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Chapter 52: Catching Adultery

Su Hua leisurely drove the car.

At this time, Mo Han should have already been called away by Tang Tan.

Thinking it was a discussion about cooperation, what he got was being drugged by the boss.

#I consider you my boss, but you want to make a move on me#

“Host, why are you so slow?”

Su Hua scorned, “Duh, you’re really naive. It’s not too late to go after Tang Tan has been drugged.”

“You’re not thinking of taking advantage of him being drugged, are you?”

“Your thoughts are so dirty!” Su Hua spoke earnestly, hating iron for not becoming steel.

“I’m waiting for him to spice things up.”


Never seen anyone with thicker skin than the host.

Arriving at the previous hotel, Su Hua directly booked a room next to Tang Tan and then entered the elevator.


Su Hua pressed the elevator button, and the man nodded at Su Hua with a smile and said, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Which floor?”


Su Hua pressed the floor, took a step back from the man, raised her eyebrows slightly, and with a tsk tsk tsk, here comes the supporting male lead, Xu Chenyi.

Xu Chenyi, at this moment, was unaware that Su Hua was scrutinizing him. His mind was in a state of chaos. He didn’t know who sent him a message, but there were pictures of Tang Tun entering the hotel with a handsome man.

Xu Chenyi was angry, thinking on one hand that Tang Tun might be unfaithful to him, which made him bitter. On the other hand, it made him realize that he was being jealous.

Psychological cognition made Xu Chenyi’s heart tremble. Did I…fall in love with Tang Tan?

Xu Chenyi was conflicted. On one hand, the education he received since childhood told him that this was wrong, but on the other hand, he couldn’t help but be attracted to Tang Tan, even falling in love with him.


The elevator door opened, and Xu Chenyi quickly exited.

He walked to the left, as usual.

This hotel was one they often visited together with Tang Tan, aside from their home.

Tang Tan had a room here that he usually booked, and Xu Chenyi also had the key to that room.

Su Hua followed him, but Xu Chenyi was lost in thought and didn’t notice.

Xu Chenyi arrived at the door of the room, took out the key card, beeped twice, and the door opened.

It was a presidential suite and very spacious. Upon entering, there was a huge open kitchen and dining room, followed by a large living room with a swimming pool in front of it.

Xu Chenyi quietly approached a room, the door tightly closed, only a small gap revealed. He squatted there, afraid to make a sound.

Su Hua also squatted in front of him. Xu Chenyi noticed Su Hua only then. Just as he was about to exclaim, Su Hua stared at him, rendering him speechless.

Su Hua pointed inside and whispered, “The person inside is my boyfriend.”

Xu Chenyi nodded in shock, not knowing what to say for a moment.

The room was very large, and through the gap, Su Hua could only see the end of the bed.

Whether intentionally or not, Tang Tan walked to the side of the bed, slowly took off his clothes, and said to the person on the bed, “Darling, don’t worry, I’m coming.”

Xu Chenyi suddenly widened his eyes, seeing the man put on a condom, and then saw the person next to him stand up at some point, kicking open the door.

Startled by the sound, Tang Tan’s high spirits were instantly frightened away.

Really, eye-popping. Su Hua thought silently.

He turned abruptly, seeing Su Hua and Xu Chenyi outside the door.

After scrutinizing for a while, he angrily said, “Jian Hua, what are you doing here?”

As for Xu Chenyi being here, Tang Tan was not surprised. Today’s events were originally designed for him to witness.

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