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Chapter 29-Part 2

Fortunately, the master took the initiative to come out.

One by one, they were all causing worry. Qi Xing remembered the poisoning incident with Xu Jiahui and felt frustrated. Wang Feng, the leader of the guards, had given her a bottle of detoxifying potion produced by the Qi family, thinking that after she was knocked out, she would wake up fine.

Little did they know that after Xu Jiahui regained consciousness from the dizziness, she scratched herself until she bled profusely. Unable to control her, they had to tie her limbs, administer six bottles of detoxifying potion daily, and, after two days, finally neutralize the poison.

Before entering the laboratory, Qi Xing had some concerns. Fortunately, Wang Feng was also a Level Five expert, serving the Qi family for many years. He managed to subdue Xu Jiahui when things went awry, allowing Qi Xing to conduct his research with peace of mind.

“Wang Feng didn’t stop her?”

“The incident happened suddenly, and Miss Xu’s actions were too fast. The leader of the guards didn’t have time to intervene.” Qi Yuan hesitated for a moment after speaking, then added, “Everyone is a bit afraid when they see Miss Xu.”

Everything was going wrong.

The phrase involuntarily flashed in Qi Xing’s mind. It seemed that ever since he provoked the unnamed pharmacist, the Qi family had been experiencing a streak of bad luck.

He had the intention to help Xu Jiahui, but he had never ventured into the realm of scar-removing ointment and didn’t understand how to make it.

“Isn’t the auction hosted by the Yun family about to begin?” Qi Xing, who had isolated himself in the laboratory for several days, lost track of time.

Qi Yuan respectfully replied, “It’s an auction jointly organized by the Yun family and a few others, happening tonight.”

“That sounds good. The other families are just there to make up the numbers, with the Yun family as the main one, right? Go and tell Xu Jiahui and Wang Feng to attend together. The Yun family has some skilled pharmacists who are quite good at making scar-removing ointment. If they have it for auction tonight, I allow Xu Jiahui to use the funds to buy it.” Qi Xing said it casually.


After giving the order, Qi Xing, who was about to return to his room, suddenly remembered something. “Where is Qi Huan?What has he been doing these days?”

“Young Master has been staying in his room the whole time, not going anywhere.”

Qi Xing’s expression softened a bit. “Let him go to the auction as well, to relax. It’s good for him to take a break.” Anyway, with two Level Five experts accompanying him, nothing should go wrong.

Originally, he thought his son was foolish for letting the unnamed pharmacist go. But now, after confidently entering the laboratory and walking out with a swollen face, he strangely felt some understanding for his son.

It wasn’t that his son wasn’t working hard; the enemy was just too cunning!

Most importantly, he trusted his son more with the money, and the other two were still outsiders.


Tang Xin was unaware that, despite knowing the materials for the ointment were two, some people still couldn’t produce hemostatic ointment. In her original world, pharmacists could handle three or four methods for processing medicinal stones.

At this moment, she was peculiarly looking at Yan Hao. Why did his expression become so unpleasant after going out for the invitation? Was he robbed of money or something?

Tang Xin voiced her doubts.

Yan Hao, with a stern face, muttered, “It’s nothing,” while secretly cursing himself. Why did he feel annoyed and angry when he heard the middle-aged woman say that the ointment was not effective? Why couldn’t he resist rushing forward to defend the master and argue for its legitimacy?

Yan Hao quietly observed the master, wondering, “What kind of person is she?”

Gluttonous, willful, arrogant, prone to madness and fierceness at the slightest disagreement, yet clever and resourceful when it comes to serious matters. She acted foolishly and played around with trivial matters, often being silly.

Especially when she lied—first saying the prescription was obtained unintentionally and then boasting about being a divine doctor, completely forgetting what she said. As a result, the lie was exposed the moment Zhao Min learned the truth.

Really, she was completely devoid of respect.

Yan Hao couldn’t help but sigh. With such an analysis, the master seemed utterly useless…

“Never mind; I’ll go prepare the medicinal meal. I won’t bother with you.” Tang Xin cheerfully ran to the kitchen and started bustling around. They needed to have an early dinner so they could leave for the auction venue.

Yan Hao thought, “Correction, the master does have a little bit of radiant charm.”

It must be because he ate too much of the master’s medicinal meals, making him soft-mouthed and unable to resist speaking out for justice and standing up for the master.

No choice; he was just a loyal and devoted good bodyguard!


Checking the time, Tang Xin left with the bodyguard.

At the auction venue, she handed the invitation to the gatekeeper, and immediately, a girl dressed in red Tang-style attire came forward to lead them.

“Enemies often cross paths,” a cold voice came from behind.


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