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Chapter 13-Part 1

“Ruan Chacha!!”

Dugu Mohan was driven to a splitting headache by the commotion.

Ruan Chacha innocently stood in place, resembling a child who had done something wrong.

“I’m sorry, Brother Mohan…” Ruan Chacha was “flustered,” unsure of how to behave. With the presence of the housekeeper and servants, she couldn’t afford to break her composure.

Dugu Mohan coldly looked at her. “Stop pretending! What do you really want?”

Inwardly, Ruan Chacha smirked. What does she want? She wants you to hit the road! If it weren’t for the green tea value, who would be willing to face his dead fish face every day, cold and unpleasant? She could hardly bear it.

Her face, however, turned pale, as if she had suffered a great blow. “Brother Mohan, Chacha really didn’t mean anything. Please don’t misunderstand, BrotherĀ  Mohan.”She pleaded, looking at Dugu Mohan with hope.

Unable to bear it, the butler stepped forward before Ruan Chacha. “Sir, Madam is already very sad. This matter should not be blamed on Madam. Sir, you were at fault first; don’t blame others.”

The butler’s words choked Dugu Mohan. “Uncle Xing! Where did I go wrong?” He hadn’t done anything; it was all Ruan Chacha’s chaos.

Disappointed, the butler wanted to speak again, but Ruan Chacha spoke first.

“Uncle Xing, Brother Mohan is not at fault. Don’t blame him. Otherwise, Brother Mohan will dislike me even more. Uncle Xing, you’re getting old; don’t worry about Brother Mohan and me. It’s all because I’m unlikeable; no wonder Brother Mo Han dislikes me.” Ruan Chacha lowered her head in frustration.

After hearing this, the butler felt a myriad of emotions. This girl was indeed a good girl.

“Sir, take a good look at Madam. Such a good wife should be cherished.” The butler wished to awaken Dugu Mohan’s icy mind.

Dugu Mohan’s cold expression was about to crack. “Clever tactics! I underestimated you.” He stared ominously at Ruan Chacha.

In her mind, Ruan Chacha replied, “Thank you for the compliment; just average though, third in the world.”

“What is Brother Mohan saying? Chacha doesn’t quite understand. But even if she doesn’t understand, Chacha is still very happy because Brother Mohan is finally willing to talk to Chacha.” Ruan Chacha smiled through tears, looking at Dugu Mohan with starry eyes. He was the walking green tea value machine in front of her, definitely worth the stars.

The butler and servants couldn’t bear to see Madam in such a humble state. Madam’s love for Sir had reached an irreparable point, but unfortunately, the mistress was willing while the master was indifferent.

Dugu Mohan couldn’t stand her anymore and walked upstairs quickly.

Ruan Chacha hurriedly followed. “Brother Mohan, where are you going?”

He didn’t stop, walking even faster, afraid that Ruan Chacha would catch up.

Ruan Chacha waited on the sofa. Wherever he went, she followed. Otherwise, if he went out, they would probably only meet again at the old mansion. She just wanted to quickly fill up the green tea value.

Once the green tea value was full, her tragic fate could be changed. Now, she felt as if a knife was hanging over her neck every moment.

Only by resolving the danger could she dream without nightmares. Life is not easy; one must cherish it.

As soon as Dugu Mohan closed the door, he sat down, and his phone rang. The caller ID displayed was: Dad…

Dugu Mohan: “….”

He didn’t answer the call, but a few seconds later, the phone, which had just stopped ringing, started again. Dugu Mohan leaned back on the sofa, closed his eyes, and had no intention of answering the call.

Finally, the phone stopped ringing, but the door was knocked on. The butler knocked urgently from outside.


Dugu Mohan sighed silently, his handsome face helpless. He stood up and opened the door.

“Uncle Xing, I want some peace.”

The butler paid no attention to whether it was quiet or not, saying, “Sir! Your father just called and was furious, saying you didn’t answer his call.” The butler hoped Dugu Mohan could change, but he also didn’t want him to be subject to family rules. In the end, it was because he cared too much for Dugu Mohan.

Dugu Mohan covered his forehead, took a deep breath, and said, “I have something to attend to. I’ll be out for a while. No need to wait for me to return to the old mansion. I’ll go back alone.” He picked up his suit and hastily walked towards the main door downstairs.

The butler thought,”It’s better to be beaten up here than to go to the old mansion and get beaten up again.”

He completely forgot about his earlier intention to educate Dugu Mohan.

The main reason the butler was worried was Dugu Moyi’s ruthlessness. From childhood to adulthood, when Dugu Mohan made significant mistakes, the punishments were harsh. Anyone who witnessed it would feel sorry for him. The old master would even defend Dugu Mohan. However, now they were at the villa, while Dugu Mohan’s mother was in the old mansion. If a fight broke out, no one could stop it.

The father and son both had stubborn and strong personalities, with tempers like bulls. Moreover, neither of them was fond of smiling. The only difference was that the son was even more cold and indifferent than his father.

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