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Chapter 44-Part 3

Floor 93: [What’s going on? Are Ji Ran and Shen Zhi dating? Why don’t I know?]

Floor 94: [As someone with a buddy in Class 8, let me tell you, give up. Shen Zhi and Ji Ran sit together; it’s a CP from ancient times. Also, if you want to pursue Ji Ran, first take a look at yourself. Are you a big shot who can fight? Are you a big shot with good grades? Are you a big shot who is rich? Most importantly,Are you a bigshot who is handsome? Otherwise, why would Ji Ran, facing the big shot’s face every day, be interested in you?]

Floor 100: [As a person from Class 8, let me whisper, I think these two, even if they’re not dating now, should be soon. Really, I think the way Shen Zhi looks at Ji Ran is different from how he looks at others, filled with love.]

After carefully replying to the post, Wen Qianxia looked around. As the most informed person, she was really in pain. What the people in the forum revealed was nothing compared to what she knew.

Have you ever seen Ji Ran, this soft and gentle girl, looking protective of Shen Zhi and arguing with others? Wen Qianxia couldn’t help but sit up proudly. She had seen it.

On her birthday, the boy from another school came to pick a fight with Shen Zhi. Although Shen Zhi completely disregarded the opponent, the way Ji Ran defended him made Wen Qianxia think it was incredibly handsome.

However, when Wen Qianxia looked back at Ji Ran, there was something strange. Why did she seem a bit downcast the entire morning?

Ji Ran wasn’t just a bit downcast in the morning; she was in a low mood the whole day. Especially in the afternoon when the other exam papers were released, her physics, chemistry, and biology were all thoroughly beaten by Shen Zhi.

So much so that in the evening after class, Ji Ran and Shen Zhi bumped into each other at the school’s convenience store.

Xia Jiangming, holding a sausage from a distance, asked with a smile, “Sister Ran, what do you want to eat? Today,Zhi-ge is treating.”

Curious, Wen Qianxia asked, “Why?”

Smirking, Xia Jiangming said, “Of course, because he’s ranked first in the grade. Our Zhi-ge scored first in the grade.”

Xia Jiangming felt it was shameful for Shen Zhi to secretly study and keep it from them. However, he didn’t dare to rebel, so he could only play his part in teasing him.

Xia Jiangming even managed to secure the right to play video games at Shen Zhi’s house this weekend.

Because Shen Zhi lived alone, Xia Jiangming and the others were envious. However, Shen Zhi didn’t like having others at his place. He would rather spend money to treat them at the “Sky Realm” than invite them home.

This time, Xia Jiangming was really bold due to this matter.

Wen Qianxia immediately said, “I want to eat too.”

Shen Zhi took two steps to the side and stood next to Ji Ran. The girl’s face inexplicably tightened again. If it weren’t for the other students around, he really wanted to reach out and pinch her cheek.

So he patiently asked, “What do you want to eat?”

Ji Ran, with no expression on her face, replied, “I’m not hungry; I’m full.”


This time, her reaction finally made Shen Zhi realize something. Was this girl angry because of him?

Shen Zhi thought for a moment. In the morning, she defended him in front of the teacher. Why was she so angry now?

He thought again about what Xia Jiangming said—treating everyone for ranking first…

Could it be that she’s upset because he scored higher than her?

Shen Zhi is not the type of person who cares too much about scores. The reason he let go and took the exam seriously this time was that he wanted to score above 700, so he didn’t think about controlling his score. Besides, Ji Ran also said she likes people who excel in everything, so isn’t he now better than her?

Why is she still upset?

Could it be because he suddenly became too capable, catching her off guard?

Shen Zhi was experiencing his first crush on a girl and didn’t fully understand the thoughts of young girls. At this moment, he felt a bit innocent.

So, he tried to speak gently: “Really not eating? We still have evening self-study later.”

Ji Ran originally wanted to stubbornly say she wouldn’t eat, but suddenly her body stiffened.

Because Shen Zhi’s fingers gently hooked onto hers that were hanging by her side. His fingers were warm, touching her slightly cold palm, giving her a strange warmth that made her not want to withdraw her fingertips.

It was the busiest time before the evening self-study; people were coming and going in the convenience store, and there was a long line near the cashier. Even the area selling sausages was crowded.

They stood in a corner, Shen Zhi’s body slightly leaning to block her. Both of them were wearing thick down jackets, and the long cuffs covered their hands.

As a result, no one noticed that at this moment, Shen Zhi’s fingers were gently holding onto her fingertips.

Ji Ran’s heartbeat once again uncontrollably intensified.

The sweet and sour feeling emerged from the bottom of her heart, like tiny bubbles rising slowly and gently bursting in mid-air, filling the surroundings with an incredibly sweet fragrance.

So, this was how it felt to hold hands with someone you liked.

Seeing that she didn’t withdraw her hand, Shen Zhi, daringly, gently held her hand.

In the bustling convenience store, they stood in the corner, softly holding each other’s hands. His warm palm warmed her slightly chilly hand.

At this moment, they wished time could stop.



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