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Chapter 57

Ningning looks very beautiful.

Unlike many female cultivators in the cultivation world, she doesn’t exude an otherworldly temperament. The phrase “like an immortal in exile” doesn’t naturally apply to her.

Her beauty is tinged with the aura of the mortal world, and her round apricot eyes are like autumn water, constantly shimmering with a moist light. When she smiles, two small dimples appear on her porcelain-white face.

Seemingly within reach, yet resembling a soft cloud, gently floating in the sky.

At this very moment, she is staring at him without blinking.

Before Pei Ji can speak, a small hand carrying warmth gently covers his forehead.

As if startled by the scorching temperature, Ningning slightly widens her eyes. “It’s so hot. How did you get a fever?”

Pei Ji choked.

It’s not like that at all.

She doesn’t know anything.

“I’ll go get a physician for you. Did you kick the blankets while sleeping? Even though you’re this old, still—”

She suddenly paused, as if finally recalling a forgotten thing, and turned her head stiffly.

The table is empty, with no trace of “365 Days with Me and Sword Master Zhen Xiao.”

Ningning’s breath hitched.

This can’t be true, can it?

That book… Pei Ji didn’t take it, did he?

“The book I left in the clinic—”

Her tone weakened, carrying a tentative note of uncertainty: “Do you know where it went?”

Pei Ji didn’t immediately respond. He turned his expressionless face and stared fixedly at the wall beside him. He had intended to wait for the scorching heat on his face to gradually subside a bit before thinking about that book, but it continued to intensify uncontrollably.

After a while, he answered hoarsely, “People come and go in the clinic; perhaps someone took it.”

Although the unspeakable little book being taken by a stranger was undoubtedly a social death, Ningning still secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Great! Hallelujah! As long as Pei Ji didn’t take the book, everything would be fine!

She couldn’t imagine what kind of scene would unfold if the eggshell boy, Pei Ji, read the book. Her “fateful sparring” that night was just to alleviate the embarrassment, but from his perspective, it always carried a bit of ambiguity.

She wanted to say something more, but she saw the boy, who was originally sitting on the bed, suddenly lie down, wrapping himself tightly in the blanket.

Pei Ji’s face was still very red, especially with his pale, cold complexion, making those crimson hues even more conspicuous and unable to be concealed.

Sensing Ningning’s gaze, his ears heated up again. He silently pulled the blanket over his head.

“No need to trouble, Senior Sister.”

Pei Ji’s tone was stiff, and his voice sounded muffled under the blanket, unexpectedly carrying a somewhat cute flavor: “I’ll handle this minor illness on my own. You can go elsewhere and don’t bother about it.”

This little white-eyed wolf.

She put in so much effort to buy him candy and frequently came to the clinic to check on him, but he didn’t hesitate to give her the boot.

Ningning pursed her lips, glanced at the neatly arranged packaging paper on the bedside, and casually asked, “Did you finish all of them? How do the candies taste? Do you like them?”

Pei Ji, hidden under the covers, remained motionless and silent for quite some time.

Then, with a somewhat awkward tone, he hesitated and softly responded, “…I like them.”


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