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Chapter 21:Trial-Part 3

With time until dinner, Eva, who had been absentmindedly staring out the window, suddenly spoke to Greta.

“Hey, Greta. I want to properly see the Rose Garden in the palace one last time.”

“The Rose Garden? Lady Eva… Are you sure?”

“Yes, I think I am. After all, I haven’t visited it since that incident. I heard the Rose Garden here is magnificent, but it’s regrettable that I haven’t seen it properly. Not going to see it because of the incident is also frustrating.”

She had been hesitating for a long time.

In reality, it was frightening. There was a fear that going there would vividly recall the incident. However, it was frustrating not to be able to enjoy the beautiful Rose Garden because of the incident.

“Understood. In that case, it’s better to go before it gets dark.”

The outside was showing signs of dusk.

“Greta, I’ll be fine alone. There’s still daylight.”

“No, it’s not okay. Please let me accompany you.”

“Thank you. It’s reassuring.”

Eva appreciated Greta’s concern.

“As expected of the Royal Rose Garden, It’s magnificent.”

“Greta, thank you again. I’m glad you’ve been with me.”

“I’ve been happy to serve such a beautiful lady.”

“How about being a maid in the Dacian Empire?”

“No one I’d like to serve is there. Everyone has such strong personalities. I understand why Lord Lucas is fed up with women who approach him.”

“Are Lord Lucas and Lord Raymond engaged?”

[I wanted to know for a long time but couldn’t ask… I’ll ask properly at the end. I mustn’t dream.]

“Neither of them is engaged. There are many candidates, though. The competition among candidates is fierce, especially for Lord Lucas. If candidates see Lord Lucas talking to you, Lady Eva, they might faint.”

“Oh, why?”

“Because he’s like wearing an iron mask. When he talks to women, that’s how Lord Lucas is. I’ve never seen him talk to women with a kind face except when it’s Lady Eva.”

“Really? Why is that?”

“Well, he’s like a strict older brother, I think. Lord Lucas unexpectedly lacks assertiveness.”

While Greta was saying something, Eva didn’t think Lucas saw her as a woman.

It was important not to misunderstand.

To that extent, Lucas was just kind.

The Margrave’s territory is also the head of the branch family of Marquise Stahl, and the leader of the Marquise’s Knights will inherit the title.

The final decision took time, apparently waiting for Eva’s future plans. If Eva married the Crown Prince, the intention was to make their child the next Margrave.

In fact, there was another proposal for an engagement with the Crown Prince from the Queen. It was declined due to a lack of support, but the connection with the neighboring Duke’s family, which would become Eva’s maternal relatives, was considered strategically beneficial for both the country and the political standpoint.

Eva thought that her past self might have accepted it.

It might have been her mother’s wish, but Eva declined.

After returning to the territory and bidding farewell to everyone, Eva informed the Queen that she intended to visit her grandparents in the Dacian Empire.

To her grandparents, Eva sent a letter through the Queen.

The Queen also sent a letter to her grandparents, apologizing for the false reports about Eva, explaining the actual situation, and expressing Eva’s desire to see her grandparents. She also mentioned that she wanted to visit them once.

Yesterday, the Queen handed over a letter addressed to Eva from her grandparents.

The letter apologized for not being able to visit Eva so far due to their age, expressing their desire to see Eva and how happy it would make them if she visited.

Looking at the roses, Eva made a decision.

Tomorrow, she would tell the Queen that she was leaving the palace. She would visit her grandparents and tell them about her parents. She would convey that their daughter was a wonderful person loved by the people, both in a foreign land and by her father.

She gently grasped the stone of her mother’s keepsake necklace.

The roses in the royal rose garden were diverse, and as she enjoyed the fragrance and beauty of each one, the sun set, and lanterns placed around began to illuminate.

“Even in the light of the lanterns, the roses are designed to shine, aren’t they?”

“While they’re beautiful in the sunlight too, the roses illuminated by the lantern light have a mysterious feel.”

“Greta, I’m sorry, but can we stay here a little longer?”

“Yes, let’s stay until Lady Eva is satisfied. Aren’t you cold? Should I bring a shawl?”

“Can you bring one? I’d appreciate it.”

The wind picked up, and it was getting chilly.

“A knight is waiting outside the Rose Garden. They won’t come inside but will be on guard.”

It was probably a consideration for Eva, who had become uncomfortable with men since the incident. Even if it was for protection, they started placing guards in positions not visible to Eva.

“Thank you. I’ll take my time here, so there’s no need to rush.”

“No, I enjoy the time with Lady Eva, so I’ll return as quickly as possible!”

Greta continued to express her feelings for Eva without hiding them, as always.

It was both ticklish and delightful.

Eva decided to sit on a bench and wait for Greta.

While gazing at the roses, thoughts about Lucas flooded her mind.

Since their first meeting, Lucas has always protected Eva.

Initially perceived as unfriendly, he gradually revealed many expressions with each encounter.

During today’s execution, he held her hand the entire time. The strength that was provided was indescribable.

Suddenly, the stone of the pendant touching her skin began to prickle with a stinging sensation.

Instinctively, she touched the stone, and though it wasn’t hot, a tingling, electric-like pain surged through her.

What could it be?

She hadn’t written about this stone to her grandparents in the letter; she had planned to ask about it when she met them.

The tingling sensation intensified gradually.

─ Is there something dangerous?

The moment she thought that, something brushed against her ear.



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