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Chapter 30: Showdown

However, Lu Lewei remained silent. Over the years, she maintained her chastity for her fiancé, rejecting any advances from other guys who showed interest. But what about him? On one hand, he claimed to love her, and on the other hand, he betrayed her.

“Where are you?”

Lu Lewei uttered the address in a gloomy tone.

“Alright, stand there and don’t move. I’ll come pick you up right away.”

Fifteen minutes later, Gan Zeyu ran several red lights but finally found Lu Lewei.

In the bustling street, her figure appeared delicate, standing there alone, looking foolish and sorrowful. Gan Zeyu couldn’t help but feel a twinge of heartache.

He knew that ever since he discovered her investigating the corruption at school, he had fallen for this kind and honest girl.

How could someone bear to harm such a beautiful girl?

“Wei Wei.” Gan Zeyu rushed over. “Are you okay?”

Lu Lewei looked up, and Gan Zeyu’s handsome face appeared before her eyes. His expression was anxious, with a hint of worry and tenderness in his eyes. Seeing him, Lu Lewei suddenly felt all the grievances burst out.

“Teacher.” Lu Lewei, with a teary voice, threw herself into Gan Zeyu’s arms.

Gan Zeyu hesitated for a moment but gently embraced her, comforting her softly. “Wei Wei, don’t be afraid. Tell me what happened, and I’ll do my best to help you.”

These words made Lu Lewei even more moved and wronged. She held onto Gan Zeyu and burst into tears.

Meanwhile, inside the café,

“Liang Jiaqi, I’ve made myself clear. No matter what my mom thinks, it’s impossible between us. Don’t bother me again. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you.”

After delivering a harsh warning, Ling Yan was about to leave when he noticed Liang Jiaqi across from him, frozen.

“Liang Jiaqi?”

Liang Jiaqi snapped back to reality, looked at Ling Yan, and then pointed her finger towards the glass door, saying, “Yan gege, do you see if that person is Lu Lewei and Teacher Gan?”

“How c—,” Ling Yan followed her gaze and saw his beloved woman in someone else’s embrace.

Ling Yan abruptly stood up, anger rushing to his head, and stormed out of the café towards the couple, who seemed oblivious.

“Gan Zeyu!”

Ling Yan yanked Lu Lewei out of Gan Zeyu’s embrace, shielding her behind him, and delivered a punch straight to Gan Zeyu.

The turn of events was too sudden; Gan Zeyu hadn’t even processed what was happening before being knocked to the ground.

“Ling Yan, what are you doing?” Lu Lewei was startled, shouted at Ling Yan, then hurriedly ran to Gan Zeyu’s side, helping him up gently. “Teacher, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Gan Zeyu wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, shook his head, and said, “Don’t worry about me.”

Lu Lewei was about to speak but was abruptly pulled in front of Ling Yan. “Lu Lewei, why are you so fickle?”

When he returned to the country, he saw her fooling around with other guys outside the classroom. In a few days, she got involved with the counselor, confirmed their relationship yesterday, and today, she was hugging and cuddling with the counselor again.

“I’m fickle?” Lu Lewei chuckled in exasperation, pointing at Liang Jiaqi behind him. “What about you? Didn’t you claim to be busy at the company? You’re here having a date at the café with Liang Jiaqi. Do you think I didn’t see?”

“I had something—”

Before Ling Yan could finish his sentence, Liang Jiaqi stepped forward and said, “Sister Lewei, Gege and I are innocent. He came to talk to me about something today; it’s not what you think.”

After saying that, Liang Jiaqi gave Lu Lewei a subtle, triumphant look.

“Ling Yan, you scoundrel.”

Su Hua, watching the confrontation from a distance, clicked her tongue twice.

“This Liang Jiaqi’s IQ just went online.”


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