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Chapter 21:Trial-Part 1

Finally, the day of the trial arrived.

Count Burke, accompanied by her uncle,Marquise Stahl, entered the courtroom.

“The charges against Count Burke are as follows: unjustly buying citizens with money and selling them to the human trafficking organization of the Dacian Empire. Furthermore, they purchased citizens of the Dacian Empire from the human trafficking organization and sold innocent children to nobles and merchants of the Tifris Kingdom through the black market. Additionally, seven years ago, he tampered with a carriage to make it look like an accident and killed the investigative former Marquise Stahl and his wife.”

The officiating civilian turned to her uncle.

“Now, the charges against Marquise Stahl are as follows: knowing about Count Burke’s involvement in the Dacian Empire’s human trafficking organization and cooperating for personal gain. Facilitating the movement of the human trafficking organization across borders. Also, seven years ago, he tampered with a carriage to make it look like an accident and killed the investigative former Marquise Stahl and his wife.”

The official reading the charges stared at the two.

“Any objections?”

Both remained silent, looking regretful.

“Is there anything you want to say in conclusion?”

Her uncle timidly raised his hand.

Prompted to speak, the uncle nervously said, “I didn’t know that Count Burke or the organization from the neighboring country were involved in human trafficking. I was only involved in the import and export of goods.”

“Then, explain what kind of goods you thought you were importing and exporting.”

“Well, I didn’t have a clear idea, just something suspicious. I never thought it was people.”

“Why did you attempt to kill your brother, who was investigating, without trying to understand what he was looking into?”

“My elder brother always interfered with my affairs. No matter what he did, he excelled, and it was unbearable for someone in my position to be compared. It was just a threat, asking him to back off. I never intended to kill him, but the horse got startled by thunder…”

“As someone entrusted with border security, you cannot claim innocence for assisting Count Burke without knowing what he was doing. If you were unaware, shouldn’t the true nature of a margrave be to take action to find out? Klaus truly embodied the role of a margrave. Tampering with a carriage without considering the worst-case scenario of ending up dead is a reckless act driven solely by one’s desires. Disregarding the lives of others in such a selfish manner is utterly unacceptable as a human being.”

Unable to respond to the official’s remarks, her uncle blushed deeply and fell silent.

Glancing at the gallery, a resentful gaze met Eva’s eyes. It was her aunt. Eva’s two cousins sitting beside her wore displeased expressions, looking at her uncle.

Avoiding her aunt’s gaze, her attention returned to the trial.

The Official Strikes the Gavel.

It seems that a judgment has been passed down from the king.

“Count Burke, your title is revoked. Since there is no legitimate heir, the count’s estate will be essentially dissolved. Tomorrow, you will be executed by hanging in the square.”

Count Burke, who had visibly withered over the past few days, with prominent signs of pallor and a once fierce demeanor now subdued, displayed a look of anger upon hearing the announcement of the hanging.

“I’m not guilty! I arranged it because there was demand. It’s the fault of the nobles who wanted to keep beastmen as pets. I’m not guilty! The blame lies with those who desire!”

Due to his continued loud protests, the guards waiting in the corner restrained him and fitted him with a muzzle.

“The nobles who made purchases have already been investigated. A trial for them will be held at a later date. While those who buy are indeed at fault, taking action without moral consideration, judging the right or wrong of things solely for one’s own benefit, carries responsibility. Furthermore, the crime of murdering the innocent Marquise Stahl and his wife is severe. Until the execution tomorrow, keep him in the cage in the square.”

To prevent any resistance, the guards tightly bound Count Burke with ropes and led him outside.

Next was her uncle’s turn.

Listening to the fate of Count Burke, her uncle’s complexion turned pale.

“Marquise Stahl, your title as Marquise is revoked. The title is temporarily held by the royal family. Tomorrow, you will be executed by hanging in the square. Also, Marchioness Stahl¬†and your two biological children will be expunged from the noble registry.”

A scream erupted from the three individuals sitting in the gallery.

“The crime of failing to understand and fulfill the duties of a margrave is heavy. Considering the importance of border protection, you should have acted accordingly. The crime of harming his own exemplary brother is also grave. Like Count Burke, until the execution tomorrow, keep him in the cage in the square.”

Whether her uncle had already resigned himself or lost the will to resist, after vaguely looking at the tumultuous aunts, he was dragged away by the guards with drooped shoulders.

Hysterical voices rose from the gallery.

“Why isn’t her noble status expunged!”

“The one engaged to Count Burke should be expunged too!”

“It’s all her fault. The witch cursed us!”

Her aunt and cousins pointed fingers at Eva, shouting various accusations.

The guards approached the three and, like Count Burke, fitted them with muzzles while restraining them.

“Oh, let me make one last thing clear. The engagement between Miss Eva and Count Burke has not been accepted and is therefore invalid. Also, Miss Eva is a victim whose parents were killed by your husband and father, Marquise Stahl. If you continue to make derogatory remarks about Miss Eva, you will be sent to the harsh rehabilitation facility in the southern region.”

The southern facility was notorious for its challenging environment.

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