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Chapter 31:Exploring the Royal Capital – Enchanting Botanical Garden

Fiene was having a great time at the botanical garden.

In addition to the vast rose garden, there was a giant greenhouse with glass walls, inside of which tropical plants flourished.

She marveled at the beautifully blooming orchids and the palm trees she saw for the first time in her life.

Among them, what caught her eye were the yellow, pink, and white water lilies floating in the pond and the giant water lilies.

“Noah-sama, please look! There’s a child riding on a lotus leaf!”

Fiene’s eyes sparkled as she turned to Noah, who was behind her.

“Noah-sama, would you like to try riding on that too?”

“Huh? No way, the one riding on it is a child.”

Fiene blushed. In the midst of that, she couldn’t bring herself to say that she wanted to ride it too.

“Since Fiene is as light as a child, maybe you can ride it? Alright, let’s go ask.”

“Wait! No adults are riding on it!”

Noah, undeterred, continued. However, she thought that permission wouldn’t be granted by the botanical garden staff.

“It’s okay. If it’s the young lady over there, it’s fine.”

The staff smiled and gave permission.

“It seems so. Fiene, you have permission. Go ahead and ride it right away.”

Noah approached Fiene.

“Ah, um, but only children are supposed to ride it. Besides, the weight of the dress…”

“Even though you really want to ride, it’s written on your face.”

Fiene stepped back, but Noah lifted her up easily.


“It’s okay. Isn’t the dress made of a light material like chiffon? Besides, if you make a fuss, it will attract attention.”

Saying that, he borrowed the power of magic and gently placed Fiene on the lotus leaf. The lotus buoyantly floated on the water, unaffected by Fiene’s weight.

Wearing a pale yellow day dress, Fiene looked like a flower floating in the pond.

Curious, people gathered around.

“Wow, that lady is beautiful! She looks like a fairy of flowers!”

“I want to ride it too!”

Children cheered. Fiene blushed even more. It was the first time in her life that she had attracted so much attention.

“Um, Noah-sama, it’s really enjoyable, but I think it’s about time to switch with the children waiting in line,” Fiene requested in a delicate voice as Noah lifted her up.

Afterward, the two entered the cafe in the greenhouse. It was a long-awaited place for Fiene. She had heard about it in conversations and had always wanted to come here at least once.

The sunlight streamed through the sparkling glass ceiling, and the soothing sound of water from the indoor waterfall filled the greenhouse.

“Have you decided what to order?” Noah asked, sitting at a white tea table and looking at the menu.

“I heard a rumor that there’s tea that changes color like magic when you add lemon, so I’d like to try that,” Fiene replied.

“Oh, it’s mallow. It has no taste, right? Is that okay?”

“Yes! Lloyd-san said that enjoying the color is also the taste of tea.”

“I see. Fiene, you don’t need to use’san’ for servants.”

Fiene tilted her head in confusion.

“Why not? I am also Noah-sama’s servant. An experimental subject, to be exact.”

“Hey, don’t say unnecessary things outside. You’re technically a candidate for my engagement,” Noah whispered to Fiene.

“What! Why?”

Fiene widened her eyes in surprise.

“It’s obvious. You’re the daughter of the count’s family. I can’t hire you under the pretext of being an experimental subject.”

“But, then, as Muge…”

Suddenly, a child’s voice interrupted them.

“Ah! It’s the fairy lady who was on the lotus earlier!”

A boy shouted loudly, waving at Fiene.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

The mother hurriedly scolded the child.

While blushing, Fiene waved back at the child. She was too preoccupied with the child’s attention to question Noah any further.

After that, Fiene slowly changed the color of her tea from blue to purple by adding lemon, and she was fascinated as it turned pink.

“Noah-sama, it’s amazing. The tea changing color is like a miracle!”

“Yeah, it would be nice if miracles could happen for you too, Fiene.”


The muttered words that Noah let slip were too quiet for Fiene to hear.


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