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Chapter 58

Time flies by so fast; more than half a month has passed since the battle with Xuan Ye in Jialan City.

With the help of the elders, the lake in Jialan City has completely subsided, and the demon clan in the city has gradually woken up. It is expected that after adapting for some time, they will slowly integrate into the current cultivation world.

Pei Ji and Senior Sister suffered the most severe injuries, but after this period of recuperation, they can finally move freely.

Yesterday, Ning Ning practiced swordsmanship for a whole day. Just as she stepped out of the medical pavillion door in the morning, she heard a spirited voice not far away.

The voice was clearly a melodious female voice, but it was delivered with a tone of determination, as if reciting a life-or-death oath, resonating like thunder, unstoppable.

“Go to the center of your sister! spiritual gathering of the heavenly stems and branches! The Yin and Yang and the Five Elements are in the hands of the heavens, and the essence of the sun and moon is swallowed into the elixir, Your Mother! Explore the heavenly roots, and truly rest and give birth to spring. The black and yellow merge, and the whole body is renewed. Muscles, bones, skin, and flesh, come and restore your mother! heaven and earth, rod and hammer! Ah –! Die for me!”

(T/N: “你妹” (nǐ mèi) “your sister” and “你妈” (nǐ mā) “your mother” are both curse words, whose meaning and usage are as flexible as the English word “fuck.”

“Your mother” is adapted from “fuck your mother,” while “your sister” is a recent popular deviation of “your mother.” )

Each word was emphatic and forceful.

It turned the act of reciting into a rap performance, as if she could step into the spotlight and debut as an artist named MC Resounding Rose at any moment.

Ning Ning’s thoughts turned contemplative as she recalled that the school where her senior sister hadn’t graduated in quite a few years was on the brink of its annual final exams. If she failed to pass, she would have to continue to suffer for a whole year.

—But isn’t this way of reciting while cursing a bit too much? Senior sister, stay calm!

Worried, Ning Ning followed the sound and indeed found Zheng Weiqi at the edge of the cliff.

She was still wearing male clothing, with her dark hair tied high. The morning sun cast a hint of brilliance on her clear features, giving her the appearance of a charming woman at first glance. Unfortunately, her features were fiercely distorted, and coupled with the continuous roaring from her mouth, the recitation had the effect of a pig being slaughtered.

Sensing someone approaching, Zheng Weiqi stopped and lifted her head slightly. Seeing that it was Ning Ning, she revealed a bright smile. “Little Junior Sister!”

“Senior Sister.”

The morning recitation still echoed in Ning Ning’s ears, and she was somewhat puzzled. “Didn’t Master forbid you from using vulgar language?”

“You don’t understand this.”

With a mysterious smile, Zheng Weiqi jumped down from the top of the cliff, stirring up a breeze. “Do you still remember the content of that prohibition spell?”

Naturally, Ning Ning wouldn’t forget that.

The dispute between her senior sister and the young master in Jialan City was considered a masterpiece and still ranked in the top three on Ning Ning’s “Cultivation World Classic Scenes Ranking.”

As for the content of the curse, as long as she used vulgar language, she would be forced to do the thing she hated the most at that moment. Now, as she recited, she activated the spell—

So that’s how it is!

Ning Ning suddenly realized this, looking at Zheng Weiqi with a hint of admiration in her eyes.

The senior sister was indeed the senior sister. The thing she least wanted to do at this moment must be recite, so once the spell imposed by Tian Xianzi was activated—

She would be forced to keep reciting without stopping!

Such talent!

Cursing while reciting and complementing each other, it was simply a perpetual motion machine for recitation.

Perhaps even Tian Xianzi himself couldn’t have imagined that the curse would be used in such a way.

“I’ve been studying diligently recently, and my mouth and ears are almost calloused. Those bastard elders not only don’t know how to deflate themselves but also keep testing us every day. If it’s not you, it’s me being tested. Testing for what the hell?”

Zheng Weiqi grinned and laughed, her eyes curving pleasingly. “Little Junior Sister, I’ve mastered this recitation to perfection and am tired of it. Do you want to earn some pocket money with Senior Sister?”

Ning Ning was momentarily stunned. “Pocket money? Are we going to set up a stall?”

“Of course not! I’m close to the evaluation, and I don’t have time to go down the mountain for shopping. Don’t you know? In our sect, there are ways to make money.”

Seeing the young girl furrowing her brows in confusion, Zheng Weiqi patiently explained, “The Floating Tower! The higher the floor, the greater the chance of dropping high-level treasures. If you’re lucky, you won’t have to worry about your meals for a whole year—don’t you remember obtaining that priceless Ghost Bead?”

It seems like she does, but she gave it to Pei Ji.

“Although the chances of encountering hidden plots are small, even the items dropped at ordinary levels have considerable value. Let’s find another person and directly go to the illusion realm in the extremely difficult mode. After one battle, we’ll definitely gain a lot.”

Zheng Weiqi smiled. “As the saying goes, three people make a tiger! I learned a new phrase, and I’m putting it to good use. Impressive, right?”

Ning Ning:…

Ning Ning sighed, “Senior Sister, ‘three people make a tiger’ is not used like that.”

—Is this what you call “mastering to perfection”? Can you really pass the evaluation this time, Senior Sister???

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