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Chapter 21: Trial—Part 2

The nobles certainly couldn’t endure in a place that even the commoners found unbearable.

The three pale-faced individuals hurriedly fell silent.

While grateful for the king’s concern, Eva harbored emptiness within.

Her parents were killed by those people. The two, who claimed they were just trying to intimidate, showed no remorse. It was infuriating how casually they treated her parents’ lives.

But speaking to them now would be futile. It seemed unlikely that they would regret taking lives by tomorrow’s execution. Besides, Eva didn’t want apologies or regrets from them.

It was just an overwhelming sense of emptiness.

Even after everyone had left, Eva remained seated alone in the gallery, staring at the seats where her uncles had been.

The next day, the execution of her uncle and the count took place in a square near the palace, witnessed by the citizens.

Having spent the night in a cage in the square, the two endured being pelted with stones and eggs by the crowd, taking a severe beating.

Accompanied by Greta, Eva came to witness the execution in the square.

“Eva-sama, more people are gathering. It might be better to avoid going any further.”

The crowd displayed a fanatical frenzy, filled with madness. It was an opportunity to openly condemn the usually arrogant nobles for their inhumane crime of human trafficking.

“Yes, this spot is fine.”

Although she covered her hair and face, wearing her hood low, entering the crowd further might risk exposing her as a noble.

The execution began.

Her uncle and the count were released from the cage and ascended to the gallows.

Whether her uncle had resigned himself or not, he climbed slowly with determination.

The count screamed and resisted, being dragged away by the soldiers.

Eva tightly clenched her hands until they turned white, watching the two.

Suddenly, something warm touched Eva’s tightly clenched hand.

Surprised, she looked down, finding someone gently trying to release her hand.


Just hearing the voice, she knew who it was.

The person gently untangled Eva’s limp hand and held it, standing side by side.

As Eva squeezed tightly, the hand also squeezed back firmly.

Without exchanging a single word, that person stood silently by her side until the execution was over.

Once everything concluded, without a word, that person, who had stood beside her holding hands, gently guided her through the crowd to the back entrance of the palace.

“Thank you for being with me, Lord Lucas. I feel a sense of closure now.”

“Well done. You did your best.”

His kind, narrowed eyes caused a pang in her chest.

“I plan to leave the palace early. Thank you for accompanying me,Greta, Lord Lucas, and Lord Raymond. I appreciate all your help.”

“Leaving this place?”


“…Marrying the Crown Prince?”


“…Do you have a destination in mind?”

“For now, after returning to my territory, I want to go somewhere different.”

“To the Dacian Empire?”

Without confirming or denying, Eva smiled gently.

She can’t rely on Lucas anymore.

Lucas has to return to the place where he must live as the second prince.

“I heard that the truth of the incident came to light thanks to Lord Lucas’s actions. Thank you for investigating my parents’ accident as well. I heard Lord Lucas is also returning to the country. Please take care of yourself. I’ll be silently cheering for your future endeavors.”

She smiled at Lucas, who was still wide-eyed.

If this is the last time, she wants to part with a smiling face.

“I’ll be fine with Greta from here on. Excuse me.”

Giving Greta a signal with her eyes, Eva left the scene as if escaping.

“Is it alright, Lady Eva?”

“What is it?”

“Are you leaving the palace?”

“I was just allowed to stay temporarily until the execution. It’s about time I leave. Thank you, Greta. Thanks to you, I was able to overcome many things. Truly, thank you.”

“It’s me who should be thanking you! Thanks to Lady Eva, I became a maid, fulfilling my dream!”

“What will you do now, Greta?”

“I wonder. It depends on Lord Lucas’s decision. But I feel like I can continue working by Lady Eva’s side. My intuition is usually right.”

Greta chuckled.

By my side again?

I won’t go near Lord Lucas anymore.


“I would be happy to see Greta again.”

Eva returned the smile.




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