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Chapter 51: Innocence and Seductive

Mo Han was an ordinary person born into an ordinary family. Despite being very poor, Mo Han was exceptionally determined from a young age and never lost in academics. He managed to get into a good university.

After graduation, he successfully interviewed for a position at the Tang Group and gradually rose to the position of head of the computer department.

As the villain boss, Mo Han’s appearance was no less attractive than Tang Tan’s. Compared to Xu Chenyi’s elegant and handsome looks, Mo Han’s beauty was even more enchanting.

Tang Tan drugged Mo Han and deliberately arranged for Xu Chenyi to witness an intimate moment between them.

Xu Chenyi was indeed provoked, and at that moment, he realized that he had deep feelings for Tang Tan.

After a few provocations, Tang Tan went to find Xu Chenyi again. After Tang Tan explained things, the two reconciled.

As for what happened next, Su Hua sneered.

“Where is Mo Han now?”

De’er diligently located him and said, “He’s working at the Tang Group, and it’s almost time for him to get off work.”

Su Hua checked the time; it was almost five o’clock.

The original host and Mo Han had no interactions initially, but they later did, considering the original host was Tang Tan’s fiancee and a shield.

This afternoon, the original host was called by Tang Tan because she discovered that Tang Tan was homosexual. She confronted him but was warned by Tang Tan.

Su Hua touched her chin, feeling a bit sore.

However, she remembered this grudge.

[Ding, main quest: Use your money to save the villain; don’t let him turn villainous.]

“Two more days, and Mo Han will be captured by Tang Tan. I’ll rescue him then.”

With the battle plan clear, Su Hua drove back home.

The original host’s family was not wealthy, but they could engage with Tang Tan because the original host’s grandfather and Tang Tan’s grandfather were comrades in arms in a trench during their youth. Later, the original host’s grandfather retired early due to health issues, having saved Tang Tan’s grandfather.

Tang Tan’s grandfather also retired shortly afterward, ventured into business, and built the Tang family’s fortune.

After becoming prosperous, Tang Tan’s grandfather sought out the original host’s grandfather. Finding him struggling due to his leg issues, Tang Tan’s grandfather intended to help, but the original host’s grandfather was stubborn and refused assistance.

It wasn’t until the birth of the original host that the two families discussed and arranged the engagement.

Su Hua parked the car in the garage and took the elevator to her apartment.

This place belonged to Tang Tan; the original host used to live in a remote village because Tang’s grandfather wanted them to cultivate their relationship for their upcoming marriage.

Su Hua looked at the girl in the floor-length mirror with a gray T-shirt and loose black wide-leg pants, proving that a good figure could still look chubby.

Her fair and beautiful face wasn’t stunning, but it was comfortable to look at and became more appealing the longer one looked. A teardrop mole at the corner of her eye added a touch of charm—innocence and seductive, all in an instant.

Su Hua looked at the two small braids and the thick bangs in front, along with large black-framed glasses, feeling a bit annoyed.

What does it mean to ruin all hairstyles? This is it!

In two days, Su Hua moved out of Tang Tan’s apartment and transformed herself drastically.

A tight pair of jeans perfectly showcased her long and straight thighs. She wore a white shirt tied at the waist, and her long, wavy hair casually fell over her shoulders. Fiery red lips and a teardrop mole were enticing.

Su Hua looked at the enchanting beauty in the mirror and snapped her fingers.

“Too perfect.”

Everything that should protrude did, and everything that should curve did. Compared to the previous dimension, Su Hua was obviously more satisfied with this body’s appearance.

As long as she changed clothes, removed her makeup, and tied her hair into a ponytail, she could completely become a pure and innocent girl—this was innocence and seductive .

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