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Chapter 31-Part 1

“Eight thousand credit points for the first time, eight thousand credit points for the second time, deal!” Yun Jiaqi hammered it down, confirming the transaction.

He handed the ointment to the Tang-dressed girl to take away after the auction ended. Someone else would go make the payment.

So far, no one has ever won a treasure at the Yun family auction and left without paying. Because no one wanted to find out what consequences would follow if they escaped without paying.

“Yun Family really has a good eye; the first item they chose is excellent. High demand means the price can multiply. A low price means it won’t consume a lot of funds, affecting the selling price of the following treasures: At the same time, starting with the first item can stir up the atmosphere of the auction. It’s been a while since I participated in such a high-end auction.” Tang Xin sighed.

As a frequent attendee of auctions like her, just by observing the order in which the treasures are auctioned, she can gauge the level of the auction.

Every sequence is deliberate; a good order can significantly increase turnover, benefiting both the organizers and the providers. A bad order can lead to a drastic drop in turnover, failing to reach the psychological price set by the providers. Who would come back in the future?

“The young master of the Qi family has made a move,” Yan Hao reminded.

Next, Tang Xin and Qi Huan played together “happily.”

Whenever Qi Huan genuinely wanted something, Tang Xin would bid along until a suitable price was reached before stopping. If Qi Huan tried to deceive or trap others, Tang Xin would follow a couple of times and then stop, causing Qi Huan to trap himself.

Initially, Lan Yin thought the divine doctor genuinely wanted to buy and actively helped with bidding. After two or three times, seeing that she was deliberately tricking Qi Huan, Lan Yin reluctantly withdrew.

The reason is simple: the divine doctor had Qi Huan spinning in circles, and there was no need for Lan Yin to intervene.

Qi Huan was almost going crazy.

The woman who sat at the table next to him seemed to be able to see through his tricks every time. After seven or eight confrontations, he had lost every time, and she had never lost once.

As he kept losing, Qi Huan began to lose his composure again, strongly wanting to have a fist-to-fist conversation with her.

A hand suddenly fell on his shoulder, and when Qi Huan looked over, it was Wang Feng. “Forget it; don’t act recklessly.”

Xu Jiahui was also anxious; Qi Huan was spending money like water, and she still had to buy scar removal ointment.

“Young Master Qi, the scar removal ointment hasn’t been won yet, and funds are a bit tight. Please wait a bit longer before bidding again.” Anxious, her tone wasn’t very pleasant.

“I know, I have an idea.” Qi Huan impatiently replied.

On the other side, Tang Xin, seeing Qi Huan suffer a few times and noticing his unpleasant expression, was even more delighted.

Yan Hao glanced at Qi Huan’s gloomy face and then at the master, who was all smiles, and couldn’t help but ask, “Is it so enjoyable to torment a fool?”

“The opponent’s level is too low, completely unable to show the master’s high taste. Can there be a sense of accomplishment?

“Of course, I’m happy,” Tang Xin answered in a low voice. “Whether he’s a fool or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that he provoked me. Isn’t it satisfying to make an annoying person suffer?”

Yan Hao chuckled; this response style was truly typical of Tang Xin.

Whether it was Xu Jiahui’s advice taking effect or Qi Huan learning his lessons from previous losses, Qi Huan quieted down and watched the show.

“Next up for auction is a piece of white, warm jade, about the size of an adult’s palm. It has a uniform color, crystal-clear transparency like glass, and excellent texture. The seller chooses to remain anonymous, starting the bidding at ten thousand credit points. Bidding begins now.” Yun Jiaqi announced.

Tang Xin, snacking at the table, perked up at the mention of “warm jade.” After the announcement, she immediately operated the bid on the screen.

“Twenty thousand credit points. Alright, it’s now at twenty thousand credit points. Does anyone else want to bid? Someone bids twenty-five thousand credit points; any higher?” Yun Jiaqi reported the new developments in real-time.

Qi Huan carefully observed Tang Xin’s expression, thinking she genuinely wanted it but also afraid that she might be intentionally luring him in.

“The table next to us seems determined to get the warm jade; the young master can stir up some trouble for her.” Wang Feng whispered.

Xu Jiahui was startled and hurriedly said, “Better not. If we buy the warm jade, there won’t be much money left.”

Qi Huan frowned displeasedly and lowered his voice. “I won’t buy it; I’ll just raise the price to get back at her.”

What if she outsmarts you, and you end up with the highest bid but don’t buy it?

Xu Jiahui wanted to express this directly but restrained herself. Qi Huan managed the money, and if he got upset, he might refuse to spend money to buy the scar removal ointment.

Qi Huan participated in the bidding. Within a few seconds, Tang Xin immediately followed, shouting out a higher price.

Qi Huan tried a few times, and every time he made a move, Tang Xin immediately pushed down his bid. Just as Wang Feng said, she seemed determined to get the warm jade.

“The current bid is eighty thousand credit points. Any higher bids?” Yun Jiaqi asked.

Eighty thousand credit points for a piece of warm jade that couldn’t be eaten or drunk. Qi Huan smiled with satisfaction.

Just as he was about to stop, a sudden realization hit him. How could such an intelligent and shrewd woman not know that the normal price for warm jade is around thirty thousand?

Her reason for fiercely competing for the warm jade probably wasn’t as he had imagined.

Qi Huan recalled his experiences from previous auctions, where someone bought an unknown and seemingly useless stone, and everyone laughed at him. But when he publicly cut it open, it revealed an extremely rare gem. Because of its outstanding quality, its price skyrocketed.

Everyone fell silent, watching as this person in front of them picked up a huge windfall!




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