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Chapter 35: Killing with a borrowed knife

Lu Lewei and Ling Yan joined forces to investigate the corruption case, and as a minor antagonist, Qin Zhi was quickly exposed.

The evidence of Qin Zhi’s corruption was held by the two, causing him many sleepless nights as he tried various methods to retrieve the evidence, all of which ended in failure.

Qin Zhi couldn’t afford to sit idly, so he began seeking help. After a thorough search, he accidentally learned that the chairman of St.Sakura had changed, and the new chairman was Su Hua.

Upon receiving this information, Qin Zhi was skeptical. However, after multiple investigations, it was confirmed that the new chairman was indeed his niece. In desperation, he sought out Shu Lan.

Knowing that he had had little emotional connection with Su Hua since childhood and having some acquaintance with Shulan, he approached her. Shu Lan, looking troubled, said, “Huahua, take a look at this…”

Looking at Qin Zhi, Shu Lan appeared uneasy. Qin Zhi knelt on the ground, refusing to get up, crying with a runny nose and tears, appearing pitiful.

Qin Zhi becoming principal of St.Sakura was not without reason. He was cunning and flexible, but unfortunately, luck was not on his side when he encountered the male and female leads.

Su Hua pretended to be very troubled, sitting on the sofa and saying, “Uncle, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but the evidence is already in someone else’s hands. There’s nothing I can do.”

“Is there really no way at all? You’re the chairman; as long as you say not to dismiss me, they won’t be able to do anything,” Qin Zhi pleaded.

“Uncle, what is Ling Yan’s identity? If I don’t dismiss you, can’t he still harm you?” Su Hua frowned. “Dismissal is inevitable. Otherwise, the entire St.Sakura will be affected. However…”

Qin Zhi’s eyes brightened. “However, what?”

Su Hua smiled, a glint of cunning in her eyes. “Uncle, going to jail is inevitable, but I can do my best to get you out.”

“Really? Huahua, truly?” Qin Zhi looked at Su Hua, tears streaming down his face.

Su Hua nodded. “But, Uncle, even if I get you out, you’ll have to rely on yourself for your livelihood. This situation happened because you didn’t inform me earlier; otherwise, I could have helped you. But now, facing Ling Yan and Lu Lewei and their respective families, it’s beyond my control.”

Saying this, Su Hua patted Qin Zhi’s shoulder and consoled him, “Uncle, please don’t hold any grudges against them. They are not people we can afford to provoke.”

“I understand.”

“Uncle, it’s getting late. You should go back first. I’ll see if I can find someone to help.”

Qin Zhi never expected this unfamiliar niece to be so helpful. He expressed his gratitude sincerely: “Thank you both.”

“You’re welcome.”

After seeing off Qin Zhi, Shu Lan immediately spoke: “Huahua, by helping Qin Zhi like this, won’t you get into trouble yourself?”

“Mom, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.”

“Okay.” Shu Lan nodded. She had no initiative; ever since Su Hua made money, her main focus had been completely dependent on Su Hua. She believed in whatever Su Hua said.

De’er said in her mind again, “Host, you’re so good at killing someone with a borrowed knife.”

“Thank You.” Su Hua chuckled.


De’er didn’t know what happened with the host’s brain, making her unwilling to get along with the male and female leads. He silently mourned for the male and female leads.

Not long after, the St.Sakura corruption case caused a sensation, causing the stock to plummet by several points. However, Su Hua, with her abundant wealth continuously injected, along with various public relations efforts and media manipulation, quickly restored the stock, leaving the board of directors silent.

This chairman’s methods were extraordinary.

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