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Chapter 40: Word Games

With irrefutable evidence, Liu Haiyi had no chance to refute it, and he was sentenced to life imprisonment and thrown into prison.

Liu Haiyi had been thinking that he shouldn’t have been so greedy. He realized too late that he should have behaved. It wasn’t until one day when Feng Xiao met him that Liu Haiyi knew it was a trap from beginning to end.

The purpose was to lure him into prison.

Unwilling to accept his fate, Liu Haiyi kept appealing, claiming that it was a trap set by Feng Xiao and Su Hua. However, it was in vain.

Regardless of whether it was a trap set by Su Hua, even if it was, as long as he wasn’t greedy, he wouldn’t be in this situation today. The fact is, he was involved in corruption.

Of the three million yuan, only a few thousand went to the construction of the welfare institution. His heart was truly dark.

After resolving Liu Haiyi’s matter, Su Hua no longer cared about Qin Zhi’s situation. She originally wanted to use Qin Zhi to accomplish something, but unexpectedly, Gan Zeyu turned completely blackened, saving her the trouble of taking action.

Without Su Hua’s help, Qin Zhi, that lazy person, wouldn’t have a better life outside prison. At least in prison, there was shelter and food. Outside, it was uncertain.

After dealing with Feng Xiao’s blackening, Su Hua began to worry about the hidden mission again.

She had previously inquired from Liu Haiyi and learned that Feng Xiao entered the welfare institution at the age of five, searching for his mother. He only had a piece of jade around his neck, seemingly valuable, which Liu Haiyi took and sold for tens of thousands.

Even though Su Hua had Liu Haiyi sketch the appearance of the jade and had people search for it repeatedly, they couldn’t find it.

After all, it had been almost twenty years, and finding a jade that was discarded years ago was extremely difficult.

So, Su Hua has a lot of money, and she used all of it to find Feng Xiao’s biological parents to fulfill the task that she needed to complete.

All of this was kept secret from Feng Xiao.

De’er: “…”

The host is too cunning; how can I play word games with her?

Due to Lu Lewei’s compromise, Ling Yan and Lu Lewei reconciled. When Ling Yan went on blind dates, he would inform Lu Lewei. Although Lu Lewei appeared understanding and generous on the surface, she became increasingly anxious inside.

Regardless, she had to keep Ling Yan by her side; she had no other way out.

What’s the best way to tie a man down?

Soon, Lu Lewei had an answer: as long as she had a child, even Ling Yan’s wife, who refused to let her in, would probably have to let Ling Yan marry her.

As night fell, a bright moon hung in the sky.

Lu Lewei wore a transparent lace nightgown, her eyes as seductive as silk, looking at Ling Yan with shyness. “Ah Yan, happy birthday. This is my birthday gift for you.”

Saying this, Lu Lewei offered her red lips.

Ling Yan was already at the age of youthful vigor. If he resisted when his beloved woman offered herself, he would truly be worse than a beast.

The gentle moonlight shone on the two figures on the bed, their shadows intertwining on the floor.

Suddenly, Lu Lewei frowned. A wave of pain made her cries more intense. She felt uneasy; was it because of the aftermath of the artificial hymen she made?

Enduring the discomfort, Lu Lewei tried her best to cooperate with Ling Yan, hoping to finish quickly.

But Ling Yan was the male lead; his abilities in this aspect were exceptional. He kept Lu Lewei entangled until dawn before letting her go.

In the morning, Lu Lewei woke up in pain.

Looking at the bloodstains on the sheets, Ling Yan hugged Lu Lewei. “Lewei, you’re finally mine.”

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