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Chapter 36: For the Original Owner

“Huahua, when are you going to rescue Uncle?”

Having been imprisoned for a week, Su Hua visited Qin Zhi, who had been sentenced to more than ten years in prison with asset forfeiture.

“Uncle, don’t worry. I’m already looking for help, but Ling Yan seems to have found out about my plans and is interfering.”

Su Hua rubbed her temples, clearly frustrated by Ling Yan’s interference.

A flash of anger crossed Qin Zhi’s eyes. “Why won’t he let me go? What does he have against me?”

“Uncle, trust me. I will definitely get you out. You have to be careful in prison. I’ve already arranged for someone to look after you.”

However, this care wasn’t what Qin Zhi thought it was.

“Huahua, thank you,” Qin Zhi expressed his gratitude to Su Hua.

After chatting with Qin Zhi about various things, Su Hua left.

That night, Qin Zhi was thoroughly taught a lesson by the inmates, including scenarios like picking up soap. However, the guards turned a blind eye, deepening Qin Zhi’s resentment.

Naturally, this resentment was directed towards Ling Yan; Qin Zhi believed that Ling Yan was behind all of this.

After a month of torment in prison, Qin Zhi was finally released. Su Hua picked him up at the prison gate, rented a room for him, provided some living expenses, and instructed him not to harbor resentment against Ling Yan and to live a good life.

De’er, observing everything Su Hua did, suddenly realized, “Host, are you doing all this for the original owner?”

“Please call me Goddess,” Su Hua asserted.


Offline, offline. It had no idea what kind of complex the host had for the goddess, always insisting on being called that.

Feeling De’er disconnect, Su Hua looked at the sunlight and smiled.

In the plot, the original owner was merely a tool used by Ling Yan and Liang Jiaqi.

Later, discarded when no longer useful, she suffered immense harm due to these people. First targeted by all the female students in school, then used by Liang Jiaqi, dealt with by Ling Yan, insulted by Qin Zhi, and eventually driven to suicide.

After her suicide, Shu Lan also followed suit, and their deaths didn’t cause any ripples in the plot.

Su Hua was always decisive. Since she occupied the original owner’s body, she decided to take the opportunity to torment those arrogant individuals.

Feng Xiao, being savvy in business, established his own company with Su Hua’s assistance after entering his sophomore year.

Except for the initial startup capital provided by Su Hua, Feng Xiao never used a single penny from her again, except for the occasional valuable gifts she gave him.

“Xiaoyan, I’m telling you, this engagement must be canceled. The Lu family is not what it used to be. I think Tan General’s daughter is a good match. Tomorrow, you must meet her.”


Ling Yan felt helpless.

The engagement was agreed upon by both families, but now, because the Lu family was declining, his mother wanted to back out.

“I like Lewei.”

Madam Ling, with exquisite makeup, had an unquestionable expression on her face. “Xiaoyan, just go and take a look. You will definitely like Siyin. Otherwise, you don’t recognize me as your mother.”

Ling Yan had always followed his mother’s words since childhood. At this moment, he could only plan to meet Tan Siyin tomorrow and personally discuss the matter of Lu Lewei. He believed that the young lady of the Tan family, out of self-respect, would not insist on the engagement.

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