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Chapter 13-Part 2

“Sir, where are you going?” The butler, treating him like a child, was concerned about his safety outside.

Downstairs, Ruan Chacha was moved. It was evident that the butler cared deeply for Dugu Mohan, although the butler’s worries were misplaced. He should be concerned about the people Dugu Mohan might encounter, as anyone opposing him would either end up dead or injured. Everywhere he went turned into a battleground.

Wait! Where was he going? Ruan Chacha, enjoying her dessert, watched as Dugu Mohan was about to rush out. There were still two bites left of her dessert, and she determinedly couldn’t waste food.

The servants were all dumbfounded. What was the madam doing?

With her mouth full, Ruan Chacha didn’t care about the surprised looks of the servants and ran towards Dugu Mohan.

“Brother Mohan, wait for me…” Ruan Chacha hopped towards the main door.

Dugu Mohan didn’t stop, but his strides widened, completely ignoring Ruan Chacha behind him.

As he was about to get into the car, Ruan Chacha quickened her pace, reaching the car window just as he was getting in.

“Where is brother Mohan going?” Ruan Chacha, with her back to the approaching servants and butler, stared at him. He just came back and was about to leave again. Did he not believe she would unleash her ultimate move?

Dugu Mohan looked at her coldly. “Let go.”

Ruan Chacha couldn’t possibly let go. “Brother Mohan, wherever you go, I’ll go. I don’t want to wait several days to see Brother Mohan again. That would make me no different from a walking corpse.”

Ruan Chacha complained. If he didn’t allow her to go, she would still go. In any case, either he stayed or they went together.

Dugu Mohan, probably truly fed up with her antics, said coldly, “Ruan Chacha! Let go!”

Ruan Chacha refused to let go and cried, “Brother Mohan, please; Chacha has no other requests. I only asked to see Brother Mohan. When brother Mohan is with other girls, I can even call myself your sister.”

The butler and servants, hearing this, felt their hearts ache. The butler was both angry and upset. He regretted being soft-hearted. Dugu Moyi should have given him a good beating.

“Sir, you can’t bully the madam like this. The madam is your wife!” The butler was anxious, afraid that the master would treat the madam this way, which would be a sin.

“Uncle Xing, brother Mohan didn’t bully me. It’s just that I’m not good enough. I can’t get my brother Mohan’s favor. I don’t look as pretty as other girls…” Ruan Chacha said it sadly and tearfully.

She felt wronged. The butler was now enraged, thinking that Dugu Mohan was a fickle and ungrateful man. “Madam, you are famous for your beauty. Those women outside, how many can compare to you? Sir really has no vision!”

Dugu Mohan: “….”

Having been unjustly scolded again, Dugu Mohan, with a face full of frustration, really wanted to step on the gas.

“Uncle Xing, pull her back.” Dugu Mohan’s tone was so cold that he didn’t want to touch Ruan Chacha.

But Uncle Xing didn’t listen to him and directly opened the back door.

“Madam, go inside. Be careful with everything. If there’s anything, call Uncle Xing.”

The butler, who had hesitated about whether the master would resort to violence, softened seeing the madam begging the master like this. He hoped the master wouldn’t lay a hand on the madam again.

Dugu Mohan’s head was throbbing, completely speechless, with a resigned feeling.

He stepped on the gas and zoomed out, startling Ruan Chacha, who was still pretending to cry. What’s the male lead trying to do? Why drive so fast? If he doesn’t care about his life, she certainly doesn’t want to follow suit.

“Um… can you drive a bit slower?” Ruan Chacha chose to prioritize her own safety. It’s better not to provoke him when he’s driving.

Dugu Mohan’s face remained tense throughout the journey. She initially thought he would go to the company, but unexpectedly, he brought her to… a racetrack?

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