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Chapter 54

In the reception hall of the City Lord’s Mansion, the atmosphere was somewhat awkward.

Yesterday, under a spell, Zheng Weiqi transformed into a domineering CEO, unexpectedly leaving Jiang Si, who truly possessed the CEO aura, speechless and at a disadvantage, becoming a helpless and bewildered delicate flower.

Later, He Zhizhou led the doctor to their side. Unexpectedly, before Zheng Weiqi’s spell was lifted, she slapped away his outstretched hand, raised her eyebrows, and sneered, “Did I allow you to touch him now, hmm? Is this hand something you cut off yourself, or should I do it for you?”

The doctor, with a fearful expression, remained silent for a moment and quietly asked in his ear, “How long has she had these….. symptoms?”

In the end, Zheng Weiqi was carried away and tied up, and the farce finally came to an end.

After regaining consciousness, she swore never to see Jiang Si again. However, today, the sect leader, Tian Xianzi, and the sword master, Zhen Xiao, all came to the mansion. Despite being unwilling, she had to go to the reception hall to meet them.

“Thanks to you young heroes, Jialan City was saved from danger this time.”

Ignoring the derogatory remarks made in private, Jiang Si still presented himself well in public.

Dressed in a large black robe, outlining a calm and indifferent aura, he moved gracefully, his voice as rich as wine. With the unique nobility of a family scion, “Jiang Si is extremely grateful.”

The sect leader, Ji Yunkai, who still maintained a childlike appearance, chuckled softly. Due to his short stature, he was leaning on the table, stretching his hand forward, attempting to reach a teapot. “Young Master, there is no need for thanks. Exorcising demons and eliminating evil is the duty of disciples of the Xuanxu Sword Sect. Moreover, the matter of the Demon Lord is of great importance and cannot be taken lightly.”

Sitting next to him, sword master Zhen Xiao glanced faintly, discreetly moving the teapot closer to Ji Yunkai. “Indeed. Young Master, you may not know that after the battle between immortals and demons, although the demon clan suffered heavy losses and went into hiding, there are still remnants trying to make a comeback, causing suffering to beings in various realms. Recently, demonic energy has been appearing, and if Xuan Ye is released, it may lead to another bloody and turbulent period.”

“For three hundred years, the demonic beings in the city have been like frogs at the bottom of a well.”

Jiang Si sighed, “I presume the righteous path also suffered heavy losses in the battle between immortals and demons.”

Zheng Weiqi muttered quietly, “You also know that you’re an old antique.”

She deliberately lowered her voice, but Jiang Si gave her a faint glance. The senior sister of the Xuanxu Sword Sect never liked to be outdone, so she widened her eyes and glared back fiercely, returning the confrontation.

“Indeed, isn’t it?”

Tian Xianzi suppressed a rare smile, sipping tea gracefully. “The three great masters of swordsmanship from the past—how did Master He end up in such a state? Wen Hemian has lost all his cultivation and refuses to come out of the secluded valley. As for the one from the Wanjian Sect… he has completely disappeared, not even leaving a corpse.”

“Alright, alright. Today, the junior disciples have finally achieved great success. Why are we, these old relics, constantly lamenting and grieving?”

Ji Yunkai’s laughter was full of joy. Though his voice was childlike and tender, every word exuded an undeniable sense of authority: “I heard that Pei Ji severely injured the Demon Lord. I wonder about that child’s condition?”

Ning Ning responded softly, “He has already awakened and is recuperating in the medical pavilion.”

“This time, we have achieved complete victory, and Elder Meng Qing’s contributions cannot be overlooked.”

Tian Xianzi offered a cup of tea to the white-haired old man sitting beside him, “Lying dormant by Xuan Ye’s side for many years, enduring hardships and working tirelessly to save Jialan City from danger, I truly admire you.”

Meng Qing shook his head. “The Meng family has been loyal to Jialan City for generations. I cannot let our ancestors be ashamed. Thanks to the plan laid out by the Young Master, Jialan City was saved from falling into the hands of the demonic cultivators.”

He spoke humbly, showing little emotional fluctuation. Sitting next to Meng Qing, Meng Jiaqi felt a slight tingling in her nose and took a quiet breath.

Being undercover by Xuan Ye’s side not only meant the constant risk of having her life taken by the unpredictable Demon Lord but also enduring the disgust and insults from the entire city’s demonic beings.

Initially, she thought her father betrayed Jialan, angrily severing ties with him. Now, looking back, it all seemed like a dream.

This game, lasting for more than three hundred years, had cost everyone dearly.

“I have no regrets in my heart. The only thing I feel sorry for is this daughter of mine.”

Meng Qing sighed deeply, “Jiaqi has suffered a lot, and I cannot be by her side.”

Ji Yunkai chuckled, “In the battle against Xuan Ye, both your daughter and this young gentleman from the Qin family have made contributions. Your daughter understands the righteousness so well, Elder Meng should be happy.”

Qin Chuan, inexplicably summoned into the conversation, looked completely bewildered. He raised his head with a face full of confusion, and on his rugged face covered with muscles, there was an innocent perplexity.

He stood there dumbfounded for a while, seemingly recalling something, and seemed to be a bit interested, “Are you all elders of the Xuanxu Sword Sect? I wonder if sword master Zhen Xiao is also among you?”

Oh well, could he be a little fanboy?

Tian Xianzi grinned subtly, glancing inconspicuously at his fellow senior.

Sword master Zhen Xiao had a cold and aloof personality, but whenever he encountered younger admirers, a shower of rainbow-like compliments would often make the dignified Sword master’s cheeks blush, unprecedentedly feeling embarrassed.

As his close junior, he naturally had to take the opportunity to tease him a bit.

“Unfortunately, sword master Zhen Xiao is busy with affairs today and cannot come.”




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