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Chapter 44-Part 2

And she lost to someone who often came late to class, slept, and even had the title of a school bully. The most important thing was that in her previous life, she had only lost to him.

Suddenly, Ji Ran successfully recalled the thing in her previous life where she was crushed by Shen Zhi.

So, the tender emotions in the girl’s heart instantly dissipated, leaving only gritted teeth.

She shouldn’t have underestimated her opponent. Although she had thought that in her previous life, Shen Zhi had such an impressive academic background, it was unreasonable for him to be an underachiever in this life. However, reality brutally slapped her in the face.

She, Ji Ran, once again lost to her lifelong enemy, Shen Zhi!

Ji Ran bit her lip and said, each word emphasized, “With such a poor performance, do I still have the face to play around?”

Ji Ran was unhappy. Not only did Shen Zhi notice it, but even the usually oblivious Xia Jiangming also noticed. After class, Xia Jiangming originally congratulated Ji Ran on being second in the grade.

Actually, what he said was quite normal. He smiled and said, “Sis Ran, you’re amazing; you actually got second place in the grade.”

Really, just that sentence.

As a result, Ji Ran’s expression instantly darkened, leaving Xia Jiangming stunned.

He cautiously glanced at Shen Zhi, wondering if he had said something wrong.

Ji Ran stared at her own test paper with no expression on her face, her little face tense. She signaled everyone to back off, not to disturb her studying. From now on, she would be a study machine without emotions.

No early romance, no liking anyone—none of that concerned her.

Xia Jiangming had no idea how much trouble his words caused for Shen Zhi.

What was even more lively at the moment was the online forum of the 4th middle school. In fact, during class, some students couldn’t resist. Although the overall grade ranking had not been posted yet, some well-informed individuals had already found out.

Anyway, after every exam, the forum was always buzzing with talk about grades.

Some complained about failing math again, some boasted about scoring over six hundred points, and many people shared the joy.

Soon, there was no more complaining or boasting because a post caught everyone’s attention.

【Risking my life to take a picture of the grade ranking list in the teacher’s office. Pay special attention to the first and second places in the grade.】

The OP posted an image in the first post.

Although the photo was a bit blurry, everyone who clicked into the post could see clearly.

It was a photo of a grade ranking list, with the first column showing the rankings, followed by the names of students, then their scores in each subject, and finally, the total score.

So everyone could see the first two rows clearly.

1. Shen Zhi: Chinese: 123; Mathematics: 150; English: 147; Integrated Science: 290; Total: 710.

2. Ji Ran: Chinese: 128; Mathematics: 150; English: 148; Integrated Science: 283; Total: 709.

The onlookers immediately exploded.

2nd floor: [Wait a minute, I’m not very familiar with the top students in Class 1 and Class 2. Can someone tell me if there are two students named Shen Zhi or Ji Ran in Class 1 or Class 2?]

5th floor: [The student above successfully asked the question I had in my mind. I also want to know.]

9th floor: [I just want to know what kind of species these two are? Damn, my math score is exactly half of theirs. This exam is so difficult, and they can score full marks. Suddenly, I feel unworthy of staying at the same school as them. I am a disgrace to 4th Middle School.]

10th floor: [Stop pretending. I can confirm that this Shen Zhi is the Shen Zhi you know. What kind of novel plot is this? Someone who has consistently ranked last in the grade suddenly scores first in the grade. This is too stimulating.]

The entire post was filled with various question marks.

18th floor: [Raise my hand. I was a classmate with Shen Zhi in junior high, and he had amazing grades back then. He was always the first in the grade every time. However, he transferred schools for unknown reasons. When we met again at 4th Middle School, this big shot not only became a school bully but also turned into an underachiever, which was quite regrettable. Unexpectedly, a study god is a study god; others score low because they can only score low, but he probably scores low because he wants to.]

19th floor: [Grabbing the attention of the person above, I take a wild guess; you should be from the Foreign Language Middle School. Shen Zhi was quite impressive when he first came to our school, even winning a math gold medal. Later, after he transferred, I heard he got into fights with vocational school hooligans and skipped classes. I thought he had completely fallen. Unexpectedly, today, I can see the study god reclaim his position.]

27th floor: [Oh my, the two above seem to be well-informed, so why did Bigshot Shen become an underachiever after being a study god? It seems that the big shot also has a story.]

Clearly, Shen Zhi’s sudden breakthrough had ignited everyone’s gossiping soul.

However, people who used to attend the same school as Shen Zhi, at most, only knew that he had good grades before and that his performance declined after transferring. They didn’t know much more.

Someone soon brought up Ji Ran.

Floor 45: [Why are you all only concerned about Bigshot Shen? The second in the grade, Ji Ran, is also a female student with a story.]

Floor 46: [Ah, ah, ah, ah, Ji Ran is my goddess. I really love her appearance. Originally, there was a little liking deep down, but now it’s an uncontrollable fondness. She’s so beautiful, and on top of that, she can score so well. 700 points! Damn, even if I copied according to the answers, I probably couldn’t get such a high score.]

Floor 47: [Honestly, our school is too prestigious. Ask which school’s school flower can score over 700 points.]

Floor 50: [Just a little reminder: our school’s school grass also has a lot of style.]

Floor 60: [Who is our school’s school grass? Why don’t I know?]

Floor 61: [The person above, are you in the first year? Although our school’s school grass hasn’t been officially chosen, isn’t it widely acknowledged to be Shen Zhi?]

Floor 63: [First-year little sister here. I haven’t seen the legendary Bigshot Shen until now. Can anyone post a photo? Suddenly curious.]

In response to the innocent request from this innocent elementary school sister, the people below went crazy.

Floor 70: [Damn, don’t post it. It will cost lives; seriously, I’m not scaring you casually.]

Floor 76: [As an experienced person, I advise you all: don’t post pictures of Shen Zhi, even if you really have them on your phone. Because he will really find you.]

Floor 89: [Can we post Ji Ran’s picture? This girl is really beautiful; I want to pursue her.]

Floor 92: [The person above is impressive, daring to compete with the big shot for a girlfriend. I salute you.]



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