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Chapter 31-Part 2

Some people quietly buy seemingly inconspicuous items that have other uses.

These astute individuals, usually possessing cunning intelligence, are often ridiculed when spending money on small items, as people mock them for being shortsighted. However, once they reveal the true value of their acquisitions, those who mocked them immediately feel a sting of embarrassment.

From several interactions with the unnamed pharmacist, she undoubtedly appeared to be such a clever person.

Upon this realization, thinking about her determination to buy the warm jade became worth pondering.

Qi Huan pondered for a moment and suddenly thought of a possibility: could this be not just a piece of warm jade but rather a type of medicinal herb?

This would explain why the unnamed pharmacist was so determined to obtain the warm jade!

Qi Huan immediately continued bidding.

Xu Jiahui was surprised. “Young Master Qi?” This was not what they had discussed!

While quietly sharing his speculation with the other two, Qi Huan continued bidding.

Wang Feng fell into deep thought: “Very likely. It’s indeed strange that the other party is so insistent on buying the warm jade.” If it was a medicinal herb, buying it and delivering it to the master would undoubtedly make him very happy.

Xu Jiahui was almost driven mad.

She didn’t want Qi Huan to waste funds on meaningless speculations. She only cared about whether she could buy the scar removal ointment to heal the scars on her face. However, she dared not anger Qi Huan and could only anxiously fret alone.

After all, Master Yun Gui’s works were extremely rare. If she missed this opportunity, who knew when the next one would come!

Xu Jiahui tactfully expressed her concerns.

Qi Huan sneered, “Women have long hair but short insights, purely worrying for nothing. Don’t worry, the funds my father provided are more than enough. I’ll definitely help you buy the scar removal ointment.”

“That’s great, then.” Under her veil, Xu Jiahui’s face was already contorted.

“One hundred and twenty thousand credit points; does anyone else want to bid?” Yun Jiaqi asked.

Tang Xin was about to tap on the screen without hesitation, but her wrist was pulled by Yan Hao.

She looked over in confusion, and Yan Hao calmly said, “Not enough money.”

Huh? Tang Xin’s expression froze. In her many years of participating in auctions, she had never encountered a situation where she wanted to buy but didn’t have enough money.

She quickly took out her Federation card to check, and with around one hundred and ten thousand credits, she indeed didn’t have enough. She was stunned. “How is this possible?”

“Have you forgotten? Before selling the formula, you hoarded a batch of materials. Seeing that the Qi family intends to buy out the bluegrass, you stored another batch.” Yan Hao reminded her.

Tang Xin slapped her forehead, suddenly enlightened. “I forgot.”

Materials costing fifty credits could swiftly transform into an ointment worth three hundred credits. With such a profit margin, Tang Xin usually didn’t pay much attention to how much money was in her account. As long as it was sufficient for daily needs, she expected it to grow over time.

Seeing her master eagerly eyeing the warm jade, Yan Hao lowered his eyes and pulled out a card from his pocket, handing it to her. “This card contains all my income from the Tang family. I haven’t checked it in detail, but it should be at least a few hundred thousand credits. If you want the warm jade, I’ll lend you the money; continue bidding.”

Tang Xin fell silent. In all her years, she had never spent a man’s money. More accurately, aside from a few meals with her parents when she was young, she has always relied on herself since growing up.

“Never mind; it’s not interesting to bankrupt oneself for a piece of stone. The Qi family is like a mad dog biting at our heels. Since they like this piece of stone so much, I’ll be generous and give it to them.” Tang Xin smiled brightly. “Debts are always repaid in flesh, and I can’t afford it.”

Yan Hao quietly retrieved the Federation card, thinking that even if the master wanted to repay in kind, she had to ask for his consent first. Who knows who might end up at a disadvantage?

“One hundred and twenty thousand credits for the first time, one hundred and twenty thousand credits for the second time, deal!” Yun Jiaqi hammered down.

Not bidding anymore? Qi Huan felt a bit surprised, but securing the valuable medicinal herb from the unnamed pharmacist was a source of joy.

Just as he was thinking about it, he heard a woman at the nearby table lamenting with regret, “I just wanted to buy a naturally warm water bag and carry it with me every day for warmth. Now I have to fight for it. Well, it seems you have true love for it; you win.”

A purely natural, warm water bag!

A “crack” sound echoed as Qi Huan crushed the teacup in his hand.

Of course, he knew that warm jade felt warm to the touch, but would someone pay a high price for its heating function?

Could the other party be intentionally trying to lure him into a trap?

Yan Hao knew what happened at the neighboring table without turning his head. He glanced at his master. “Deliberately trying to annoy him?”

Tang Xin blinks. “Speaking the truth.”

“Buying a purely natural warm water bag for one hundred and twenty thousand credits?” Why did that sound so implausible?

Yan Hao thought again and found it quite possible. After all, being implausible was his master’s style.

Tang Xin dismissed it: “Money can’t buy a favorite. I just like warm jade. I’ll spend my own money however I want. Do I need to care about other people’s opinions?”

“If he doesn’t come to bid, one hundred thousand credits for the warm jade, I’m willing to pay,” Yan Hao added.

“If he finds out it’s not worth it after snatching it, can he blame me?”

“After knowing the reason I wanted to buy the warm jade, are you glad you took the card back just now?” Tang Xin asked with a playful smile.

Yan Hao replied indifferently, “I gave you the card to fulfill your wish. As for what you do with the money, I don’t care.”



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