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Chapter 41: One Shot

Ling Yan still had the intention to do more, but seeing Lu Lewei looking very uncomfortable, he held back.

“Ah Yan, you go to work.”

Ling Yan, experiencing such intimacy for the first time, was reluctant to leave, holding Lu Lewei happily.

“No, I want to be with you.”

“Ah Yan, can you control yourself if you stay with me?”

Ling Yan was somewhat frustrated; in front of Lu Lewei, his proud self-control might not hold.

“You little mischief, I’ll go to work; you stay at home and wait for me. I’ll have someone bring you lunch at noon.”

“Okay, Ah Yan, I love you.”

Ling Yan kissed and touched for a while before reluctantly going to work.

As Ling Yan left, Lu Lewei watched his car leave the neighborhood. Then she endured the pain, changed clothes, and secretly went to the hospital where she had last had her hymen repaired.

“You’re pregnant; it’s not a hymen issue.”

“Pregnant?” Lu Lewei stammered. She had just been with Ling Yan today, so it couldn’t be his. It must be Gan Zeyu’s.

“Yes, not even a month pregnant. Don’t engage in too much intimacy; it might affect the fetus. I’ll prescribe some pregnancy-safe medicine for you.”

Lu Lewei’s mind went blank; the beautiful life she had hoped for was shattered.

If Ling Yan found out she was carrying Gan Zeyu’s child, he would surely abandon her.

“Doctor, can you give me more pregnancy-safe medicine? My husband has a strong sexual desire, and I can’t refuse him.”

“What kind of man is he? Can’t he control himself during his wife’s pregnancy?” The doctor showed disdain.

“I can only prescribe some medicine. Have fewer intimate moments—not too intense. If a miscarriage occurs, there’s nothing I can do.”

“Doctor, if I unfortunately miscarry, I’ll come to you later. When you see me, please tell my husband that the pregnancy is a month less, okay?”

The doctor frowned, and his gaze towards Lu Lewei changed; it turned out the woman was having an affair.

About to refuse, he saw Lu Lewei take out a check.

“This is your deposit. If a miscarriage happens, you help me change the pregnancy time by a month, and I’ll give you the same amount. If there’s no miscarriage, keep this secret. Can you do that?”

Leaving the hospital, Lu Lewei returned home. Pregnancy-safe medicine should not be discovered by Ling Yan.

“Ah Yan, I’m home. Um, that area is a bit sore. I’m afraid… Let’s not meet for a few days. I’ll contact you.”

Although Ling Yan was a bit unhappy, he reluctantly agreed. It was normal for Lu Lewei, on her first time, to be unable to withstand such things.

De’er is diligently reporting the Lu Lewei situation to Su Hua.

“Pregnant?The female lead is indeed impressive, getting pregnant in one shot,but the male lead’s green hat may look a bit shiny.”

Su Hua could already imagine that if Ling Yan found himself wearing a green hat, it would definitely be a world war.

“Ring, ring, ring, ring.”

The phone rang.

Su Hua answered, “Is there any news?”

The next second, she stood up from the sofa.

“Found the jade? Good, I’ll come over now.”

“Where are you going?”

Just as Feng Xiao pushed the door open, he saw Su Hua about to leave.

Su Hua said naturally,: “I’ll go out and spend money. You stay in the company and make money. I’ll be back soon.”

After saying this, Su Hua kissed Feng Xiao and left.

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