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Chapter 56

In the city of Jialan, many demons had just awakened. Medical girls and physicians hurriedly moved back and forth in various houses, leaving only Pei Ji lying alone in the medical pavilion.

On ordinary days, he either read books or practiced swordsmanship, seemingly having no other pastime.

Now, with nothing to do after roughly surveying the medical pavilion, his gaze fell on “365 Days with Sword Master Zhen Xiao,” dropped by Ningning.

He had heard them mention this book before, but Pei Ji found it confusing. He felt the dialogues were strange, and the characters’ personalities didn’t match sword master Zhen Xiao. As for the mentioned sword techniques—

Right, he had to find his master to inquire when he had time, then practice with his senior sister according to the agreement.

Thinking of Ning Ning, the quiet heart that had already settled down inexplicably became a bit restless again. It was as if an invisible and intangible flame was burning recklessly in his chest.

Pei Ji couldn’t describe this feeling and silently furrowed his brow.

With nothing else to do and curious about the “Rain and Wind Sword Technique,” Pei Ji took a fruit-flavored candy into his mouth, endured the pain, and decided to pick up the book from the wooden table for a quick read.

“Stop! Don’t go over there!”

For some reason, the previously calm Cheng Ying suddenly screamed, seemingly realizing that his reaction was too intense. After a light cough, he awkwardly smiled, “Uh, that, your wound hasn’t healed yet; you can’t move recklessly. You can read that book anytime in the future; why rush now? Pei Ji, you stubborn kid! Why don’t you listen!”

Ignoring it, Pei Ji walked straight to the wooden table, picked up the book, and sat back on the bed.

Cheng Ying remained quiet as a chicken.

Finally, without warning, it spoke again, as if a dying fish was flopping around for the last struggle: “This is just an ordinary women-oriented light novel. What’s interesting about it? Are you also interested in the elder’s grudges and love affairs? Don’t read it; it’s a waste of time.”

Pei Ji has had a strong rebellious streak since childhood. If Cheng Ying kept advising him not to read, he would deliberately open the book to see what it was all about.

The slender and fair fingers of the young man fell on the cold paper, gently opening the first page.

The hanging, long eyelashes cast a silent shadow. Pei Ji looked at the pages expressionlessly, and his gaze gradually darkened.

—Something was off about the plot in this book.

Why… were the main characters undressing in the first chapter?

A vague thought seemed to be sprouting in his mind. Pei Ji never understood the secrets involved, but he pressed on and continued to read.

The subsequent plot became even stranger.

[Opening up a secluded valley, with the murmuring flow of water and the fragrance of blossoms filling the air, like an icy spring and the melodious singing of delicate birds.

However, Zhen Xiao suddenly stopped and chuckled lightly, saying, “If you beg me, I’ll give it to you.”

She blushed suddenly, tears welling up in her eyes. “Master… even if you obtain my body, you will never have my heart!”]

“What does it mean to ‘obtain my body but never have my heart’?”

Cheng Ying’s tone was elusive as it chuckled, “Exactly! Hehe, the female protagonist, is treated as a practice tool by sword master Zhen Xiao, forcing her to practice swords incessantly in the valley with him. But she is unwilling to be just the Sword Master’s practice partner for her entire life—she has higher aspirations.”

Pei Ji remained silent and continued reading.

The candy in his mouth was crushed, releasing a sweet fragrance mixed with a hint of citrus.

Inexperienced in the ways of the world and wholeheartedly devoted to sword practice, Pei Ji occasionally heard about romantic affairs between men and women but did not understand the details. Therefore, the subsequent plot seemed like this to Pei Ji:

[Zhen Xiao lowered his head and kissed her lips, kissing deeply and stirring up a surge of emotions. In an instant, electric currents flowed between them, and both were lost in the passionate kiss.]

Later on, it turned into [Zhen Xiao kissed passionately, and she responded with fervor, kissing each other passionately.”]

This time, Cheng Ying completely made up nonsense.

Why was the author writing so explicitly? Don’t they know they’re corrupting the minds of young readers!

Pei Ji: …

Even if he was inexperienced, he should understand what kind of book this was.

So when Cheng Ying heard his words about sparring together with Ning Ning, it unusually kept quiet for a long time without speaking. Shortly afterward, it suddenly burst into laughter.

So when Ning Ning found out he woke up while reading the book, that’s why her face turned completely red.

“Ha, ha.”

Cheng Ying let out two incredibly desolate laughs. “Stop reading, Pei Xiaoji; be obedient.”

However, Pei Ji couldn’t hear its voice at all, and his mind was completely blank, utterly bewildered.

Since the content of this book was like this, then what Ning Ning and the others said about the “Rain and Wind Sword Technique” last night must have been pure fabrication, just to deceive the inexperienced Qin Chuan.

However, he earnestly told her, in a somewhat foolish manner, that they should practice the sword technique together once he achieved some proficiency in the future.

…What did he say?

How did Ning Ning respond at that time?

A chance for mutual practice.

A flush spread from his ears to his cheeks. The normally cold-faced youth was rendered speechless. His heart pounded, and his breaths were entangled in chaos.

His fingers, wrapped in bandages, tightly gripped the pages of the book, and a faint bloodstain seeped through the pristine white bandages. He heard Cheng Ying’s voice: “Take it easy. Um… Ning Ning understands this. You’re still young.”

They were about the same age.

Pei Ji gritted his teeth. The turmoil and embarrassment in his eyes were concealed by a richly sinister color. He asked it in a deep voice, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Ignoring his question, Cheng Ying’s tone drifted away nonsensically: “The weather is nice today, and the wind is a bit noisy. Are you tired? I’m a bit tired.”

Then it completely fell silent, with not a trace of sound left.

Pei Ji felt both vexed and confused. Suddenly, he heard an unfamiliar male voice outside the door: “Miss Ning Ning, are you coming to see your junior again?”

Followed by a long “Shh—” from Ning Ning.

Probably thinking he might hear, she added, “I just happened to pass by and took a look at him.”

The approaching footsteps sounded like a death knell, and the young man pursed his thin lips, quickly hiding “365 Days with Sword Master Zhen Xiao” under the quilt.

When he looked up, he saw Ning Ning’s figure.

Pei Ji was severely injured and should be lying in bed, concentrating on rest. Seeing him awake, Ning Ning was somewhat surprised. “Why are you sitting on the bed? Be careful not to reopen the wound.”

Pausing for a moment, she took out a light blue porcelain bottle from her storage bag and said, “The Sect Master and the others have come. After discussing matters related to the Demon Realm with the Young City Lord, they’ll come to the medical clinic to see you—here, the Sect Master sent you this Ningxian Jade Dew, which is very effective for healing injuries and restoring spiritual energy.”

Pei Ji kept his eyes down, not looking at her. When he took the bottle from Ning Ning, he found that she hadn’t let go.

Both held the bottle, fingers moving up and down, just a hair’s breadth apart. It seemed as if one could faintly sense the gentle warmth flowing from the girl’s body, making slight contact with his icy skin.

His earlobes remained red as he raised his obsidian-like eyes.

Then he saw Ning Ning lower her head, leaning closer than before, her gaze fixed on his face, glowing like the setting sun. “Your face is so red; are you running a fever?”




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