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Chapter 38: Corruption

“Weiwei, I will take good care of you.”

Gan Zeyu promised as he spoke, carrying Lu Lewei directly into the room.

Before long, the room echoed with the soft, moaning cries that gradually transformed into the heavy breaths of a man and a woman.

Despite the bright sun outside, the room was filled with a subtle atmosphere.

“Tsk tsk tsk, host, you would never imagine that Gan Zeyu has actually become blackened, and he became blackened at 30 years old.”

Su Hua sat in Feng Xiao’s office, playing games boredly, when De’er’s voice suddenly popped into her mind.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Ahem, Gan Zeyu did something to Lu Lewei.”

“Did something? What do you mean?” Suzai didn’t react immediately.

De’er chuckled apologetically. “It means, you know, papapap…pappap”

Su Hua suddenly realized, her eyes lit up, “No way? Damn, I never expected Gan Zeyu to be so bold.”

“It’s actually expected. Without Feng Xiao, Gan Zeyu has been stimulated more frequently. Lu Lewei complains to him every time, and with a beautiful woman in his arms, he can’t resist. Besides, he will take responsibility.”

“Responsibility? What’s the use? Destined to be cannon fodder, Gan Zeyu is really pitiful, always being treated as Lu Lewei’s spare tire, and he enjoys it.” Su Hua stopped chatting with the system and looked at her phone, only to find out that she had been killed while distracted.

TM system, you are a jerk.”

(T/N:TM (also written TMD) is short for 他/她媽的, literally (‘his/her mother’s’), equivalent to English motherf*****g.)

De’er: “Host, what do you mean?”

“Language confusion, language confusion.”

If the system knew she was cursing it, it would probably give her a hard time on future tasks.

“… Something feels off.”

Feng Xiao finished the last document, looked up, and saw the girl sitting on the sofa, playing with her phone absentmindedly.

She had a gentle side profile, with mischievous sunlight shining through the window, casting a white halo on her fair face.

Feng Xiao pulled the curtains, sat beside her, and embraced her slender waist, resting his head on her shoulder, whispering, “What are you thinking?”

“I’m thinking it’s time to close the net on Liu Haiyi.”

For almost a year, Su Hua had donated three million to the orphanage, aiming to make Liu Haiyi relax his vigilance in collecting evidence and spend the money.

This way, with so much money, he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

“Okay, as you wish.”

Feng Xiao nuzzled Su Hua’s neck. She smiled and called out softly, feeling ticklish, then collapsed on the sofa, and Feng Xiao pressed on her, his eyes filled with restraint and restraint.

“Ah Xiao, I, uh—”

With passionate lips pressed against hers, Su Hua was already accustomed to Feng Xiao’s sudden attacks. She closed her eyes, hooked his neck, and responded slowly.

Feng Xiao was a bit impatient, prying open her lips and teeth, continuously savoring the beauty in front of him.


Feng Xiao’s breath became uneven, intensifying his movements, and his lips became more restless…

“Knock, knock, knock.”

A knocking sound came from outside.

Feng Xiao suddenly came to his senses, holding Su Hua tightly, as if wanting to embed her in his embrace. His voice was low and enticing: “Huahua.”

“If you want it, there’s no need to endure like this. I’m already twenty years old.”

Feng Xiao didn’t say anything, sat up, and saw the person in front of him with disheveled clothes. The upper body revealed a lot of fair skin, especially those lazy and charming eyes. Feng Xiao almost couldn’t control himself.

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