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Chapter 218:The Male Lead Raises a Cat (34)

Succumbed by some cravings, she leisurely strolled around the campus, temporarily forgetting her role as a cat.

“Oh, there’s a cat here.”

“It’s quite cute. Where did it come from?”

Several boys approached from the right side path, immediately spotting the cat not far away.

Initially cautious, Shen Mubai even thought about turning around and running away in a flash. However, her hesitation ceased when she saw one of the boys pull out a pack of beef jerky, open it, and crouch down to call the cat with a meow.

The three boys all wore kind expressions, their eyes filled with genuine affection. Cats are usually sensitive to such things.

The boy holding the beef jerky kept calling, “Meow, come here; don’t be afraid; we mean no harm.”

The aroma of the beef jerky wafted through the air, and saliva couldn’t help but secrete. Considering that she had almost digested her breakfast and the broad beans just served as a temporary craving solution, Shen Mubai thought shamelessly, These guys seem to have the potential to be cat lovers. She could just grab a bite and run away.

So, she stared at the piece of beef jerky and took a few steps forward.

The boys, seeing her willingness to approach, all showed happy expressions.

Just as she gathered the courage to leap over when they were off guard, a cold voice came from behind: “What are you doing?”

The familiar voice made Shen Mubai’s body freeze instantly, and the words “it’s over” filled her mind.

The boys were interrupted in their good deeds and felt a bit dissatisfied. However, when they looked up and saw the newcomer, they fell silent.

Jiang Yiran cast a cold glance at them, then turned his attention to the cat frozen in place. In an emotionless tone, he said, “Come over.”

Shen Mubai, feeling guilty and submissive, turned around and ran to the male lead. She dared not look at his expression at this moment, and in an attempt to please him, she rubbed against his leg, emitting a soft meow.

The boys looked envious and jealous of Jiang Yiran.

Jiang Yiran gave them a cold look, then bent down, picked up Shen Mubai, and walked away.

The boys shivered, feeling the obvious unfriendly gaze on them. It was too scary.

While being held by the male lead, Shen Mubai clearly felt his anger at the moment. His face, cold as ice, was something she had never seen before, making her shrink into a ball in fear.

The bell for class happened to ring, and when Jiang Yiran entered the classroom, the teacher was already at the podium. Seeing his most esteemed student carrying a cat, a surprised expression appeared on the teacher’s face. She quickly spoke, “Jiang Yiran, what’s this?”

Not only the teacher but also the classmates were surprised. Especially the female students, both curious and incredulous, looked over. In their hearts, they couldn’t help but think that the usually cold Jiang Yiran unexpectedly had a caring side.

Moreover, a guy who raised a cat naturally had noticeable gentleness. They couldn’t help but let their imagination run wild, eyes filled with admiration and cheeks slightly blushing.

“Sorry, teacher. My cat followed me to school,” Jiang Yiran explained indifferently.

The teacher naturally didn’t doubt it. “I see…”

Just as she was about to suggest a solution, Jiang Yiran spoke again: “Teacher, can she stay in the classroom?”



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