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Chapter 29-Part 3

Tang Xin turned around to see three people standing not far away. A woman in white with a veil on her face, the foolish young master, and a burly man she didn’t recognize.

Yan Hao stepped forward, blocking the master in front of him.

Tang Xin was not afraid at all, confident with the medicine powder in her pocket. She chuckled. “Haven’t had enough of the bitter taste, and still want another lesson?”

Qi Huan, upon hearing this, became furious and wanted to rush over immediately to let the woman experience what a real lesson was like.

Wang Feng held his shoulder and whispered, “Young Master, this is an auction hosted by the Yun family.”

Qi Huan immediately woke up, saying angrily, “If you have the guts, both of you stay here all night.”

Tang Xin waited for a while, but seeing no one approaching, she felt a bit disappointed.

If the three of them had come together, she could have just thrown the itching powder, solving the problem. Unfortunately, the three on the other side seemed to have learned their lesson and stood far away, unwilling to get close to her.

Although the woman in white emitted a cold light from her eyes, as if wanting to tear her apart into a thousand pieces,.

The Tang-dressed girl remained indifferent to the conflict between the two groups, leading the guests directly. “Please follow me.”

Tang Xin raised an eyebrow, and the Tang-dressed girl remained calm and composed, not appearing forced at all.

Curious, Tang Xin asked, “Is fighting prohibited in the auction?”

The Tang-dressed girl turned back with a smile and said, “Yes. Regardless of personal grievances, fighting is prohibited at the auction. If customers are willing, after buying valuable items at the auction, they can pay to hire Yun family guards to escort them back.”

“There’s not a single fight at the venue?” Tang Xin continued to ask.

“In Huangsha Star, no one dares to cause trouble on the Yun family’s territory, nor does anyone dare to harm the Yun family’s people.” The Tang-dressed girl smiled, revealing two cute dimples on both sides of her cheeks.

“No need to trouble yourselves. The master has me to protect him,” Yan Hao said lightly, with a hint of displeasure in his words.

With him around, there was no need to hire guards from the Yun family.

The Tang-dressed girl maintained her smile. “Whether to hire or not is your choice; we won’t force you.”

Tang Xin finally began to wonder about the Yun family. Why did the maids they trained exude such confidence without being subservient?

After walking a distance, the Tang-dressed girl led Tang Xin to a table.

Tang Xin looked around and, seeing that it resembled a restaurant with neatly arranged tables, felt a bit speechless. “Everyone sits here? Open-air? You can see everyone next to you, each person at a separate table?”

The Tang-dressed girl respectfully said, “Please rest assured; there will be no safety issues.”

She wasn’t concerned about safety; she was worried about money.

Tang Xin surveyed her surroundings expressionlessly once again, as if a single invitation had occupied an entire table. On the table, there was a light screen and various snacks.

“If someone operated on the light screen, their actions would be visible, and others would know who was bidding. In the event of encountering enemies, unnecessary items could be intentionally bid on to inflate prices, right?”

Tang Xin raised this question.

The Tang-dressed girl displayed a professional smile. “That’s not within my scope of responsibilities. However, personally, I think during the auction with your enemies, you can also raise the prices.”

With two people consecutively inflating prices, the person auctioning the item would suddenly earn a lot more. As one of the organizers, the Yun family would naturally profit by taking a fixed percentage of the final transaction price, making even more money.

It wasn’t that the organizers couldn’t provide protected private rooms; they were intentionally gathering people together to create a lively atmosphere.

Those with valuable items would be willing to bring them for a good price at the Yun family’s auction; wealthy individuals, aware that the auction prices might be on the higher side, wouldn’t mind spending more for something they desired; and there were those with nothing to do, intending to disrupt the auction just to cause trouble, but they might end up finding something they wanted.

Coupled with the Yun family ensuring the safety of all participants and even providing escort services, making it easy for buyers to return home safely with their treasures, how could the auction business not flourish? It was difficult to imagine it not being prosperous.

Tang Xin suddenly understood and gestured for the Tang-dressed girl to leave, saying, “I understand now; you can go about your business.”

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