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Chapter 30:Playing in the Royal Capital (3)

The next day, Fiene was resting in her room. It seemed that the fatigue had caught up with her a bit since coming to the royal capital.

Noah was said to be on duty at the Magic Tower. Rumors had spread in the capital that he had left the Magic Tower, but in reality, he still had his position, and his research lab was still active.

In the morning, Fiene had her meal in her room, and as she rested, her condition gradually improved.

Noah called this a “stable condition.” It was all thanks to the potions he concocted for her. Fiene couldn’t help but wish for this stable condition to continue until her last breath. However, that seemed like an impossible wish.

When she got up from bed, she heard a knock on the door. Entering the room was Lizzie, the maid who took care of Fiene.

“Miss Fiene, Madam Fransil is here.”

“What? Madam Fransil?”

Fiene widened her eyes.

Before she knew it, she was changed into an outfit by the maid, and Madam Fransil, radiating a glamorous and sophisticated aura, arrived with five seamstresses.

“Miss Fiene, I am Fransil. Today, by the order of Duke Stein, we have come to serve you.”

Fiene was taken aback by the grandiose greeting.

“To have such a beautiful young lady wear our dresses is the utmost pleasure.”

While Fransil praised Fiene, the seamstresses surrounded her.

In reality, they had come to make adjustments to the dresses Noah had bought in bulk.

Fiene was amazed at the speed of the seamstresses. The work didn’t take much time at all.

“Well then, Miss Fiene, we believe we can deliver about three dresses in two days. The rest of the dresses will be delivered at a later date.”

Smiling seductively, they swiftly left.

“W-What was that?”

Fiene blinked in surprise at the sudden turn of events.

“Noah-sama requested it. To ensure Lady Fiene doesn’t get too tired. I never expected that the incredibly popular Madam Fransil herself would come. She must have been quite interested in Lady Fiene.”

Saying this, Lizzie chuckled.

“Madam is a beautiful and charming person, isn’t she?”

This was an experience that wouldn’t normally happen. Fiene’s thoughts froze at the sudden turn of events, but now she was starting to feel touched.

(I had a conversation with the top designer in the capital.)

“Lady Fiene, shall we have lunch soon?”

With a warm smile, Lizzie spoke. Like Martha, Lizzie was very kind and always took care of Fiene’s well-being. Every day she would compliment, “Lady Fiene’s hair is truly beautiful,” as she gently combed through Fiene’s hair, which was despised in her home for its platinum blonde color.

“Yes, please.”

Around Noah, there always seemed to be kind and warm people. Was it because he himself was gentle?

Fiene then examined the contents of the jewelry box. She was choosing the gemstone to wear today.

All the rings fit Fiene’s finger size perfectly. Noah had measured them during his experiments, and each was stored according to the size of her fingers.

Although it was impossible to wear them on all five fingers, one on each hand would suffice. Fiene had decided to wear the rings and necklaces Noah had given her on a daily rotation.

With a deadline approaching, Fiene took the selection seriously.

Thanks to Noah, her days were filled with enjoyable things.


“Amazing. Are there really this many romance novels!”

Fiene stood in front of the bookshelf, blinking her eyes and exclaiming.

Today, Noah took her to the bookstore that supposedly had the largest collection of romance novels in the capital. It was her first outing in two days.

Considering her remaining life, she couldn’t read this entire collection. In that case, choosing a few and reading them repeatedly would be a good idea. Fiene decided to buy about five books.

Choosing the books she wanted to read for the first time was a very enjoyable experience.

“Have you chosen the books you want to read?”


Fiene happily received the five romance novels. According to the bookstore clerk, they were all popular novels in the capital. She couldn’t wait to start reading them.

“Next, we’re going to the botanical garden. Are you not tired?”

As they boarded the carriage, Noah checked on Fiene’s condition.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

Fiene wanted to start reading her book quickly, but she had been holding back due to motion sickness.

“Or would you like to take a break somewhere?”

He appeared expressionless, but it seemed like he was concerned.

“In that case, I’d like to go to the cafe inside the botanical garden.”

“Oh, is there a cafe there?”

“Yes, they have various types of herbal tea. Haven’t you been to the botanical garden, Noah-sama, since you live in the capital?”

She thought that if he lived in the capital, he would have visited at least once.

“I went during my student days, but I just took a quick look. I didn’t notice the cafe.”

“Aren’t you very interested?”

“No, it’s not like that. I just want to see you happy.”

Fiene was taken aback by Noah’s straightforward words.

“Thank you.”

Blushing, Fiene expressed her gratitude. Today, she was wearing the dress that had arrived from Madam Fransil’s shop, in addition to the ring and necklace Noah had bought for her.

“What’s this? Even experimental subjects need a breather. That’s what I meant.”

Noah added in a panic. Lately, the term “experimental subject” seemed to sound like an excuse for some reason.

Since becoming his experimental subject, Fiene has been doing nothing but taking breaks and enjoying herself.

Her daily life was comfortable and enjoyable, as if it were a reward for enduring hardships in the past.

(Encountering him at the end was a good thing.)

With just that, the sadness of not being loved by her family was washed away, and Fiene’s life was transforming into a happy one.



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