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Chapter 4-Part 2

In extreme fear, she unconsciously tightened her grip on the only thing connected to her life, the potion in her hand. The direction of the syringe’s tip pointed outward, as if she were treating it like a weapon.

Cornered like a rabbit, she unexpectedly bared her teeth at the hunter.

The scene was truly ridiculous, and Capper couldn’t help but let out a laugh. He was genuinely entertained.

[Capper’s Favorability +1]

In appreciation of the amusement, he decided to give the other party a break.

Capper briskly revealed the muzzle, but just before pulling the trigger, he heard a voice say, “Wait!”

The speaker was not one of Capper’s subordinates but the other party in this transaction.

As a collaborator, Capper still gave the trading partner some face. Although the gun hadn’t been lowered yet, his gaze had shifted.

Under the gaze of those seemingly extinguished emerald eyes, the middle-aged man who called for a halt couldn’t help but shudder.

However, in the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of the syringe reflecting a faint light in the alternating colors of the lights in the private room. Involuntarily, greed flickered in his eyes. “This is the agreed-upon deal! I give you the money, and you guarantee the goods.”

Implicit in his words was the condition that if Capper took action and damaged the potion, he would have to compensate!

Capper couldn’t help but chuckle. He turned slightly and faced the middle-aged man. “If I remember correctly, Mr. Zeng seemed to have some objections to the price.”

The actual deal had not been settled.

The last-minute haggling by the other party displeased Capper. If this woman had come in a bit later, the one currently held at gunpoint might have been someone else.

Capper’s teasing words only made the middle-aged man break out in a cold sweat.

He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and forced a smile, attempting to explain, “Business, you know, it’s all about’sky-high prices and settling on the ground.’ It’s customary… it’s customary. Mr. Capper, if you’re dissatisfied, we can take our time negotiating. As for the goods—” He stopped abruptly.

The words he didn’t finish suddenly ceased, his eyes widened, and he looked incredulously at the other side, emitting a sound that resembled a choked gasp in his throat.

Capper also followed his gaze.

It turned out that the woman on that side could no longer endure the pain of her life being threatened. She turned and thrust the pointed tip of the syringe towards her own neck. She was determined, and the force was heavy; the syringe was pushed in halfway in an instant.

This potion was considered wasted.

No wonder the middle-aged man reacted this way.

Capper made a somewhat disinterested “tsk” sound.

Truly boring.

[Capper’s Favorability: -1]

[Current Favorability: 1]

Simultaneously with that “tsk” sound was the sound of a gunshot.

A high-speed bullet pierced through the heart, and the woman softly fell to the side. The force of the inertia pushed the last bit of the potion into her.

However, Capper didn’t even spare her a second glance, simply walking toward the door.

As if explaining, he spoke, “As you can see, there’s been a little accident, and the deal has failed.”

Middle-aged man: “Wha—?!”

Before he could finish his sentence, the phrase “the deal is over” seemed like some sort of signal. The black-clad, strong man, who had been standing still, pulled the trigger.

The middle-aged man’s head was pierced from behind, with a blood spot added to his forehead.

While maintaining an expression of surprise and anger on his face, he fell.

The unexpected turn of events happened too quickly, and the men brought in by the middle-aged man didn’t have time to react.

In this brief moment, two more people had their heads blown off. The remaining people finally remembered to resist, but the black-clad, strong man had already taken cover behind a sofa that had been prepared in advance.

When everything was over, there were only two breaths left in the room.

Capper had leisurely put on his gloves, and his hand was resting on the doorknob.

He was about to lift his hand to push down, but he sensed something unusual in the room, and the motion to open the door suddenly stopped.

At the same time, the man in black was shocked and exclaimed, “Big brother!”

Without the need for him to remind him, Capper had already turned around.

His gaze fell on the woman in the center of the room.

The location of the heart in a few individuals is different from that of normal people, and compared to the head, aiming at the heart is not a good choice.

But Capper, relying on his hearing, which was different from that of ordinary people, confirmed the position of the heart, confident that he wouldn’t miss her mark. He was also sure that he had just shot through this woman’s heart.

So, how should he explain the current situation?

Capper’s gaze lingered on the rhythmically rising and falling chest for a moment, then slowly shifted to the side of the woman’s neck.

The wound caused by the needle was not large, but it was extremely deep. However, in the span of just a few minutes, the wound had rapidly gone through the entire process of scabbing, healing, and the scab falling off. The delicate neck was smooth, without a single scar to be seen.

Capper looked at the syringe that fell to the side when the woman collapsed.

The container material for storing the potion was special; it was not easily damaged by a fall. The woman’s initial threat was just a joke. But in terms of destroying the potion, she had indeed succeeded.

Capper glanced at the now-empty syringe, then at the visibly rising and falling chest.

Finally, he showed a slightly interested expression.

Capper wanted to go over and inspect it carefully, but just as he lifted his foot, he heard a commotion outside.

Sensitively catching the word “investigator,” he furrowed his brow and instructed the black-clad man behind him, “Fred, take her with us.”

The black-clad man acknowledged.

He directly lifted the woman from the ground.





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