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Chapter 219:The Male Lead Raises a Cat (35)

This was already the last class. Although it was his favorite student who made such a request, the teacher still hesitated and said, “This… is not good.”

Jiang Yiran calmly said, “She is usually very well-behaved and won’t disturb other students during class.”

The teacher glanced at the motionless cat in his arms and compromised, “Alright, Jiang Yiran, this time only; don’t let it happen again.”

And so, Shen Mubai was tucked under the desk.

During the class, the teacher was clearly worried that the cat might cause trouble. He occasionally shifted his attention to Jiang Yiran, but upon finding no disturbances, he focused on teaching.

For Shen Mubai, this class was quite tormenting. After Jiang Yiran tucked her into the desk, there were no antics from the other side. She could even feel a chilling aura.

Nervously and anxiously, she speculated for the entire class, and finally, the bell rang.

Although the students were curious about Jiang Yiran’s cat, knowing his personality, none dared to approach and create a scene. They left the classroom as usual after packing their books.

Shen Mubai quietly peeked out, only to see the ice-cold face of the male lead, scaring her into retracting.

At that moment, Jiang Yiran lifted her out from under the desk, picked up his bag, and prepared to leave the classroom.

Well-prepared, Xu Qinglu called out to him, “Wait, Jiang Yiran.” She jogged over and stopped in front of him.

“What’s the matter?” Jiang Yiran asked with a cold attitude.

Xu Qinglu blushed, looked at the cat in his arms, and whispered, “I also really like small animals. I usually go out to feed stray cats and dogs. Although I want to have one myself, my family doesn’t allow it. Your cat looks cute. Can I pet it?”

She didn’t realize that this cat was the same one she had once despised. Upon learning that Jiang Yiran had a cat, she was surprised. However, she saw it as a good opportunity to get closer to him. Thus, she deliberately mentioned her love for animals, aiming to create a favorable impression. She was confident because many classmates knew about her compassionate nature, and she believed that Jiang Yiran must have heard some discussions about her.

In reality, all her actions were aimed at shaping her positive image. Little did anyone know that she not only disliked small animals but also found them repulsive. Their furry bodies, potentially harboring numerous bacteria, disgusted her.

When she made this request, she felt extremely reluctant and disgusted deep down. However, for Jiang Yiran’s sake, she had to pretend to enjoy it, wearing a sweet smile on her face, to make him have a favorable opinion of her.

As for the cat in front of her, she was determined to find a way to get rid of it once she and Jiang Yiran were together.

“I refuse,” came the indifferent voice.

Xu Qinglu stared in disbelief at the enchanting face in front of her. His cold gaze made her feel insignificant, and she appeared embarrassed and pitiful. Biting her lip, she asked, “Why? Does Jiang Yiran dislike me?”



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