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Chapter 211:The Male Lead Raises a Cat (27)

Xu Qinglu firmly believes that one can only enjoy the moon when close to the water’s edge. As long as Jiang Yiran doesn’t show any special attitude towards any girl, she believes that one day her wishes will come true.

After leaving the school gate, Shen Mubai peeked out from the opening in the backpack. Her fluffy fur was a bit messy, and she lifted her head to meow at the male lead. Her gaze was fixedly directed to the other side.

In her emerald green eyes, there was a full expression of anticipation.

Following her gaze, Jiang Yiran looked over and then withdrew his gaze. He looked down at the cat with a sly look on its face, which was poking out of the backpack opening. In a clear and cold voice, he said, “No.”

Shen Mubai meowed pitifully and rubbed his hand. “Meow, meow, meow.” Go, go, go.

Her soft voice was full of pleading, a mix of coquetry and pitifulness.

Jiang Yiran tried to pull his hand back, but it was caught by the furry claws of the other, and then she vigorously rubbed it with her chin and said, “Meow~”

In those emerald green eyes, his own figure was reflected, as if he were the whole world to her.

His gaze paused slightly, Jiang Yiran looked away, and with a cold voice, he slowly said, “Pleading won’t work; those things are not clean.”

Ah, Shen Mubai felt like rolling on the ground right there, but the space was too small for that. She could only continue to pitifully please him, licking the back of his hand and staring at the male lead with big, watery eyes.

Sensing the wetness on the back of his hand, she licked the skin in that area to please him. Jiang Yiran’s lip line tightened slightly, and in the end, he looked away.

After a long stare between the human and the cat, the former finally gave in. With an expressionless face, he stared at the cat in the backpack and said, “Once.”


Shen Mubai was so excited that she wanted to roll over immediately. Knowing that every time she smelled the aroma from the snack street, she couldn’t help but want to run wildly like an unbridled wild horse. Moreover, ever since she found out that this body could eat a lot of delicious food, she has been drooling over it for a long time.

From the school to the snack street, it was quite a distance. This place was very popular among students, and it became exceptionally lively after school hours.

Students from several schools mingled together, and if you were not familiar, you could only confirm whether the other person was a classmate by their school uniform.

When Jiang Yiran appeared here, he clearly attracted the attention of many girls.

Whether in school or in society, people with outstanding appearances and extraordinary temperaments always attract more attention than others.

A height of 1.8 meters, perfect body proportions, an extremely handsome face with no flaws, a pair of deep and cold eyes above a high, straight nose, and an overall icy aura added a unique charm that attracted people.

Moreover, he was holding a cat in his arms, which made some girls who loved animals even more excited, whispering and inquiring about his identity.

Shen Mubai had anticipated this situation early on and was not surprised at all. At this moment, all her attention was focused on the snacks around her, and she couldn’t help but salivate.

Jiang Yiran also paid no attention to these people’s gazes. Holding the cat in his arms, whose saliva was about to pour down, he passed through the crowd. From start to finish, he didn’t spare any extra attention to the others around him.

As cold as his appearance.

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