investigating the truth is our duty.”

Su Hua stood up, showing no mercy, and rolled her eyes directly.

“Lu Lewei, if you don’t have solid evidence, don’t meddle in matters that don’t concern you. Coming here to interrogate me without proof, do you think I have a lot of free time?”

Su Hua turned away, then turned back to face the pale Lu Lewei. “Instead of questioning me here, you might as well keep an eye on your own boyfriend.”

Lu Lewei suddenly looked up at Su Hua and asked, “What do you mean by that?”

“Literal meaning.”

Su Hua left, but her words had stirred up waves in Lu Lewei’s heart.

She had just confirmed her relationship with Ling Yan yesterday.

Originally, Ling Yan was returning to China to get a divorce because he couldn’t forget the little girl who saved him when he was a child. Later, he found out that she was the same girl who saved him back then, and Ling Yan confessed to her.

Lu Lewei liked Ling Yan. He was her fiancé, and especially considering how outstanding Ling Yan was, she couldn’t bring herself to refuse. There was a voice in her heart telling her that he was her true love.

So they confirmed their relationship, and there was no need to call off the engagement. The Lu family could even form an alliance with the Ling family, taking their companies to new heights.

However, what did Su Hua’s words just mean?

Lu Lewei still called Ling Yan, asking him to come out for dinner, but Ling Yan said there was something to do at the company and he would come later.

Normally, Lu Lewei wouldn’t think much of it, but because of Su Hua’s words just now, she decided to go to Ling Yan’s company.

The answer she got was that Ling Yan hadn’t come to work today.

Worried, Lu Lewei walked blindly on the road. Suddenly, she saw a figure that looked a lot like Ling Yan. She was overjoyed and about to speak, but then she saw another girl walking towards him from the opposite direction, and they entered a nearby coffee shop together.

It was Liang Jiaqi.

Lu Lewei recognized her.

Why were they together?

Lu Lewei’s heart suddenly ached. He said he had work at the company, and she believed him, but what she got in return was betrayal.

Her phone rang.

“Teacher.” Upon receiving Gan Zeyu’s call, Lu Lewei felt a bit wronged.

Gan Zeyu sensed her unusual mood and quickly asked, “Weiwei, what’s wrong?”



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