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Chapter 210: The Male Lead Raises a Cat (26)

Closing the textbooks on the desk, Jiang Yiran did not hurriedly pack up his backpack and leave the classroom like the others. Instead, he calmly arranged his belongings.

However, it did not give off a lukewarm feeling but rather an elegant and pleasing one.

In the eyes of all the girls, every word and action of Jiang Yiran was perfect. Even if he just sat quietly, he was a beautiful sight.

Shen Mubai quietly meowed from his backpack, “Meow~”

Her emotions were a bit excited. After all, she had waited the whole afternoon for this moment.

As for whether Jiang Yiran would agree or not, she didn’t even think about it.

Lowering his eyes slightly,he stuffed the books into his backpack. No one expected that there was a cat hidden inside.

Long fingers inadvertently touched the furry ears, and Shen Mubai trembled. Then, she opened her eyes wide, staring straight at the male lead with an expression full of anticipation.

Long eyelashes cast a faint shadow under the eyelids. The handsome face of the boy was full of indifference, but a hint of gentleness flashed in his eyes and disappeared in an instant.

Gently rubbing the furry head of the cat, Jiang Yiran opened a small gap in the backpack. He picked up the backpack, stood up from his seat, and prepared to walk out of the classroom.

“Wait, Classmate Jiang Yiran!” A clear and sweet voice sounded at this moment.

The other person ran over with a few pieces of documents. Her eyes hid admiration, and the smile on her face presented her best side.

“Is there something?” Jiang Yiran stopped his steps, indifferent.

Facing the gaze of the other party, Xu Qinglu could not help but blush slightly. She reached out, flicked a strand of hair behind her ear, and her eyes sparkled slightly. “The school anniversary celebration is in two months. Do you have any programs you want to sign up for?”

Maintaining the usual cold and indifferent expression on his face, Jiang Yiran responded expressionlessly, “No.”

Although she expected this kind of response, Xu Qinglu did not feel discouraged. A gentle smile appeared on her face, and her voice was soft and warm. “Classmate Jiang is truly outstanding. If you could perform in the program, it would definitely bring glory to our class.”

Meanwhile, in Shen Mubai’s backpack, the more she listened, the more she felt that this voice was somewhat familiar. After the person finished speaking, an image of a girl emerged in her mind. Finally, she remembered that this girl was the one who used to pretend to be innocent, unexpectedly in the same class as the male lead.

Just as she couldn’t help but want to pull the backpack and listen more carefully, the male lead spoke, “I’m sorry, I’m not interested.” Without any hesitation, he turned around and walked out of the classroom.

Shen Mubai almost burst into laughter. She guessed that the girl’s expression must be quite unpleasant right now.

In reality, Xu Qinglu was indeed unwilling. She had been in the same class as Jiang Yiran for a long time, and due to his cold and low-key demeanor, they hadn’t exchanged many words beyond academic matters. However, she had always paid attention to Jiang Yiran. Even her friends around her knew about her feelings. Watching one girl after another get rejected, she felt both happy and worried for herself. She believed that she was not inferior to those girls in any aspect—academically or in terms of appearance. This crush did not fade with time. Instead, seeing Jiang Yiran every day only deepened her affection for him.


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