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Chapter 39: Closing the net

After tidying up Su Hua’s clothes and hair, Feng Xiao said, “Huahua, I think we should save our first time for the wedding night.”

She was the most precious treasure in the world, and he didn’t want to treat her unfairly.

Su Hua neither agreed nor disagreed. Although she didn’t mind whether it happened before or after marriage, she was happy that Feng Xiao was willing to endure for her.

Whether a man loves you or not, his ability to control himself in certain situations is an important factor in judgment.

When Lu Lewei woke up, she felt sore all over.

Subconsciously reaching to rub her forehead, she realized her arm was being held by a man. The faint glow of the setting sun revealed the face of the man in front of Lu Lewei.

“Ze… Zeyu.”

Startled awake by Lu Lewei’s voice, Gan Zeyu opened his eyes. Seeing Lu Lewei’s shocked and saddened expression, he quickly said, “Weiwei, you were drunk, and I—”

“Was it…. was it my initiative?” Lu Lewei tried to recall the events but could only remember drinking with Gan Zeyu before getting intoxicated.

Observing Lu Lewei’s expression and realizing she didn’t remember, Gan Zeyu affirmed, “Weiwei, I like you. So, I couldn’t resist your initiative. I’m sorry, Weiwei. I will take responsibility for this.”

Tears the size of beans rolled down Lu Lewei’s cheeks. Feeling out of control, she shouted, “Get away, leave!”

She felt tainted, and Ling Yan wouldn’t want her now.

That was all Lu Lewei could think about.

“Weiwei, don’t cry. You—”

“Go away!”

Lu Lewei grabbed the pillow beside her and threw it at Gan Zeyu.

“Weiwei, calm down. I’ll be outside. If you need anything, just call me.”

Gan Zeyu picked up a pair of large boxers from the floor, half-naked, and rushed towards the room’s door.

Seeing this scene, Lu Lewei felt ashamed to death.

Initially, Lu Lewei thought Ling Yan had done something with the blind date girl before, but now she knew she had no right to blame him. After crying for a while, Lu Lewei calmed down.

This matter must not be known to Ling Yan!

Looking at the bruises all over her body, she felt dirty.

Gan Zeyu waited outside for nearly two hours before the door finally opened. During that time, he heard the sound of running water from the room’s bathroom.

“Weiwei.” Gan Zeyu stood up; by now, he had already put on his clothes.

Looking at him, Lu Lewei pleaded, “Zeyu, the incident has happened. I don’t want to judge right or wrong now. I just ask you to pretend that none of this ever happened, okay?”

“Why?” Gan Zeyu couldn’t believe it. “Weiwei, I really love you. From your freshman year until now, my feelings haven’t changed.”

“I’m sorry, Zeyu. In my heart, there’s only Ling Yan. I won’t look for you again in the future, and I hope you won’t come looking for me either.”

After saying this, Lu Lewei didn’t give Gan Zeyu another glance. She heartlessly walked away.

Gan Zeyu stared at her departing figure until the door closed, cutting off his view. A look of unwillingness appeared on Gan Zeyu’s face. “Ling Yan, Ling Yan, what’s so good about him? Why can’t you see me?”

Lu Lewei rested for several days, then hurriedly went to a private hospital for hymen restoration treatment and took a break for a while. After that, she went to find Ling Yan.

Her attitude was very good, and Ling Yan already liked her. Although he was disappointed with her, after Lu Lewei’s repeated assurances, the two reconciled as if nothing had happened.

On the other hand, Su Hua didn’t idle either.

Under the pretext of a company visit, she successfully discovered that the welfare home was still as dilapidated as before.

Although the exterior appeared renovated, the interior remained unchanged.

As a result, Liu Haiyi was taken to court by Su Hua.


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